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For a lot of reasons, @lilnasx didn’t initially plan to come out. He had been taught from a young age that homosexuality “is never going to be O.K.,” and he feared he would lose fans. While #hiphop stars like Frank Ocean (@blonded) and Tyler, the Creator (@feliciathegoat) have come out as #queer, the spectre of homophobia still looms large. But during #pride Month, reports Andrew R. Chow, something changed for Lil Nas. “I never would have done that if I wasn’t in a way pushed by the universe,” he says. “In June, I’m seeing Pride flags everywhere and seeing couples holding hands—little stuff like that.” He first came out to his father and sister earlier in June, and then broke the news on Twitter several weeks later. It was a historic moment, in no small part because of how casually he went about it: “Thought I made it obvious,” he tweeted, pointing out a rainbow on his album cover. He had some haters, but they were quickly and summarily dismissed—often by him personally. Meanwhile, “Old Town Road” continued to rack up millions of streams, extending its run atop the Billboard Hot 100. Now Lil Nas’ playful expression of his sexuality is just another part of his self-deprecating online brand. “Last year i was sleeping on my sisters floor, had no money, struggling to get plays on my music, suffering from daily headaches, now i’m gay,” he tweeted at the end of July. Read more at the link in bio. Photograph by @kelianne for TIME


When @lilnasx's debut single “Old Town Road” exploded online early this year and began climbing the charts, industry prognosticators anticipated a quick rise and fall. It’s now the longest-running No. 1 song in history, having occupied the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for 19 weeks. It’s been streamed more than a billion times on @spotify alone. All of this has made “Old Town Road” the defining sound of the year, a slurry, genre-busting interpolation of two quintessential American musical genres: #country and hip-hop. Yet even from his perch, writes Andrew R. Chow, Lil Nas is still an outlier. There aren’t many black stars in country #music; there aren’t many queer stars in #hiphop. There aren’t many queer black stars in American culture, point-blank. The fact that Lil Nas has risen so far and so fast testifies not only to his skill, but also to the erosion of the systems that for generations kept #artists like him on the sidelines. At a time when debates about categorization and identity are ubiquitous, Lil Nas X represents a more unified vision of the future, one in which a young #queer black man can dominate popular #culture by being unapologetically himself. “Everything lined up for this moment to take me to this place,” he says now. “Not to sound self-centered, but it feels like I’m chosen, in a way, to do this stuff.” Read more at the link in bio. Photograph by @kelianne for TIME; animation by @brobeldesign; “Old Town Road” (p) 2019 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Joaquim Sicart

Ya ha salido a la venta mi trabajo más reciente. ¡Un libro! ¡Sí! Se trata del poema ilustrado "Canción a Roby Nelson", escrito en 1933 por el autor colombiano Bernardo Arias Trujillo. Se publica por primera vez en España gracias a Editorial Amistades Particulares. Se trata de un poema homoerótico que consta de 20 estrofas las cuales me he encargado de ilustrar. El autor lo escribió durante su estancia en Buenos Aires, y desde su publicación se ha convertido en una pieza clave de la historia literaria y homosexual de Latinoamérica. El libro está formado por el poema, 11 ilustraciones, una extensa biografía del autor, y todo está hecho con mucho mimo y cariño. Sin duda viene perfecto para las fechas que se aproximan, para regalar arte, cultura y descubrir una figura literaria tan importante. Próximamente os iré mostrando más cositas de éste libro en el que me ha hecho tantísima ilusión participar. Deciros que se ha realizado una primera edición súper limitada de 150 ejemplares, y que ya lo podéis conseguir en las siguientes librerías españolas: @libreria_berkana (MADRID) @visorpoesia (MADRID) @libreriacomplices (BARCELONA) @libreriaantinous (BARCELONA) @centrallibrera (FERROL) @libreriaanonimahuesca (HUESCA) @menadeslibreria (PAMPLONA) @laotralibreriacafe (VALLADOLID) . @barcelonalgtbi @och.cat #bookporn #Literatura #literature #book #cancionarobynelson #robynelson #bernardoariastrujillo #amistadesparticulares #editorial #latinoamerica #buenosaires #Colombia #poetry #poesia #poema #artistsoninstagram #print #malebody #drawing #art #gayart #lgbt #gayartist #queer #homoerotic #illustration #muscle #joaquimsicart_art #gayillustration #collection

