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VINO LUXE est le spécialiste de la personnalisation de bouteille en Suisse🇨🇭VINO LUXE is the specialist for bottle customization in Switzerland🇨🇭

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BAXTER PEAK, MOUNT KATAHDIN - Baxter State Park, Maine. Mile 2,190.9, elevation 5,267 feet. The northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail! No filter. We are done, y’all. Yesterday (10/19/18) we summited amidst snow, ice, and an impressive amount of wind at the top. The goal at Springer Mountain in Georgia was to walk every single mile of this trail and to do it going north, I’m extraordinarily proud to have accomplished that. It was an amazing journey and an unforgettable final climb and descent. The mountain was right on the edge of pretty extreme conditions; in my opinion it was incredibly fun, albeit a little dicey in some spots! Challenge accepted and conquered. It’s still very surreal to be finished. My heart (and glass 😉) is full and the smile isn’t going away any time soon. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my admiration and sincere appreciation for our fellow hikers that we’ve met between northern Georgia and northern Maine, they are our tribe. The social aspect of the trail and the bonds we’ve formed are what I’ll miss most. Also, I don’t know how or if I can ever adequately put into words my gratitude for the overwhelming support and generosity Kim and I have received along the way. Lastly and most importantly, my thanks to and love for my partner in hiking, crime, brewery hopping, miles, smiles, tough days, and life surely exceeds the distance we’ve walked together. More pictures to come. Do yourself a favor: get outside. Have a great weekend! Slainte! ❤️⛰🍻☘️ • #love #summit #support #gratitude #generosity #BaxterPeak #statenumberfourteen #lastonetoKatahdinwins #iabsolutelylovebigmountains #walkedeverysinglemilegoingnorth #2190point9miles #thelaststate #thefinalday #Katahdin #maine • #trail #hike #theAT #thetrek #trektheAT #getoutside #optoutside #rei1440project • #TheATin18 #AT2018 #NOBO #thruhike #appalachiantrail #DestinationKatahdin #TheMountainsAreCalling • @catwoman.hikes @appalachian.trail @appalachiantrail @newenglandhikers

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Offre spéciale 🍷 1 Humage + 1 Pinot noir de la cave la Pleine Lune à St-Pierre-de-Clages + la livraison gratuite en Valais 29.90 FRS Offre valable jusqu'au 22 mai minuit, pour profiter de l'offre allez sur #offrespeciale #valais #vinsduvalais #vin #humagne #pinotnoir