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How Fair is the Electoral College? The electoral college misrepresents every state, but not as much as you may think • “Hillary Clinton surpassed Donald Trump by more than 2 million votes, but lost the electoral college 306 to 232. In raw votes, it was the largest popular-vote lead in history for a candidate who lost the election. The nature of the results has again stirred up debate about the merits of using the electoral college system.” • “A state’s electoral votes are equal to the number of representatives and senators the state has in Congress. House seat apportionments are based on population and are reapportioned every decade after the census. Every state is guaranteed at least one seat in the House and two in the Senate.” • “The electoral college is supposed to guarantee that populous states can’t dominate an election, but it also sets up a disparity in representation. While California has one electoral vote per 712,000 people, Wyoming — the least populous state in the country — has one electoral vote per 195,000 people.” • Like what I share? Curating this page demands a huge effort. Help me keep my work, buy me a coffee via paypal: ko-fi.com/fanmaps (link in my bio). • Help us grow our community: Tell a friend about our page! • Via washingtonpost.com/graphics/politics/how-fair-is-the-electoral-college (@washingtonpost) • #map #world #country #population #cartography #geography #earth #globe #people #planet #history #economy #usa #america #electoralcollege #trump #hillaryclinton #makeamericagreatagain #president #represent #vote #election #democrat #reublican #progressive #conservative #Gerrymandering #fair #unfair


De Amerikaanse president Trump heeft bij de opening van de NAVO-top in Londen hard uitgehaald naar de Franse president Macron. Die noemde de NAVO onlangs hersendood en zei dat Europa aan de rand van de afgrond staat. Trump noemde die uitspraak zeer onbeschoft. Volgens Trump heeft Frankrijk de NAVO het hardst nodig van iedereen. Trump haalt hard uit naar Macron bij start NAVO-topVandaag is de eerste dag van de tweedaagse NAVO-top in Londen. Het is een beladen bijeenkomst. Het militaire samenwerkingsverband tussen (inmiddels) 29 landen bestaat 70 jaar, maar staat ook onder druk door onenigheid en meningsverschillen. Belangrijk thema zijn opnieuw de defensie-uitgaven. De afgesproken norm is dat ieder land twee procent van het bruto nationaal product aan defensie uitgeeft, maar die norm wordt door veruit de meeste landen nog niet gehaald. #trump #Macron #Navo #nato #londen

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Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings, a #Baltimore native who rose through the ranks of Congress to become chairman of the powerful House Oversight Committee, one of three that are currently overseeing the impeachment inquiry into President #trump, died at age 68 on Oct. 17, his office said. The son of sharecroppers, and widely respected on both sides of the aisle in #washington, D.C., Cummings served as the Congressman for #maryland’s 7th District for 23 years. In 2015, he gained national notoriety for his conciliatory role in the Baltimore riots, using a bullhorn to urge his constituents to adhere to curfew. In December, before he officially took the gavel to probe Trump and his administration, Cummings said of his role: “I want to make clear: I am not here to create headlines. I am here to get people’s problems solved.” Cummings’ understated work yielded some significant victories, not only for his committee, but for the legislative branch as a whole. Read more at the link in bio. Photograph by @justingellerson—@nytimes/@reduxpictures

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Fleeing the Turkish military operation, displaced people ride a motorcycle away from the countryside of the Syrian Kurdish town of Ras al-Ain on Oct. 16. Smoke plumes from tire fires billow in the background to decrease visibility for Turkish warplanes. Declaring his abrupt decision to withdraw U.S. troops in northern #syria as “strategically brilliant,” President #trump welcomed Russia’s rapid takeover of American positions in the region. He said the Kurds—long Washington’s ally against ISIS—were “no angels” and described mounting violence that has included multiple reports of war crimes as a fight over sand that didn’t concern the U.S. Trump's dizzying series of statements contradicted policies touted by his own administration as recently as two weeks ago, writes W.J. Hennigan. “The world sees a U.S. President with no plan or understanding of the lasting and severe consequences of both his actions and inactions,” said Chuck Hagel, a former U.S. Defense Secretary. Read more at the link in bio. Photograph by @delilsouleiman—@afpphoto/@gettyimages


Among many other challenges unique to this moment in our #history, the #impeachment inquiry confirms the risk of focusing on President #trump’s flagrant lies rather than his true beliefs, writes Nancy Gibbs, a former writer and editor in chief at TIME. These are the things he clearly believes to be true despite all evidence to the contrary, whether it is who actually pays the price for tariffs, or whether a given public servant deserves to be prosecuted for treason. When he describes his thuggish conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as “perfect” and appears shocked that even some of his allies don’t agree, he proves better than any prosecutor could his ignorance of his constitutional oath or even basic rules of decency. Read more at the link in bio. Photograph by Doug Mills (@nytmills)—@nytimes/@reduxpictures


Every damn time... #taxationistheft #NoGovernmentIsGoodGovernment Credit: 👉🏽 @thefreethoughtproject 😂 Check out my Friends... 📢 @consciousness_expansion @linear_perspective @free_your_mind94 @antaprann For our Plane(t) 🌎 ✊🏽 #corruption #government #america #usa #illuminati #sheeple #politicians #anonymous #awakening #1776 #nwo #newworldorder #people #truth #trump #anarchy #conspiracy #freedom #liberty #area51 #flatearth #politics #instagram #election #libertarian #freemarket


