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Boogiezone Utopia

#Repost @justclassic_bren ・・・ β€œShake that πŸ‘ I know it’s little but unique” Just a fun vibe I taught for class tonight. A different vibe than usual but a vibe non the less. Thank you to those who came through and brought great energy. β€’ β€’ β€’ πŸŽ™: @bigsean 🎢: Bezerk β€’ β€’ β€’ #boogiezoneutopia #hiphop #hiphopfusion #dhf #grooves #bezerk #dance #dancer

MiniDini Soluçáes Geniais

Uau!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘β€β€ Olhem isso, grΓ‘vida de 36 semanas! Bora celebrar tambΓ©m a vida? Viva Γ s crianΓ§as! . de @allisonholker - We are getting more and more excited with each day to meet our Baby girl! Until that day, I will continue to move and groove with my favorite dance and life partner @sir_twitch_alot #love #pregnant #allforyou #36weekspregnant #36weeks #babybump #dance #dancingmama #grooves #life #BossFamily #babymama #letsdance also we dancing to one of my absolute favs the one and only JANET! #allforyou πŸŽ₯ @thedustinyoureye @janetjackson - #regrann

Sherry Sidoti

imagine you are driving down a dirt path. it just rained and the earth is loose. the wheels of your car imprint on the muddy road as you make your way towards your destination. the next day, the sun is out and again you drive down the same dirt road. the ground has hardened, yes, but yesterday’s grooves still imprinted, and your car naturally follows the path of the day before, making that groove even deeper. imagine the grooves on the path day after day through the seasons, without any road work, no patching, no smoothing of the dirt on the road...? Would they not just get deeper and deeper, eventually the only way to travel on that road? . What we do, day in day out, becomes who we are. We get so used to falling in the groove, the ready made imprint, that we forget we can steer the car a couple inches this way or that way and create an entirely new pathway. We forget that there are machines that can fill the grooves and smooth out the road and an entirely new path can be made. . Join Sherry and @jafar.alexander in May 25-29 of 2020 at @kripalucenter for a five day exploration in establishing yoga as a pathway for life. Feel how yoga, as a practice and as a way of being, can help us carve out new paths and imprints, every day, so we can be most aware of our ruts, decide if they are useful or not, apply mechanisms to repair the road when needed, and pave new routes to travel too. . Link in comments. #kripalu #yogaretreat #samskaras #yogaeverydamnday #yogaaswayoflife #why #yoga #yogapractice #newroadstotravel #grooves #ruts https://kripalu.org/presenters-programs/yoga-your-life-path-what-s-your-why