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National Geographic

Photo by Sara Hylton @sarahyltonphoto | I recently spent some time in Bangladesh traveling along the Meghna River. It was a beautiful way to experience one of my favorite places. It was during this journey that I came to understand the skill and intuition required to navigate a boat through precarious and shifting waterways with a life of their own. For more stories follow me @sarahyltonphoto @insidenatgeo #planetorplastic #meghna #bangladesh

National Geographic

Photo by Ami Vitale @amivitale | Rahima Begum holds her one-day-old baby inside a slum in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She had been displaced because of rising waters and a changing climate and forced to migrate to Dhaka. Bangladesh is among the most densely populated countries in the world; 28,000 people live in each square kilometer in the capital of Dhaka. The slum has no permanent sanitation or sewage facilities. As sea levels and temperatures rise, bringing greater and more destructive storms and droughts, there is increasing awareness of climate refugees, whose numbers could far surpass refugees driven by conflict. Currently there are no legal protections for those displaced by climate, and the penalty for inaction on climate change grows more severe every year. It will be felt most by those who least contribute to global warming. To learn more, follow @friendshipngo @amivitale and others working on the front lines. @everydayrefugees #refugees #bangladesh #climatechange

Suhail Chandhok

Day off from #india vs #bangladesh @starsportsindia = a top day on the #golf course with the #dugout boys : #england 🇬🇧 / #india 🇮🇳 (@dominiccork2019 & yours truly) taking on AND BEATING #newzealand / #australia (@mitch_m81 & @profdeano)! . Thanks @taylormadegolfin @taylormadegolf for the kit & for the new #SpiderX #putter...Incredible roll & has taken a few strokes off my game already! #teetime #BPGC #bombay #stillunbeaten #chaching 🤑🤑 #banter #starsports #INDvBAN


Photo by @amivitale for @rippleeffectimages. In Bangladesh, rising seas have arrived. The country is among the nations most threatened by climate change. Two thirds of the country lies less than five feet above sea level. A predicted 3-ft rise in the oceans would displace 20% of the population. Already, storm surge is filling homes, eroding land and rendering fertile lands sterile. @rippleeffectimages is proud to partner with organizations like @friendshipngo who provide healthcare, education and resources so those most impacted can face the current and coming floods. Follow @amivitale @rippleeffectimage and @friendshipngo to learn more about climate change and how you can help. @photography.for.good #risingseas #hope #friendshipngo #activism #climatechange #sealevelrise #globalwarming #bangladesh #rippleeffect #therippleeffect #rippleeffectimages #amivitale #water #ocean #sea #flooding #women #womenhelpingwomen #empoweringwomen #photojournalism #education


It was exactly two years ago, on Aug. 25, 2017, when the Rohingya—a majority-Muslim ethnic group from ­majority-Buddhist Myanmar’s western­most state of Rakhine—began to flee to #bangladesh in large numbers, after the #myanmar army began a systematic campaign of arson, rape and murder that the @unitednations has called genocidal. Earlier this year, TIME's Feliz Solomon and James Nachtwey reported from the camps, where conditions remain abysmal, in Cox’s Bazar. Most #refugees live in small shacks made of bamboo and tarpaulin sheets, so tightly packed together that they can hear their neighbors talking. Things already looked bleak for the #Rohingya. Since they were stripped of Burmese citizenship in 1982, they lost everything they had in a steady erosion of rights punctuated by sporadic outbursts of horrific state-­sanctioned violence. They now find themselves sequestered in the smallest possible physical space with nowhere left to go. Bangladesh, which generously let them in, doesn’t want them to stay. In this photograph, a woman grieves for Fatema Begum, 60, in the hut of the deceased in April. Read more, and see more pictures, at the link in bio. Photograph by @jamesnachtwey for TIME