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🙌🌈 #Repost @infoparaempoderar with @make_repost ・・・ La presencia LGBTQ+ se mantiene firme en este nuevo Chile despierto 💪 Autor 📸: @alenicieza #gaychile #instagay #lgbtchile #queer #lesbianaschile #transchile #ChileDespertó #29DeOctubre #gay #Chile #scl #pride #nomashomofobia 🌈 . #matrimonioigualitario #DDHH #igualdad #protestas #ChileQuiereCambios #orgullo #lgbti #gaychile #lesbianaschile #orgullogay #lesbiana #adopcionhomoparental #leydefiliacion #inclusion #lesbianas #igualdaddegenero #derechoshumanos #lesbofobia

Gianna Yoga

I have been playing a lot with my relationship to my relationships. The best gift my ex-wife gave me was making hard and fast decisions for herself and pissing me off. Letting me down, changing her mind, standing up for her self after not doing so for so long, and deciding that our relationship was a bad one. This did not come into my mind when we were together. I never thought we had a bad relationship. I knew there were arguments where everything seemed so wrong and like too much but I thought this was normal. I thought that’s what a relationship was. Her decision to make that shift in her mind made me angry and dislike her quite a bit. I thought of all the times that she withheld from me, pretending she understood me, or told me things were fine. I didn’t know all that was going on until after the fact which built my anger. I felt I was left out of what was happening in my own life. That anger helped me better separate. It made me realize that humans always abuse other humans in different ways while in relations, with someone else or ourselves. Passive aggression, lies, withholding, not listening, snapping, hitting, expecting or demanding, neglecting. All these things are results of us being triggered or reactive, having an experience, responding from a lower sense of self...acting human. If your long term relationship doesn’t have one small ounce of this, you’re magic. What brings us back together and whole is being genuine and processing our actions. Taking responsibility for our part in a partnership. Having the courage to apologize, and not blame ourselves or the other persons but use an objective mind. Our last interaction really made me mad. Stepping back and realizing how we both played a part in destroying what we started helped me process my anger. Using my anger to simply separate from her more, was necessarily. Taking responsibility for my actions has helped me remember why I’ll always love her. Not everyone that has demonstrated abuse is an abuser but their actions can be that of one. Take a step back. Apologies and Forgive. #yoga #divorce #giannayoga #queer #queeryogateacher #tattoo #tattooedyogi 📸: @stockwell_darren

Gianna Yoga

I have done this posture with this groups of people more times than with anyone, anywhere, every. There is nothing like getting together to breath with people all working to find oneness. These are my brilliant family member from all over. Where is your yoga family? ... And can I come visit? Booking 2020 fall/winter! Check the link in my bio for what’s up next⚡️ #yoga #giannayiga #yogafamily #queer #queeryogateacher #tattoo #tattooedyogi


🤪 if ur a cis man bring me a signed permission slip from your therapist of at least 2 consecutive years, ur psych major ex doesn’t count. giving this a spot on the feed since it did so well on twitterland. - - - - - - - - - - - - - #relationshipmemes #relationshipquotes #relationships #sexualorientation #datingquotes #datingmemes #fuckthepatriarchy #therapy #datingsucks #lgbtq #queer #QueerSexEd #SexEducator #sexeducation #sexed #pansexual #bisexual #nonbinary #datingadvice #bisexualmemes #queermemes #Sexology #lgbtmemes

Access-Centered Movement ™︎

Every time you think you’re lazy, not enough, or unloveable— remember that the culture we live in needs us to hate ourselves in order to fuel productivity and consumption. Humans have always needed rest and have always rested, when we have had the agency to do so. . . . . #love #Enough #value #blm #queer #disabilityjustice #community #rest #family #art #resist #socialjustice #Accessibility #disability #mentalhealthawareness #poc #queer #femme #bipoc #disabilityarts #fat #fatliberation #bodypositive #interdependence #chronicpain #chronicillness #spoonie #chronicallyill #illness #pain #isolation

