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XPHS Programming Memes
XPHS Programming Memes

🎒XP HighSchool Memes 💻Science Student 💸Selling laughter 🏷️ Toronto, CA

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This is way too true🤣🤔⬇️ 👉 #xphs Comment what you think

My code = random Githubs + stackoverflow🤣🤔⬇️ 👉 #xphs Comment what you think

Very interesting what do think about this?🤣🤔⬇️ 👉 #xphs Comment what you think

Tag someone who would actually use these 🤣

Lol this is way too true... When you know basic syntax for 3+ languages. This shit gets tricky 🤣🤣

PHP is for peasants. Tag a peasant that still uses it 😬🤣

Just a basic Python Loop 🤣