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🍑As promised my post about why I’ve been taking collagen. And my fave (convenient and yummy) way to take it... @vitalproteins white peach tea collagen water🍑 I heard about the endless benefits of adding collagen to my life through a friend: Improved skin texture, tone, elasticity, less joint pain, reduced inflammation, improved bone health, stimulates your own collagen production as it slows down with age, boosting muscle mass, promotes heart health, strengthens hair and nails ok I’ll stop there. But if you have a research collagen is the protein that makes up our skin, bones and muscles. I also learnt that the creator of @vitalproteins Was a runner who worked at NASA who wanted to help people find an easy and tasty way to supplement enough (you need around 10g a day) My friend was taking around 4 BIGGGG tablets a day, which just doesn’t work for me so after researching I found #vitalproteins and their Delish collagen waters with 10g and I can easily take em in my fridge and drink one a day to know I’m getting all those amazing benefits. And PS because I am such a fan I got everyone from my team to reach out to the brand and I’m so so happy I’m getting to work with them and it’s a product I’m obsessed with🤗 Hope you found this useful comment below if you’ve been taking collagen or if you fancy trying it🍑 Huge thank you to @rl_renaissance for these peachy queen pics😘 #uncapyourpotential #ad #Peach #ny #streetstyle


DANCE MOVES😂 Day 1 of #lollapalooza with some Rufus du Sol 🎶🎵 Having fun with friends, good music and plenty of hydration. @vitalproteins #uncapyourpotential #ad ———- Dia 1 de Lolla na vibe de Rufus du Sol🎶🎵 #festival (meu amigo dança bem ou não? Haha) #music

i s k r a

🍑Yesterday feeling peachy @vitalproteins🍑 launch for their new Peach white tea collagen water with some HIIT and a group of queens. I'm so excited to fill you in more about why I have been taking collagen as part of my wellness supplements and how after over a year I love the positive effects I'm running around NYFW right now so I'll post a rundown later this week💃 PS this is my first time meeting @vitalproteins after literally having multiple people and my team reach out to say how much I'm obsessed with their products and that I'd love to work with them... So if you love something let the brand know because that's the most authentic partnership you can have🙌 #uncapyourpotential #vitalproteins #brandambassador

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One sip of VITAL PROTEIN’S new collagen water 💦 and OUT comes my INNER SUPER HERO 💪😈 @vitalproteins⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ What’s YOUR favorite flavor❓⁣⁣⁣ 🍓Strawberry Lemon⁣⁣⁣ 🍋 Lemon Ginger⁣⁣⁣ 🔵 Blueberry Mint⁣⁣⁣ ♣️BlackBerry Hibiscus⁣⁣⁣ ✅ Original ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ With 10g of collagen and 3g of sugar or less from real fruit juice you’ll be ready to #uncapyourpotential too‼️⁣ ⁣ @janine_delaney #janine_delaney #jumpropequeen #vitalproteins #ad

Janine Delaney

Vital Proteins new collagen water is a REFRESHING & healthy MUST TRY 👍 Collagen works from within to enhance your skin, hair and nails naturally. It helps restore your skins moisture, improving the elasticity, tone and vibrancy that’s already within you. Now you can get your daily dose of collagen in any of these delicious flavors 😋 @janine_delaney #janine_delaney #jumpropequeen #vitalproteins #uncapyourpotential #ad

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In my previous post, I’ve described my hair routine 😊❤️💇🏼‍♀️ besides using all the great hair products, it’s important to provide the nutrition 🥦🥕🥒and vitamins 💊🧬to your body 👍🏻👍🏻😊 One of my favorites lately has been @vitalproteins ❤️ I mix this collagen powder in my smoothies 🥤and juices😊! After using it, I can see the difference, my hair looks shinier👩🏼, my skin looks glowing, and my nails 💅🏼grow so fast that I have to get them done more often! 🙈 Great news🔥❤️ @vitalproteins came up with collagen water 💦 it’s perfect to get your dose of collagen on a go☝🏻💕 #vitalproteins #ad #sponsored #uncapyourpotential #atl #atlanta #atlantablogger #healthy #collagen #collagenwater


There are countless benefits to staying hydrated! 💦 Our team @VitalProteins decided to make this easier for you by launching a line of flavored Collagen Waters‼️ Most people find drinking an excessive amount of water difficult and annoying. Adding our Collagen Water into your routine will make this lifestyle change much easier and you will be receiving all of the additional benefits of collagen 💪Check out the full article featuring five positive effects of staying hydrated, as well as my own personal favorite flavor!! Go to 👉 @UnStahlable and click the link in bio! #uncapyourpotential #ad

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#ad If you're crushing it at the gym, then that means your joints occasionally get tight and you need relief. I've recently started drinking @VitalProteins #collagenwater that helps me feel better post-workout. #uncapyourpotential For those of you not familiar with collagen, it's a vital building block of our bodies including skin, hair, nails, bones, and joints. Our bodies cannot synthesize enough collagen on their own and our diets today contain minimal collagen. What I love about #vitalproteins is each bottle has 10g of protein but just 60 calories plus all the benefits of 10g of collagen per bottle, so you get a huge bang for your caloric buck. Pick up your own case from @Costco. They're available in 40 select locations, swipe up to view the full list.

