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📚 Book Review 📚 The Godfather - Mario Puzo “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse” Rating: 10/10 A timeless classic. Mario Puzo changed he game when he dropped this crime novel back in the day, which was later adapted to a movie trilogy that was also classic. After reading it now, I can understand why it’s stood the test of time. The Godfather tells the tale of the Corleone Family, spearheaded by the Don, Vito Corleone, the Godfather himself. The Sicilian family resides in New York, and their wealth comes from a thriving olive oil business and a number of other illicit businesses. Don Corleone is about as “Old Country” as it gets, he lives by strict traditional values, and places Family above everything. Literally. When the Don refuses to play a part in the booming drug market, his Family gets entangled in a street war with the other New York Families, with plenty of high-profile casualties on the way. The Don himself is attacked first, and his 3 sons (Sonny, Fredo & Michael) have to find a way to survive while their figurehead recovers. It’s a classic tale of crime and trust, with corrupt cops, breaking of promises, and of course, vengeance. Puzo’s character development is what keeps the book so captivating. He does a splendid job of introducing and narrating the story of so many characters. You feel like you’re attending a family reunion and someone is telling you the story of each and every one of them. Of the Don’s three sons, Michael is initially the most distant from the Family business, getting a proper education and even serving in the military. He is ostracized at the beginning, but as the story goes on, his rise to the top of the Family tree is truly “Don-esque.” If anything, the book turns out to be a coming of age story of Michael Corleone. He also ends the book with a brilliant parallel between Signora Corleone (the Don’s wife) and Michael’s wife. Brilliant foreshadowing that leads to that point. But that’s all I can say without spoiling too much of it. Have a read for yourself. (Just have to mention that after reading this, all the references on Drake’s song “Omertà” made a LOT more sense).

#Repost: @720_vision is bringing #ZoomedOutTV to a screen near you soon! Go follow their Page to stay updated! 👁📺

#tuesdaythoughts: Optimism ‪Heard on a podcast some time back (I think it was @naval’s) that pessimism is hard-wired into human beings because for so long, we’ve used it as a form of self-preservation. Makes sense.‬ Back in the day, if you did as much as walk down a new path or something, chances were you’d get mauled by a lion or something. So whenever someone dared to step outside into the unknown, it only made sense that they were scrutinized, and maybe even ostracized from their societies. There are probably hundreds of explorers we don’t know about because they were taken by the high seas, or were just eaten by a crocodile or something like that. Being pessimistic made sense, because it often meant staying alive. Think about it. Ironically enough, the same people who risked their lives by venturing into the unknown paved the way for many of the things we probably take for granted now. Explorers & leaders throughout history have had to be optimistic, not just for their own gain, but for the benefit of those they led, and subsequently, those they left behind. If we all stayed pessimistic, we’d probably still be living in caves by now. Today, the stakes are much lower. Much less dramatic, and definitely much less life-threatening. And that means one thing: there’s never been a better time than now to be an optimist. Technology has provided what seems to be an infinite number of opportunities, and as we’ve progressed through time, we’ve made incredible breakthroughs. And I’m not just talking about the Steve Jobs and @zuck , I’m also talking about @tylerperry being the first black man to own an entire Hollywood studio. Things that dreams are made of, literally. The hypothetical “worst thing” that could happen to these men is them losing money; I’m sure we’d all much rather lose a some dollars than get mauled by a crocodile. The circumstances we live in are much more favorable (that’s a post for another day on it’s own). Pessimists may be “safe”, but what a boring way to spend your ONE life. Optimists win, or they at least die trying. Which side do you want to be remembered on?

Money 💰 + Philosophy 🤔. @naval does a brilliant job of mixing the two - read more in link in bio!

