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Amy Shey Jacobs

Roses are red. 🌹And that is all. . .at least for this table. For the other two tables, it was all silver and all gold. Just the other day I told the story of this ironic blindfolded dinner we were raked to create for @coravin bh @allison_pr to launch the new colors a few seasons back with @davidbouley at his test kitchen. To this day, one of my favorite #chandelierevents — particularly because it was such a challenge. Everyone had to cooperate to make it work: the guests, the chef, the planner...and @bellefleurny this was one for the books! | #onmytable #brandactivation #brandactivations #foodie #culinary #winelover #roses #coravin #partyplanner #chandelierevent

Sasha Carroll

See these? These are most lovely dubbed “The Flowers Of Shame.” I tried to make Rose petal jam as an Xmas gift for someone. I was an idiot. Didn’t do the research. Thought I could just grab some roses and we’d be good. Nope. Turns out Almost all Roses are 97% pesticides and are used for decorating purposes ONLY. That stuff will kill you if you eat it and Bachman’s doesn’t do returns for “specialty plants.” SO. I couldn’t toss them, and my bathtub is busted so I couldn’t throw them in the bath either. I mean, we’re talking about $30.00 worth of roses. I didn’t have the heart to toss them out. SO. Now I have these flowers of shame, that I apparently, bought for myself... 🤣🤣🤣 #Oops #oopsie #fail #roses #flowersofshame #lol #facepalm 🤦‍♀️