Nick Ralich

🏃‍♂️Push Fast Forward🏃‍♂️ (Read through for a prize) ▪︎ Looking for that cool, healthy drink to make you feel refreshed in the summer heat? Be sure to check out @costco because they now sell @vitalproteins collagen water! ▪︎ The benefits of drinking these delicious collagen infused waters are endless! 1. Clear/Vibrant skin 2. Longer/Thicker hair 3. Better joint health These are the biggest impacts that I've noticed while taking these collagen waters consistently. Try a box out for yourself! ▪︎ 🔥GIVEAWAY🔥 What better way to kick off this launch than to do a giveaway! ▪︎ ➡️➡️➡️Tag as many friends in the comments below to win a box full of your favorite collagen water flavors! ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ ▪︎ Unlimited entries so keep on tagging! Winner announced this Friday, August 16th. GOOD LUCK 🎉 ▪︎ #vitalproteins #uncapyourpotential #costco #stayvital #collagencrew #sponsored #collagen #collagenwater #collagendrink #pushfastforward

Luxury Family Travel & Beyond

Chinese women have known for generations about the importance of getting enough collagen in our diets. #ad I grew up seeing my mom and grandma eat foods like bird's nest soup, bone broths and sea cucumber which are all rich in collagen, and therefore help to improve hair, skin and nails. Thankfully, there's an easier way for me to get my collagen these days, and that's through @vitalproteins Collagen Water. These delicious, refreshing drinks pack up to 10g of collagen in each serving, and I love that I can just one grab and go! Even better: they're now available at select @costco locations! #uncapyourpotential


Casually pre-gaming😏 before the @VitalProteins Collagen Water Launch Party🎉tonight! The one I’m sipping on is sweetened with lemon juice, super refreshing and great taste👅 I’m offering a never before 20% off, discount code tonight on my IG story💢The link is only live for 24 hours so act fast‼️The time will start once I post the swipe up story.. 💪 #uncapyourpotential #stayvital #vitalproteins #sponsored

Nick Ralich

Feed What Moves You 💪 • Here's a little Shoulder/Tricep Workout to help keep you motivated this weekend! • Be sure to feed what moves you, aka the new Recovery Wave by @vitalproteins . It's my go-to post workout drink because it has all of the essential ingredients to recover like glutamine, electrolytes, BCAA's, EAA's, and of course collagen. • Check out the link in my bio to grab 20% off and try my favorite flavor Guava Lime! • #feedwhatmovesyou #vitalproteins #stayvital #pushworkout #shoulderworkout #sponsored #uncapyourpotential #jabra #collagencrew #recoverywave #shoulders #pushday

Fernanda Elisadora Minho

On the go essentials..... never leave home without my @vitalproteins collagen water! 💦 Collagen water has upped my beauty game - my hair, skin, and nails are looking and feeling so good! 🥰 Each bottle contains 10g of collagen! 🙌🏼😍 Now available at @costco . Have your tried their collagen yet? . . #ad #vitalproteins #uncapyourpotential #vitalproteinsambassador . . . Não saio de casa sem a minha água de colágeno da @vitalproteins ! Ela contém 10g de colágeno e tem me ajudado muito com a minha pele, unhas e cabelos! Vcs já provaram? . . #lasvegasinfluencer #lasvegasbloggers #sponsored #collagen #collagenpeptides #skincareblogger

Polymath Mom

If you are somebody on the go you are going to love this collagen water. #ad @vitalproteins are available at @costco! If you haven't tried yet, they are super refreshing but also boost your collagen intake. The Costco Variety pack comes in 3 delicious flavors - Strawberry Lemon, Lemon Slice and Blueberry Mint! They all taste so good! You can drink them anywhere and at any time during the day which is perfect for me. And the best part, it has no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. There are available at 40 select Costco locations. It’s an easy way to take 10g collagen peptides and they are gluten and dairy free. So go grab your 12 pack before it’s sold out and check my stories for more info. . Si eres una persona active, te va a encantar esta agua con colágeno. #ad @vitalproteins disponible en @costco es refrescante, incrementa tu colágeno, y viene en 3 deliciosos sabores, fresa limón, Limón y Arándanos Menta, saben muy rico! Puedes beberlo en cualquier lugar o a cualquier hora del día que es perfecto para mí. Y lo mejor es que no tiene sabores artificiales, colores o endulzantes. Hay 40 ubicaciones que venden esta agua tan sabrosa. Es la manera más fácil de tomar 10g de peptidos colágeno y son libres de gluten y lácteos. Así que ve y consigue tu 12 pack antes que se agote y mira mis historias para mas información. #vitalproteins #uncapyourpotential #costco

