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“ #yogotti's got great timing because when his tour bus got sprayed with bullets in Nashville ... he easily could have been on board, and killed. Cops responded to a shots fired call after 11 PM Tuesday night and found the rapper's bus had been shot up outside the hotel where he's staying. Police checked the bus and discovered nobody was on it, and no one had been hit in the hail of gunfire. Bullet holes peppered the bus, and at least one tire was blown out. It's unclear if the motive was simply to vandalize the bus or worse ... cops are investigating, but no arrests so far. Gotti had just performed earlier in the night at the Mercy Lounge. It's unclear if he'd ridden the bus back to his hotel room prior to the shooting. A witness tells us he heard rapid gunfire for about 6 seconds and then heard screeching tires as a car sped away. Last year one person was shot and killed outside a Gotti gig in Kansas City, and in 2017 one of his friends was arrested for allegedly shooting Young Dolph.” 🤦‍♂️ @tmz_tv #wshh


-Suppo broskiiii. So like I did one for larray cause he is LITERALLY my favorite yt and is so amazing ❤️ Anyway ima do one for Issa soon cause you can’t have Larray without Twaimz ya feel me? How do you guys like the new style I’m doing with the 3 posts per edit you know. Anyway I type too much 😂😂 Edit: omfg I just realized I made one of the videos sideways by accident 🤦‍♀️😂😂 ———————————————————————————— - -QR Codes: -@multixchrissyy - ——————————————————————————— - -For: @larrayox + @unique_vibesss ——————————————————————————— - -App: VideoStar - ——————————————————————————— - -Song: Talk REMIX - Khalid, Megan Thee Stallion, Yo Gotti - ——————————————————————————— #talkremix #talk #remix #khalid #megantheestallion #yogotti #khalidmegantheestallionyogottitalkremix #REMIXES #videostarqrcodes #songs #edits #edit #editsforfriends #videostar #apps #qrcodes #people #Friend #friends #friendsedits #friendedit #internet #Internets #instagram #instagramedit #instagramedits #editsoninstagram #larray #larrayedits💕 #baddiegurlzgrprct4

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#yogotti Ordered To Pay Artist $6.6M For Finessing $20K Feature Money _ TMZ reports: Yo Gotti just got slapped with a whopping $6.6 MILLION default judgment in a North Carolina court ... and it's all because the rapper blew off a recording session with another artist after pocketing $20,000. _ According to a judge's order, obtained by TMZ, Gotti got $20k to sing on a Young Fletcher track back in 2016, but then refused to release the song, and instead recorded a similar one on his own. _ He then went so far as to try going behind Fletcher's manager, attempting to poach the artist for his own label with a $150k deal. _ Yo Gotti was served with a lawsuit last year while onstage, but he never answered the suit. _ Fast-forward to Tuesday ... and the judge issues a $2.2 million judgment, but the figure was immediately tripled, because the judge found "willful, unfair, and deceptive acts." _ It's not over yet ... attorneys for Young Fletcher's manager, Michael Terry, say they'll go after Gotti's cars and his Bel-Air mansion, if need be to collect the money. _ We reached out to Yo Gotti ... so far, no word back.

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According to @wfmy2, A Forsyth County judge is standing by a decision that forces Rapper #yogotti to pay $6.6 million to Winston-Salem artist Lamont Fletcher and his manager, according to a release from Fletcher's lawyers. Fletcher says Yo Gotti stole one of his verses from a song they wrote together, then used it in another song without paying Fletcher. Yo Gotti appeared in Forsyth County Superior Court on Monday to try to get the verdict overturned. The release says the rapper argued that a deputy never properly served him with a summons last year while he was performing a show in Winston-Salem. The judge found that Yo Gotti was legally served, and the verdict still stands. “Yo Gotti learned today that my lawyers don’t play, but we should’ve sat down and got this resolved as businessmen," said Michael Terry, manager for Lamont Fletcher. "I got great artists, and we could put something together where we all win. The opportunity still stands. I believe in win/win/win, but if he would rather keep losin’?”

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