‪My 2019 target was to get 20,000 views on my blog, and with just over 2 months to go, here we are. 👊🏾 Words can’t even describe my excitement. Thank you all so much. ❤️‬ ‪20K GANG 😤🍾‬

When a girl says, “I heard that you’re a blogger”

First episode of #ZoomedOutTV is here! 📺 @720_vision have brought the heat in this interview with @priddy_ugly 🚀 Go check it out in their bio! #doityourself

Editorial Status. ✅ Grateful to have my first-ever magazine article in the bag, talking about my experience at this year’s @lusakajuly ! Look out for the first issue of the @zovalamag to check it out! Major shout out to @justmoifashion for the opportunity 🙏🏾

Had a great time at the Color Fest this past weekend, courtesy of @digitalevents61 🙌🏾 Keep up the good work guys, can’t wait for the next event!

Is lack the root of all evil? I first heard this from the famous speaker Les Brown, and he said something along the lines of, “money isn’t the root of all evil; the lack of money is. People steal and kill and do all sorts of things when they don’t have money.” I’ve probably butchered the quote, but you get the gist. I thought to myself that the same concept could probably apply across different areas of life. From personal observation, a lot of what we consider “evil” comes from the lack or absence of something “good” or “positive”. Lack of light = darkness Lack of compassion/empathy/love = greed Lack of energy/drive/enthusiasm = laziness We are all prone to these things. Life oscillates, you can’t know the sweetness of the light without tasting how sour the darkness is. So there’s nothing unnatural about it, it’s just something to work at. The “bad” we see in the world today is a result of a lack of something, be it love, light, compassion or something else. It manifests in different ways. I’m not here to preach doom, I‘m an optimist and believe the world is full of really good people. With 7 billion of us, there’s gonna be bad seeds. The answers to how you’ll figure these things out all lie within, you know yourself better than anyone else, and will know what to do.

@hippy.bambino has launched his YouTube channel - it’s called ‘Hippy TV, first video is up October 5th! Be sure to subscribe and show your support! 📺

@officialmellow97 - Calling My Spirit Freestyle video dropping later today ‼️

If you like whisky, you’ll love my latest blog post. 🥃 Thanks to @prgirlmedia, the #triplewoodtriplegood experience came to Zambia! 🇿🇲Link in bio!

Happy New Month everyone! 😂⚡️ #august

The Nyembs 2.0 experience in three pictures🍦😂 major shout out to @iputthebiebsonmyback for the successful launch of this ice-cream flavor, if you haven’t had it yet, head to your nearest @gigibonta_zambia and ask for the Nyembs 2.0! Worth every cent!

Balance. 🧘🏾‍♂️ It’s something I’ve been struggling with, especially for the past month or so. I was reminded by an interview I saw by Ariana Huffington where she basically disregarded the whole “work-life” balance theory, and instead referred to it as integration. No two days are the same, but routines and the disciplines they instill are not to be ignored. Just like this picture, it won’t always be perfectly symmetrical, but such is life. Who knows, I’m just rambling. #tuesdaythoughts

