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Azaria, at home in #brooklyn, prepares for a stay with her great-grandmother ahead of her #mother Taleisha's shift as a #caregiver at @thenyfoundling's Crisis Nursery, which houses #children whose parents are experiencing an emergency. Kathleen Gerson, a sociologist at @nyuniversity who studies families and work, calls caregiving a “canary in the coal mine” for other socioeconomic challenges in #America. “It’s warning us of not just a care crisis, and a childcare crisis, but a larger crisis of what it means to live a sane and balanced life that allows people both to find dignity in work and also build the strong, stable families that they hope to have,” she says. This project was shot in partnership with @fotografiskany over five months; an exhibition will be on view at the museum in 2020. Read the full report at the link in bio. Photograph by @anastasiatl for TIME


A two-year-old girl from #Guatemala holds a Homeland Security possessions bag after her #mother and fellow Central American asylum seekers, who illegally crossed the Rio Grande nearby, turned themselves in to U.S. border patrol officers in Los Ebanos, #texas, on Oct. 5. Photograph by @lorenelliottphoto—@reuters

M A M A E N R O S A R I O 🇦🇷

Domingo en casa, post charla, después de días de preparación, de coordinación, de dedicación. Cuando mis amigas me preguntan si la cuenta me lleva tiempo, les digo que si, qué hay que dedicarle y darle amor. Lulú y Julia son parte de @mama_en_rosario , las fotos, los ratos en el celu, las actividades. Cómo les dije ayer, que los resultados sean los esperados es realmente gratificante. Así que gracias por estar del otro lado, y compartir con nosotras tres este espacio! Gracias 💜💜 . #maternidad #crianza #blog #maternidadreal #Madre #infancia #hijos #mamaenrosario #mama #mother #rosario #infanciarespetuosa #mombloggers #momblogger #momblog

M A M A E N R O S A R I O 🇦🇷

Las situaciones y experiencias más lindas que estoy viviendo con esta cuenta @mama_en_rosario sin duda son encontrar mujeres tan maravillosas como cada una de las que compartimos la mañana de hoy. Y me llena de felicidad poder estar viviendo este momento. Gracias a @sabrina.pediatriaypuericultura y a @docnayblw por confiar en nosotras, por la generosidad, por compartir ! Gracias @belumotherhood por tu empuje 💪🏻 vamos por más !! Gracias a los sponsors, a los emprendedores, a tod@s los que hicieron posible la charla de hoy. Gracias @esplendorh por segunda vez permitirnos poder reunir a más 140 personas. Gracias gracias gracias. . #maternidad #crianza #blog #maternidadreal #Madre #infancia #hijos #mamaenrosario #mama #mother #rosario #infanciarespetuosa #mombloggers #momblogger #momblog

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Follow us @heaventube for more videos like this! ❤️ Like this video if you love your mother ❤️ Tag a friend 👇 🎵Song: Experience - Ludovico Einaudi #mother #love #protection #hug 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ ✉️ For credit/removal, please email us.

Marie Claire Russia

На днях Шэрон Стоун вышла в свет вместе со своим старшим сыном Роэном: актриса и ее экс-супруг Фил Бронштейн усыновили мальчика в 2000 году. Как ни странно, звездная мама и ее сын даже внешне – очень похожи 😏😊 Шэр также воспитывает еще двух приемных детей – Лэрда и Куинна, причем уже много лет делает это в полном одиночестве 🙄🙌Думаем, самое время учреждать отдельную премию для самых сильных голливудских мам... ✊ #sharonstone #actress #celebrity #celebs #hollywoodstar #hollywood #lifeandlove #beauty #motherandson #motherhood #parenthood #starlife #awards #similar #instacelebs #instahollywood #Awsome #single #mother #fame #popularity

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A while back we got my mother her own apartment , it was a very very proud day for me to be able to afford to do that for my mother. When we moved her in that day I promised her that in the next couple years I would get her a house. My mother hasn’t had a house of her own since her and my dad divorced 20 something years ago. This week we made the vision come to fruition. Words can’t describe my gratitude for making this possible , you all continue to amaze me beyond measure with the support you show me. My wife and I have been working very hard to make this happen. Many times the police knocked on my mothers door looking for me, many nights she went to sleep worried the phone would ring in the middle of the night and something would’ve happened bad , many nights she prayed and worried if I would ever get my life together...thousands of times she accepted collect calls from a son in jail. These are all things momma doesn’t have to worry about anymore . Many moons ago from the Juvenile Justice Center in Nashville TN I Promised my mother I was going to make it as musician and I would one day take care of a lot of people and I would tour the country for a living, make music and make a difference in people’s lives. It took a while but we are starting to see that dream come true . A lot of bad decisions were made along the way , but we are finally gaining real ground . Thank y’all for making this possible with every stream , download , YouTube view , ticket to a show , or t shirt you have ever bought . Your changing my entire families life and a lot of my friends life ONE LISTEN AND SHARE at a time 🙏. Bout to lock in and finish the next chapter . Thanks again - big gratitude this morning 🙏. #mother #familyfirst #changeispossible


Ashton Hernandez-Verbejo rests his head in his #mother's lap as people gather for a vigil, following the Aug. 31 shooting that killed seven people and injured 22 others, in Odessa, #texas, on Sept. 1. Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke told reporters at a Sunday news conference, attended by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, that the gunman used an AR-style weapon but refused to say the shooter’s name. “I’m not going to give him any notoriety for what he did,” he said. Police confirmed that the shooter, identified as a white man in his mid-30s, was killed by officers at a movie theater. Among the victims is a 17-month-old girl, who was wounded and flown to Lubbock for treatment. Read more at the link in bio. Photograph by @callaghan_ohare—@reuters


الله يخليلكن امهاتكم جميعاً... هنودة (هنادي) هي أمي وتاج راسي ورفيقتي❤️❤️❤️ خلونا نتعرف على أسماء أمهاتكم😍 #rasha_albeick ————————————————————————— #dubaihijab #modest #dubaifashion #fashionweek #fashionblogger #fashion #hijabstyle #beauty #smile #outfit #style #model #mother #family #hijablicious #istanbul #turkey #love #confidence #women


In the long, final days of #summer, business at Broad Street Diner in #philadelphia has been slow. Christina Munce, a single #mother who has worked there as a #waitress for more than eight years and relies on tips, tries to stay positive. The customers and staff are her family, more or less, and not just because her sister, Jeanne, is also a waitress there. For Munce, it all adds up: the freebies, the walkouts, the cops receiving a 50% discount, the mess-ups from the kitchen—each one a knock to her take-home pay. “I am a people person. But at the end of the day, your compliments and smiles are not enough,” she says during one of her shifts. She tells her daughter that #education is the most important thing, that she needs to get good grades, no matter what. “I say, ‘I just want you to be better than me,'” she tells TIME. Not that she’d steer her daughter away from waitressing, necessarily. If you’re a people person, Munce says, it can be fun to talk to strangers all day. Depending on them for tips, though, is something else. Read the full story—published in partnership with The Fuller Project, a non-profit newsroom that reports on issues impacting #women—at the link in bio. Photographs by @sashafoto for TIME


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Manish Malhotra

With the ladies of the family ... dearest Mom ... our Strength and @sujatadmalhotra @malhotrasuman64 #family #love #mother ♥️ #mothersday ... My Morther Since Childhood never stopped me from watching Hindi films and going to the movie theatres and encouraged my passion for drawing and for clothes .! ..so did my entire family .. I wish every Morther supports her child’s passion and gives the strength that every child cherishes when they get the support from their Morther and family ..