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WiZz Official (CRO)🇭🇷

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. 📊ارتورو فيدال ضد انتر ميلان: 37 دقيقة 1 اسيست 2 صناعة فرص %95 نسبة التمريرات الصحيحة 2 استرداد الكرة. @kingarturo23oficial 😍👏🏻

. ⚠️ ‏ESPN | مستقبل فالفيردي يلوح في الأفق وبرشلونة يتوجه نحو إيريك فان هاغ مدرب أياكس . . رائكم ؟

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What did he do to cause all the Barca players go at him like that?😂😳 @wizz_2football

Beast #lewandowski ⚡️😍 Comment is he underrated or overrated?👇

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Which one are you?😏 Comment down below😂👇

Jhezzz😱 How satisfying is this ⁉️

Sidevolley’s on point😍🤤 TAG your bro in football👇

Ballin’ in Bali😜🇮🇩 Rate this goal out of 1-10👇 - 🎬Via @street_panna ✔️

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The 1984 Copa del Rey final was INSANE...😨🚫

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Crazy tackle on #Sane 😱 Yellow or Red card deserved?🤭👇 - 👤TAG that one friend...😜 🌍Follow me @wizz_2football

Karamoko’s Debut For Celtic!🤞 He’s Only 16 Years Old😯⚡️ - 👤TAG your mates!

Which type of a defender are you?🤣⚡️ Comment down below, I’ll randomly shotout someone👀 - 🎬Via @oussifooty

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#Neymar trying to take a corner at the start of the season😯🤷‍♂️

It’s 90th minute, the result is 1-1, where would you shoot⁉️😨 Comment👇 • Follow @wizz_2football for best football daily content!⚡️

Kieran Gibbs ➡️ the #bottleflip maestro😅🔥 Watch till the end👌 - 👤Tag your friends! 🌏Follow @wizz_2football

TAG 2 friends but don’t tell who is who🤣🥊 - 🌏Follow @wizz_2football

Watch till the end...🤭🔥 @ampmeapp - check them out its completely free!😍

That came out of nowhere🤷‍♂️🤣 TAG that one crazy friend!!👇 - 🌍Follow @wizz_2football and TURN ON post notifications, message me when done😉

NEVER GIVE UP!😍 This moment gave me chills honestly...🤷‍♂️👏 #salah #egypt - 🌍Follow me @wizz_2football & turn ON post notifis, message me when done😉

Best training goal ever?😍🥅

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The Beautiful Game🌍⚽️ Seeing that football takes me back to the old age...😭💯 - 🌍Check me out @wizz_2football

Best caption wins a shotout on my story😂👇

Comment “destroyed” in your language🤣👇 - 👤TAG your favourite panna victim!