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New playground. Same kid from West Philly.⁣⁣⁣

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Mis respetos, #BallonDor. ¡Grande, Lukita! My respect, @lukamodric10.

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Me and @jadapinkettsmith clean up NICE! We flew down to ATL to be with @tylerperry as he opened the FIRST and largest Black-Owned studio. This moment is monumental in so many ways! And a sound stage in my name... 😳 I’m inspired and honored to be part of something of this magnitude. @tylerperrystudios 📹: @westbrook @jas

My plus one for the #GeminiMan premiere tonight? @jadapinkettsmith. My plus two? Mah clone 📹: @calebnatale

P.S. @jlo, hustlers was fantastic

Wait for the twist...⁣ @stephenathome ⁣ 📹: @westbrook @jas

Y’all better NOT sip her secret. @just

Visited @thisisbillgates on the #GeminiMan press tour and I still can’t believe I got a tour of the actual... wait for it... wait for it... Microsoft Office 📎 📹: @westbrook

This is what a 120 FPS 3D camera rig mounted on a crane looks like hanging over my head. Ang Lee is a brilliant filmmaker but sometimes he be doin’ too much!! You GOTTA see #GeminiMan in 3D!

I gotta give it up for my girl @lizakoshy - she does her own stunts AND sound effects 😂 Thanx for helping me bring #GeminiMan to life!

Sorry for yellin’ but GEMINI MAN IS IN THEATERS NOW! Hope y’all are as excited as I am! 📹: @westbrook @aniacopian @taylorcutfilms

the least I can do is pick up the phone. @theonlycarey knows!

The secret to my performance in #GeminiMan? Mastering how to walk like a virgin. It’s all in the glutes.

Gemini Man has me thinking about a quote a wise man once said: “Who are you? I am you. I am me. No sir, you are you.” 🎨: @rjartworksinsta 🖋 @liljufu

I’ve been wanting to shoot something with @theslowmoguys for SO LONG!! Thanx @gavinfree @danielgruchy #GeminiMan

🤣 Happy Sunday!

Y’all KNOW I was gon’ do some foolishness the second my @freshprince merch came through! :-)

This fan art has me feelin’ like y’all aren’t really fans... 🤣 Haha it’s all love though!! ⁣ 📹: @westbrook @1024x576

Nothing beats that sibling love :-) 📹 @sarahanne_n_clan. 愛, 爱, l'amour, αγάπη, amore, 사랑, kärlek, miłość, jacayl, cariad, حب, liefde, alofa, ຮັກ, รติ, ליבע, tình yêu, pagmamahal, liebe, amor, प्रेम, love

Yo @teamlab_borderless is the TRUTH! The blend of art & technology is mind blowing. Do NOT miss this place. Only in Tokyo! 📷 @jas

Bend the universe to your Will.

Hahaha! Sorry little man.

Met up with @koreanenglishman and he schooled me on Korean culture....but I’m not so sure about his skin care routine.

Is Instagram glitching for y’all too? 📹: @mikediva

Ya’ll know I was gonna say “that’s hot” but joke’s on you cuz that’s FIRE 🔥

Don’t be Koi.

Tokyo by night? Beautiful. Tokyo by Night Sight? Insane! #teampixel

I didn’t mind sharing the room, but I hated being the little spoon. @rovazzi

Actual video of me sleepwalking.⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ 📹: @quentin.deronzier⁣⁣ 🔊: @sampa_the_great

“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.” – @desmondtutu ⁣ 📹: @westbrook @pursuethedelicious

The dude at the bottom of that pile was definitely crushed to death. RIP to me 📹: @_estebandiacono

Nothing to see here... 😂 ⁣ ⁣ 📷 @cristopherschafer

Thanx for the laughs, Pops.

My legs felt like putty after this. Happy Halloween! 📹: @samplertimes

My Bean is 19 today! This was your first driving lesson. But after this day, You took over the Teaching & I became the student. You taught me what it REALLY means to Love somebody. You taught me to let go of my dreams (demands) of what you could (should) be... and to Trust (Surrender) to your personal Visions for your life. It has been an awe-inspiring pleasure watching you Blossom, @willowsmith.

If you know, you know.

@willowsmith better love it cuz I can’t return it. Happy Bday, Bean! 📹: @calebnatale

You can’t put @BadBoys 3 next to Coming to America 2 at @TylerPerryStudios and expect us to get ANY work done :-) 📹: @westbrook @cristopherschafer