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Photo by Paolo Woods and Gabriele Galimberti @paolowoods and @gabrielegalimbertiphoto | Michael Grimaldi, director, Department of Drawing, and faculty chair at the New York Academy of Art, is photographed at the Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia with a group of his art students during the dissection of a cadaver. This is the only art course in the U.S. in which students get to see a dissection and draw on the spot. It is not uncommon for Drexel medical students (colored scrubs) or their professors to be present and interact with the art students (white scrubs), as seen here. Leonardo da Vinci was a pioneer in the study of the human body. Intent on exploring and explaining every aspect of anatomy and physiology, he performed over 30 dissections of human cadavers and many more of animals. He is also among the greatest draftsmen ever to have lived, and his studies of skeletons, musculature, and other visible structures remain to this day largely unsurpassed in their beauty. #leonardo #davinci #leonardodavinci #art #drawing