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Touched down in CHICAGO! The most MAGICAL city!! ⚾️💙 *********** When I said I was going to start having more meetups in the cities I travel to, I meant it!!... On Wednesday I hosted a meet up in Los Angeles and this morning I hosted an amazing event in Chicago!! I am in AWE of the turnouts at both events -- they both maxed out asap ! 😭💕🙏🏻 I LOVE MEETING YOU ALL!!! *********** Both events have been fitness classes X meet & greet... so it's no wonder why I've had @vitalproteins at both events!! Their collagen waters are the perfect grab-and-go drink post-workout... collagen protein and hydration all in one. No joke I bring a bottle to every workout... between these drinks and adding the collagen powders to my smoothies, my digestion has improved MAJOR, my hair and nail growth is absurd, andddd I feel STRONG. I love you, VP! #uncapyourpotential #nobread 📸: @taylorewilder

Nick Ralich

Uncap Your Potential 💦 • • Had an amazing time at the @vitalproteins collagen water launch party! If you saw my stories you know it was a night to remember. This company has done some amazing things since inception and I'm so glad to be a part of it. • Be sure to check out the link in my bio and story to get 20% your next order for a limited time only! • #vitalproteins #uncapyourpotential #stayvital #collagencrew #collagen #feedyourbeauty #collagenpeptides #collagenwater #dresstoimpress #guccibelt #whiteonwhite #express #sponsored

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#ad Took my @costco find all the way to New Orleans. My favorite @vitalprotiens Collagen Water is now available in a variety pack at select Costco stores nationwide! Life moves in fast forward when you have little ones. I’m always looking for ways I can free up more of my time to focus on those small important moments with my family that are fleeting. Collagen water is one of the ways I save time. I just grab it and go, caring for my hair skin and nails while hydrating at the same time! One of my favorite parts of our trip was watching our little ones play in the square in front of St. Louis Cathedral. It started to pour and we all ended up soaking wet. Hundreds of people ran to various overhangs around the French quarter. Brooke and James, already soaked, wanted to splash and play in the rain. Hesitantly, I agreed. Why not? Dozens of people watched as they smiled, splashed, and laughed in a situation that wasn't the most pleasant. Other kids joined in, and the mood of everyone watching shifted. Those are the moments I’m talking about. Head to my stories to see if @vitalproteins Collagen Water is available at your local Costco & to see my babies bringing the sunshine out on a rainy day. #uncapyourpotential

Bella Golden

staying hydrated with @vitalproteins☀️ whenever I have the chance to work with VP I feel so grateful- ever since working on their campaign launch last summer. It was my my first major US wide campaign and I had my first billboard because of them. beauty and wellness brands often forget to include women above a size 4 or latinas.. they took a chance on me and I’m beyond blessed for it. It’s incredible to think of all the amazing opportunities I’ve had because of this company. 🤗 their new collagen waters are fantastic, and something really easy to incorporate into your everyday routine. I’ve noticed a big difference in my skin and overall physical health. try it out, and stay thirsty my friends ☁️✨ #uncapyourpotential #ad

Rachel Pitzel

#ad Uncap your potential with @vitalproteins Collagen Water now @costco! 💪🏻 . I’ve been hooked on Vital Proteins since last summer ☀️ Their protein is from collagen which is amazing for your hair, nails, skin, joints & bones 🙌🏻 . The collagen water is great for on the go with almost no sugar, yummy flavors & collagen to keep you full 🍋🍓 . The Costco pack comes in 3 flavors and is an amazing deal! Now are you ready to #uncapyourpotential #ad

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Let's talk Collagen! • First off I want to be clear, collagen isn't some magical supplement you take that instantly clears your skin, helps you lose weight, and gain lean muscle. • Collagen is a building block that along with other good practices, and taking it consistently, can help your overall health. • I've taken so many supplements throughtout the last 7 years and have learned what works and what doesn't. Collagen Protein is one of those supplements that has helped me see the most results. Specifically with my hair growth (on my head of course) ;) , my skin clearing up on my face and chest, and finally with my muscle growth and definition. • If you're looking for something new to add to your supplement cabinet or just looking for a refreshing collagen infused drink, I highly recommend trying @vitalproteins new Collagen Water. My favorite flavors are Strawberry Lemon, BlackBerry Hibiscus, and Blueberry Mint! • ENJOY! 🍹💙 • #vitalproteins #uncapyourpotential #collagencrew #collagenpeptides #stayvital #sponsored #collagen #modelsandbottles #healthylifestyles