Sky Sport DE

"Speziell die großen Vereine sollten gesellschaftspolitisch Stellung beziehen", so Rummenigge. "Auf der Audi Summer Tour haben wir im Holocaust-Museum [...] unsere Ausstellung "verehrt - verfolgt - vergessen" eröffnet. [] wir wollen mit solchen Initiativen zu einem besseren Verständnis auf der Welt beitragen. Das Gleiche gilt für die Unterstützung unseres Fanklubs "Queerpass"." #skybuli #queerpass #queer #rummenigge #fcbayern #FCB #bundesliga #bayern

YURI & ALESSIO ⚣ Travel Couple

Vi starete sicuramente chiedendo se fossimo nudi quando abbiamo scattato la foto 😅 • La risposta è... Non ve lo diciamo, vi lasciamo con questo dogma 😂 Scherzi a parte, postiamo questo scatto per collegarci al discorso della Body Positive Catwalk che si è svolta il 12 ottobre a Milano. • 200 ragazze e ragazzi si sono radunati in piazza Duomo per un flash mob, per dire stop alle discriminazioni ed ai pregiudizi legati all'aspetto fisico. Il messaggio principale è che tutti dovrebbero amarsi ed accettarsi per quello sono, perché ognuno di noi è unico. • "Riuscire ad abbattere questa necessità di doversi sentire meglio dicendo che l'altro è peggio." Ecco, noi vorremmo aiutare l'autrice di questo evento @lovecurvy__laurabrioschi, a diffondere questo bellissimo messaggio. Abbiamo visto le immagini del suo evento e ci siamo sentiti molto vicini a questa causa 😊 • E voi? Siete con noi? • °~☆~°~☆~°~☆~°~☆~°~☆~°~☆~°~☆~° • #gayitalia #gaylife #loveislove #lgbtq #gaypride #queer #lgbtcouples #gaycouple #gaymarriage #happygay #lgbtitalia #gaystagram #instagay #italianboys #gayrelationship #hoscos #husbandandhusband #gaymens #gayitaly #italiangay #gaynuds

Gianna Yoga

I think about everyone I’ve ever loved often. I think of everyone who has ever loved me. I marvel daily at the fact I’ve ever been loved and that I continue to be lovable and that I continue to love and that it never gets old. It makes me cry often. Each time I’m surprised. Each time I love it’s different. Each time, it’s a free fall. I don’t know how to go into love guarded. I’m always interested in the truth to a heart. I don’t want to be without it. It continues to be what makes me tick. I’ve never been able to look at a previous lover without love in my heart. I can’t change this and finally, I won’t. I won’t stop loving you just because my love doesn’t look the way it once did. Love changes, it doesn’t mean it’s gone. Grateful for you, heart. You’re wildly unruly. #yoga #love #Practice #stickyframes giannayoga #queeryogateacher #tattooedyogi #tattoo #queer

Gianna Yoga

I’m not sure what peoples aversion is to others living their lives and spreading their passion but I’m super over it in the yoga world. People say they just want to “share this practice the way it’s suppose to be shared and help more people!” Yet, what they don’t realizing is that there are many people who will never walk into a studio because of things a founder of that yoga has done. Which means, if you teach in the light you believe is right and let other do the same, there will be a home for every type of person to walk into whatever studio they want to walk into and they will get the same benefits in their unique definition of what a comfortable space is. I feel very lucky to have a partner like @caro__lokah and a space like @originalhotyoga305 because all we do is talk about all the other studios surround us just steps away and how we Can better do what we are doing, not what will compete with others. We have agreed, we can not run a studio unless it is filled with things we are passionate about. This is why other studio with Bikrams name on the door or Pattabhi Jois’ picture on the wall need to present their yoga the way they are passionate towards it. And those who follow 100% in the practice but spread its wisdom free of the men attached to it need to run their space the way they do. You’re not doing it right, no one is. You’re not doing it wrong, there is no wrong if it’s done genuinely. If you’re in alignment with what you’re doing, all on board and truly care, it’s perfect. Stop condemning others for doing the same. #yoga #bikramyoga #ashtangayoga #yogadrama #giannayoga #queeryogateacher #queer #tattooedyogi