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L'errore più comune è quello di credere che il fondamento della vita siano i particolari significativi.

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Time to play 😁

Took my bike to Dewsbury Ktm for a suspected new clutch as its not been running as it should. Turns out it's not down to the clutch itself, it's down to the ecu and dash being setup for a 1290super adventure and not a superduke! WTF?? this is since I had the "akra" map fitted by SMC motorcycles in Sheffield.... But, they never actually installed the map. Its never had the map on to accommodate the full system!!! Meaning it's been running rich all this time. What's even worse is that "rain mode" was full power not the restricted 100bhp like you'd expect. (recipe for disaster?) now it's been well looked after and sorted by KTM Dewsbury!! I can't wait to feel what I shouldve when I spent £2k on an exhaust 2 years ago!!! Needless to say, we've seen the last of SMC and will be a regular at Craig's in Dewsbury from now. You're not just a number to them..

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Sapete, è geniale questa cosa che i giorni finiscono. E’ un sistema geniale. I giorni e poi le notti. E di nuovo i giorni. Sembra scontato, ma c’è del genio. E là dove la natura decide di collocare i propri limiti, esplode lo spettacolo. I tramonti. (Alessandro Baricco) #tramonto #sunset #sunporn #jesolo #jesolobeach #picoftheday