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My daily @vitalproteins collagen supplement (for healthy skin, hair & nails!) now comes as a yummy flavor infused water!🙌🏼💕 #ad Super tasty & perfect for summer days ☀️ It’s available at @Costco! See stories to see if it’s available at one near you! #uncapyourpotential || http://liketk.it/2DYxS @liketoknow.it #liketkit #LTKsalealert #LTKshoecrush #LTKunder50 #summertime #falloutfit #fallfashion #collagen #collagensupplement #casualstyle #comfyoutfit #comfy #affordable #affordablefashion #everydaysyle #lookbook #outfitinspo #style #shorthair #vitalproteins

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Always got my @vitalproteins wherever life takes me! • Vital Proteins collagen packets are the perfect way to get your collagen in on the go. Each packet is unflavored with 10g of collagen so you can mix it with virtually anything. • Check out the link in my bio to get 20% off and keep your skin, hair, nails, and joints as healthy as possible 24/7! • #vitalproteins #uncapyourpotential #collagencrew #stayvital #onthego #collagen

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If you’ve been here a while, you know I am constantly looking for ways to add more collagen to my diet. #ad One of my favorite companies, @vitalproteins introduced their new collagen water this year and it’s now available at @costco !  Each serving contains 10g of collagen and only 3g of sugar from the juice of REAL fruit. 🙌🏽 And the best part, all I have to do is open and sip; it has become a staple! Have you tried it? I know you will love it! #uncapyourpotential

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#ad Trying to beat this major summer heat wave?☀️ Pro tip: stay hydrated while getting your daily dose of collagen with @vitalproteins Collagen Water!💦 Now offered in a variety pack at select @Costco locations. It's a must for your healthy hair, skin & nails! See my story for a direct link to the locations that carry them! You'll thank me later! ;) #vitalproteins #uncapyourpotential #costco

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After spending all of July on vacation, it’s time to get this rear back in gear...💪🏻 #ad Picked up a case of the new @vitalproteins collagen water to tag along as my workout buddy this week! Love the taste and that it’s helping me drink more water throughout the day! It has less than 3G of sugar and is dairy/gluten free! 🙌🏻 FYI, Collagen is SO good for hair, skin, nails as well as bone/joint health and your body produces less of it as you get older! It’s important to add collagen supplements to your daily routine! Pick yours up at your local @costco! —— #vitalproteins #casualstyle #charlotteblogger #workoutmotivaton #uncapyourpotential #lululemon

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WATER you think about the new collagen water by @vitalproteins? So thankful to vital proteins for allowing me to attend their launch party. Such a fun time! Anytime there's drinks, colorful snacks...like macaroons, and great music I'm always pumped. I even got to meet a ig friend in person, which is one of my fav things about these events. Want to learn more about this fab event and water? Check out my newest post on the blog - link in bio! Happy Friyay! #uncapyourpotential

Ariana Lauren

Gimme all the collagen 🙌🏼 I’m getting my daily dose of collagen with @vitalproteins water - strawberry lemon flavor is my favorite! 🍓🍋 You can find this variety pack at select Costco stores nationwide! Talking more about it on my stories! 💕 #ad #uncapyourpotential


#ad Summer calls for sunshine, pools, and hydration!!💦 @vitalproteins just launched their amazing collagen water at @costco and Is available at 40 retail locations! #vitalproteins #uncapyourpotential


🚨 New Youtube Viddy 🚨 • • • Last month I was fortunate enough to go to the @vitalproteins Collagen Water Launch Party in Chicago. Go to my YouTube or click the link in my bio to see just how the #collagencrew gets down in Chitown 😝 Shoutout to @dan.the.trainer and @justbeingkurt for everything 💙 • • • And thank you @madeulookmedia for helping me capture this trip! 📸 #stayvital #uncapyourpotential #vitalproteins #collagenwater


Stay vital 💙 slay together 💙 @nickralich • • • Have you guys checked out my latest YouTube video? I answered all of your collagen questions annnnd gave you a sneak peek of what it’s like to attend a @vitalproteins party! 🎉 • • • Click the link in my bio to check out the video and for the best deals and discounts on all Vital products ✌️ As always, DM me if you need sup advice and recommendations! 🤗 • • • #uncapyourpotential #collagencrew #collagenwater #vitalproteins #collagenpeptides #stayvital #feedyourbeauty #collagen


Trying to glow from the inside out ✨YA’LL I love adding these @vitalproteins collagen waters to my regimen 👏🏼 it’s the perfect summer grab and go when you’re sick of drinking regular water. Plus, it keeps me hydrated and FULL (because it has 10g of protein in it). 💪🏼 #ad #uncapyourpotential photo by @saintpeterjohn