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Hey Friends! Exciting news! TLDR; We submitted our first single track that we co-wrote recently and now and we're finally able to share it with you. A few weeks ago, Beth and I came together and decided we wanted to work together on an electronic track. I had just come from an illenium concert and Beth had been wanting to do something similar. I had just written some poetry based on some powerful recent events that had occurred in my life and she suggested we take that and write the song together based on them. Simultaneously I took up learning FL Studio 20 ( A digital audio workstation) and spent time learning how to do several different audio tricks when producing certain kind of sounds, synth, serum, bass, sidechaining and much much more. We played some chords on the piano, we sang some ideas and broke off to stew on the ideas. Within the week we bounced back lyric ideas and the track elements I was building on the DAW and it started becoming a real track. By the end of the week, we came together, finalized the lyrics, recorded them and integrated them to add the finishing touches to this piece. I've always wanted to produce music and mostly because listening to music can be so powerful and its certainly been an outlet for many of us to relate to and vibe with...My goal for this song was to take all that I felt in my own powerful experience and relay that through my music, structure, lyrics and sound effects. My inspiration for this style of music was the artist @illeniummusic . When listening to their music, you are impacted by both the music and its powerful lyrics which really drive the emotions into your being. So when you listen to these words, and this music, I hope this takes you on a small journey through the myriad of things I felt. #samir #music #love #instagood #songs #singer #dance #techno #dj #edm #album #newmusic #newalbum #hiphop #melody #NewSong #bestsong #lovethissong #genre #partymusic #favoritesong #listentothis #myjam #repeat #sing #bumpin #cover #Singing