@speakerpelosi heads to the House floor to vote on a resolution laying out the next steps in the impeachment inquiry of President #trump at the Capitol in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 31. The House of Representatives formally passed the resolution at 232-196, almost entirely along party lines. No Republican joined the Democrats—though former GOP Rep. Justin Amash voted for the resolution. Two Democrats—Reps. Jeff Van Drew and Collin Peterson—voted against it. But the partisan breakdown of the vote shows the uphill battle Democrats will face as they try to convince their Republican colleagues that Trump should be removed from office. Read more about the resolution, which is largely procedural, at the link in bio. Photograph by @gdemczuk for TIME


President #trump is silhouetted against the White House South Portico as he hands out candy to visiting schoolchildren in advance of #halloween on Oct. 28. Photograph by @tom_brenner—@reuters


@speakerpelosi announced on Sept. 24 that the House of Representatives “is moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry” into President @realdonaldtrump, an extraordinary step that came in the wake of a whistleblower complaint that #trump sought to pressure Ukraine to investigate a political rival for personal gain. Read more at the link in bio. Video source: Pool/AP


To this day, senior U.S. government officials confuse #iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei with his charismatic predecessor: Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic. Although Khomeini died 30 years ago, his sinister daily presence on #american TV sets through the 444-day hostage crisis left a lasting impression, writes Karim Sadjadpour. “These economic sanctions are just a part of the U.S. government’s total effort to change the behavior of the Ayatollah Khomeini,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a November 2018 briefing. “The assets of Ayatollah Khomeini and his office,” President #trump followed up in June 2019, “will not be spared from the sanctions.” The confusion—like so much the U.S. does—may serve Khamenei. He prefers to obscure his vast power behind the Islamic Republic’s byzantine array of institutions. The Assembly of Experts, Guardian Council, Expediency Council and Revolutionary Guards evoke a Game of Thrones-style drama. But in reality they are all led by individuals handpicked by Khamenei or unfailingly loyal to him. They serve to buttress rather than check his authority. In this photograph, a painter works on a mural of Khamenei and Khomeini in #tehran in 1997. Read more at the link in bio. Photograph by A. Abbas—@magnumphotos

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On Sept. 25, the White House released its summary of a July phone call between President Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart that has triggered fresh calls for an impeachment inquiry from the highest echelons of Congressional Democratic leadership. The summary, which is not a “verbatim transcript” but rather a collection of “notes and recollections” from staffers listening to the call, comes after a whistleblower in the U.S. intelligence community filed a complaint in August regarding the conversation. The whistleblower was reportedly concerned that #trump pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate @joebiden. Trump and others in his orbit have alleged without evidence that, while he was Vice President, Biden blocked Ukrainian officials from investigating his son Hunter’s business activities in the country. Trump has confirmed speaking to Zelensky about Biden, but denied pressuring the Ukrainian leader by threatening to deny his country aid. “I didn’t threaten anybody,” Trump told reporters in New York on Wednesday. In these photographs, Trump arrives to and leaves the news conference. Read the summary at the link in bio. Photographs by @saulloeb—@afpphoto/@gettyimages


President Trump announced his intention on Oct. 14 to level economic sanctions, hike tariffs and halt trade negotiations with #turkey as a result of its military incursion against U.S.-aligned Kurdish forces in northern #Syria. The announcement follows a high-level White House national security meeting to develop a strategy to contain the chaos unleashed by #trump’s impromptu decision last week to withdraw American troops from the area ahead of Turkey’s military offensive. In this photograph, a man places a Turkish flag in the courtyard of a mosque before the funeral of a nine-month-old Syrian baby, who was among those killed during rocket and mortar attacks in Akçakale, southern Turkey, on Oct. 11. Read more at the link in bio. Photograph by @emanuelesatolli


At one point in his career, Rudy Giuliani had been among the most admired public figures in America. As mayor, he was a New York archetype come to life: the fast-talking, Bronx-accented wheeler-dealer, complete with mistresses, sharp suits and primo seats at Yankee Stadium. And many loved him for being an iconoclast. He was the law-and-order mayor who cleaned up Times Square, a self-described pro-choice #republican who believed in gun control and gay rights, as at home at the city’s glimmering galas as at the televised perp walk of a criminal. With exuberant F-you energy, he seemed to embody the city itself, write Vera Bergengruen and @bybrianbennett. And for the brief post-9/11 moment when Americans were all New Yorkers, the whole country became Giuliani’s constituents too. His latest brush with #history is revealing a darker side, something that suggests not just Giuliani unbound, but untethered from the values he once espoused. So what is going on with him? Interviews with those close to the former mayor, and those who have crossed paths with him in his work for President #trump, say Giuliani’s transformation has a simple source: over the past 18 months, he has violated that unwritten rule of American public life that you can pursue money or political power, but not both at once. Read more at the link in bio. Photograph by @spencerheyfron—@reduxpictures; (1984: Ben Martin/@gettyimages); animation by @brobeldesign


There has been such sustained chaos throughout Donald Trump’s term that it can be hard to determine which outcries to worry about and which to ignore, writes @mollyesque. But the #ukraine affair has caused something to snap, and not merely because #trump—photographed on Sept. 26—has supplied enough final straws to fill a hayloft. Unlike the #russia controversy investigated by Robert Mueller, it took place entirely while Trump was in office. It affects national security in the present, not the past, and bears on an election yet to take place. It is, compared with the Mueller probe, relatively easy to understand. Perhaps most significant, for Democratic members of Congress it appears to have been born out of Trump’s sense of impunity. Having escaped Mueller’s net and dodged congressional oversight, critics say, Trump apparently believed he could get away with anything—and immediately set out to solicit a foreign power to involve itself in his next election. He made his call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky the day after Mueller testified before Congress. Read more from this week's cover story at the link in bio. Photograph by Gabriella Demczuk (@gdemczuk) for TIME