The second version of @thezedartsapp is coming VERY SOON. Watch this space. 👀

August 24th - Save the date! Let’s get colorful! 🤪

You guys should be listening to @akaworldwide 👀😂

📚 BOOK REVIEW 📚 Dads Win Prizes - Debbie White Rating: 9/10 “Everyone was clapping really loudly. ‘Well done, Dad,’ I said. Three prizes for NOT baking the best Christmas cake.’ “ Rather than review a classic, load shedding had me picking up this children’s book off the bookshelf at home. All my devices were off, so I thought to myself, “why not?” And I was pleasantly surprised. White’s tale follows Jackie Green and her Dad, who can whip up just about anything in the kitchen, except cakes. For some strange reason, baking a cake just seems to elude him. When Jackie’s school announces there will be giving away a new bike for the winner of a baking competition, our main character becomes determined to win. After a series of humorous attempts, Jackie & her dad simply cannot bake that cake. It just doesn’t happen. Just when it seems like all hope is lost, Jackie stumbles upon celebrity chef Denzil Doonut, who claims he can teach anyone how to cook anything. Without his knowledge, Jackie books her dad a spot on the show, which proves to be a disaster just waiting to happen. It was a catastrophe. Mr. Green went onto the show and caused an absolute mess on national television, and the audience loved every bit of it. As for Denzil, he had to be carried off stage, suffering from shock! When Jackie and her dad go to see the judging of the cake competition, they get a pleasant surprise. The judges saw the television mishap and decided to give them their own prizes. Jackie walked away with a bike of her own, and her Dad got another call to be on Denzil’s show, and a cookery spot in the local paper. Three prizes, and they didn’t even enter a cake! It’s a really nice, wholesome ending, as most kids books are. I know it’s only a child’s tale, but the takeaway I got from this one was to just be yourself, and you will be rewarded. Jackie’s dad was a bit of a masterchef, but cakes weren’t his thing. He tried everything, but some things are just best left alone. Be self-aware. Know what you’re good at and what you’re not. And what you should just avoid altogether, haha. It was a nice refreshing read from all the serious stuff I normally indulge in.

The future of Zambian music is #inmyhands, and in yours too. ✊🏾🇿🇲 New blog post link in my bio.

THE MONK IS NOT YOUR FRIEND 😤 🔥 @benji_tembo has gone from in front of the camera to the studio, in a track called “With You” - link in his bio!

🧁 “The best things in life are sweet” 🧁 If you’re looking for a sweet treat for yourself or someone else, @nammiesyummies has you covered! 👩🏾‍🍳🧁 Read more in the link in my bio

Wenguss Khan x @zambian_arts. Your country’s future game-changers. 🇿🇲🇿🇲

‪Second chapter of “Beneath Your Beautiful” is up on Wattpad 💪🏾🇿🇲 Link in @xx_nichola_xx’s bio!

Blog post 1️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ is all about @prgirlmedia’s @lusakajuly this year🥂🐎 Link in my bio!

First chapter of “Beneath Your Beautiful” by @xx_nichola_xx is up on Wattpad! Link in her bio! 📚🇿🇲

New podcast! 🎙🔴 On this episode, I sit down with @liverpoolfc fan @zimbac12 and talk about what it feels like to win a @championsleague trophy. Swipe ⏩ to read my dramatic intro, and listen to the full episode in the link in my bio!


‪🚨 NEW MUSIC ALERT 🚨 ‬ ‪@iam.yo.sensei linked up with @fjayrnb on “Niya” ✊🏾🇿🇲‬ ‪Listen now!!‬ ‪Available on @youtube & @zambianmusicblg - links in their bios!

ALL. THAT. FOOD. 😍🍽 Taken from the @traavel_diariez feed, go give them a follow if you haven’t already!

There’s a new member of the $ 100 billion Club. 💰💰

“Headspace” visuals by @wiseguy_tai OUT NOW! 🤯🇿🇲 link in his bio!

Ed Sheeran going crazy with the features 🤯🔥 July 12th - save the date!

So earlier this week in Johannesburg, South Africa, @castlelitesa had their annual #castleliteunlocks event, at the Ticketpro Dome. Their headliners this year were @meekmill & @postmalone, two superstars in their own right. I know a couple of people who went for the show, and I’ve only heard good reports. In addition to feeling serious FOMO for missing out, it also made me think - what will it take for my country (Zambia 🇿🇲) to have such a massive show? I know that the @stanbicmusicfestival is huge, there’s no debating that, but it doesn’t necessarily appeal to younger audiences. So what is Zambia missing that’s “holding us back” from having more major shows like this with major US artists? Is it not profitable for the companies involved, covering the cost would be too heavy, lack of sufficient infrastructure, or something else? Lemme know what you think in the comments, and share so we can get as many different views as possible! I’m just trying to see what people are saying, then based on your feedback, you’ll get your blog post. [Photos by @everydaypeoplestories 📸]

“I got that water no rain drop” 💧

Europe is Red. 🔴🏆 If you need any #MondayMotivation this week, look no further than Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool. Link in my bio.