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Lots of spraying in the skies the past 2 days. See photos of the sky before the amazing sunset. Always know when it will be great as it coincides with heavy spraying. Monday was so beautiful and clear now this crap again. This is climate change. Geo Engineering, Weather Modification, Weather Warfare. Read up if in doubt about this. I once also did not believe any of this at all! Then I started to read about it. Yes pretty Sunsets like I never saw in my youth. I have been at the beach watching sunsets around world all my life. These are chemically induced because of the metals in the air. Very complex all of it. Truth has been hard to know. Lots to re think the learn and question all things and why. The colors change dramatically in the sky as the sun goes down. #geoengineering #weatherwarfare #chemtrails #chemtrailspraying #stopgeoengineering #alzheimers #parkinsonsdisease #toxicsunset #toxicsunsets #theairbornetoxicevent #sunsetsofinstagram #sunsets #sanclemente #sanclementecommunity #sanclementebeach.