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#cardib in #moschino for 2019 Billboard Music Awards. YAY or NAY⁉️

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Some bad mothaf**kers from Japan came to visit while I was painting. 🙏🇯🇵 Have a safe road trip to NYC!!! Say hi to my family!

It’s damn hot workin on this wall in the blazing sun. The reflection off the bright colors ain’t helping either.

One of the most important things I’ve learned in life is that you just gotta get out there and try. I don’t know what’s gonna happen next, I’ve never done this before and nobody has taught me how to do it. I don’t know what this will look like when I’m finished, but I’m sure as shit gonna have a bunch of fun trying, learning, making mistakes and fixing my mistakes. Because that’s what makes life worth living. Have fun while you’re here, cuz the end is near, and don’t say I didn’t warn you... . . .thanks for the help @luizfernandesx #painting #mural #art #artist #artistsoninstagram #venicecalifornia #rosecollectivevenice #roseave #workinprogress

Not able to be with my dad today, but enjoying the day wearing his old work pants. Although I could never have been a doctor, I like to think my dexterity and attention to detail came from him. Thanks dad. Love you @stitchit77

My buddy Josh invited me up to sit in on drums for a couple tunes. I’m always down to play some Dead! #sugaree

It got real, quick! @brunomars Tweeted my video of Nana! Bruno F❤️cking Mars!!! FYI, Nana will be on Good Morning America tomorrow dancing the Tush Push with some of my cousins, as I’ll be flying back to LA from Italy. Of course I’ll miss my 15 seconds of fame, typical, but it’s all about Nana. So unbelievable @the.dancing.nana . . . #brunomars #thedancingnana #tushpush #picoftheday #instagood #instafamous #StayHumble #honored #inspiration #dance

Speaks for itself. @realdonaldtrump you racist piece of shit, can’t wait for you to go to prison.

Following our 3 hour tour of the Colosseum and Forum, our fantastic guide, Alex, offered us a “secret” tour of Rome, to sites not necessarily secret, but to locations and histories that have been left off the map, conspicuously so. Such as the home and tomb of the great Michelangelo, which is hidden in a little monastery closed to the public. Another interesting spot was the church where Galileo stood on its rooftop, with his newly invented telescope, to discover and prove the theory of the round Earth and that the Earth is not the center of the universe, ultimately leading to his death at the hands of the Church. But finally, he took us to meet the local celebrity Nona (pictured here) and her broom closet in the basement of her family restaurant. Unbeknownst to her, until Alex our guide informed her, her little dungeonous broom closet was the largest intact relic of an ancient Roman theater, in fact the very theater where Julius Caesar was murdered. Nobody gets to see the stuff we saw, it was amazing! By the way, Nona’s restaurant, which her family has run for 3 generations, has no menu. You pay 25 Euros for 4 courses of whatever fresh ingredients Nona decides to prepare for the day, and a carafe of wine. The best meal I had in Italy so far. In the picture, I’m showing Nona a video of my 96 year old Nona dancing the Tush Push the week before, which has now reached viral levels on Facebook, with over 100k views. Thank you Alex and Nona for a most special evening. . . . . #nona #italianfood #rome #ROMA #italy #italia #thebest #homecooking

No, I’m not at the Venetian, Las Vegas, that’s the real deal gondola ride.

As a thank you to all the beautiful people watching and sharing my Nana’s video, as well as liking and following my arts page, I want to offer a 10% discount to all the Dancing Nana fans out there on all purchases of Artwork and clothes on my website. Use discount code “nana” when you visit: Thank you all for showing so much love to my Nana, you cannot imagine the joy it has brought to her. ✌️❤️ @the.dancing.nana #art #discount #thedancingnana #picoftheday #instagood #painting #tgarts #toddgoodmanarts #goodmorningamerica @goodmorningamerica

The Roman Colosseum, Forum and Palatine Hill. The piece of history that I was unaware of about the Colosseum was that the Roman Emperor Vespasian didn’t have the funds to build it, so as retribution to the Jewish Revolts in Jerusalem against the Empire, Caesar destroyed the Temple of Jerusalem, stole all the wealth of Israel, and then transported not only the wealth to build it, but tens of thousands of Jewish Israelite slaves to construct it. . . . . #colosseum #colosseo #rome #ROMA #truehistory #jews #slaves #youarewelcome #israelites #Forum #palatine #instagood #picoftheday #italy #italia #history

Lobo will likely be one of my next paintings, his personality and his expressions are just to die for. You might think he’s a mean old ugly dog at first glance, but he is just the sweetest, lovely little man, who just likes to show everyone his orange ball. . . . . #dog #dogs #mansbestfriend #canine #boxer #boxersofinstagram

My Blue Note Family. No better crew to roll with for a night of jazz and funk in NYC. #funkyfamily

It’s hard not to appreciate the splendor and beauty of what the Vatican is. And yet it’s hard to appreciate the Vatican given the enormous suffering and destruction of nations and cultures and people at the hands of the Popes and the Church, the raping and pillaging of the planet, the enslavement, the oppression and subjugation, all for the glory of God? The irony is not lost on me. . . . #vatican #thepope #stpetersbasilica #vaticancity #italy #rome #wealth #greed #power #corruption #beautiful #art #museum #irony #jesus #gold #stolen #god

Another point of significance from my travels 20 years ago, the Trevi Fountain. I was playing my djembe (West African drum) with a fellow traveler and collecting my days food, beer and hostel fees with tips from tourists, when a group of police officers escorted us off the monument for performing without a permit. One of numerous locations throughout Europe where I was harassed by the police for street performing. . . . . #trevifountain #rome #italy #italia #nightphotography #streetart #streetphotography #monuments #wishingwell #instagood #picoftheday

My photos cannot even begin to show the stunning beauty of the Romagna region of Italy. A perfect mix of mountain villages, castles and costal beach towns, the food is some of the best offered in the country. These shots are from the mountain villages of Verucchio, and San Leo, with a quick stop by @flavess olive groves in Villa Verucchio. . . . #romagna #rimini #verucchio #sanleo #italy #italia #travel #adriaticsea #instagood #picoftheday