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"Fuck Racism , Watch Wrestling " Est. May 2016 Cover wrestling from all over the world .

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MILAUN @lapride 2019 Photo @iwritelight_

I can't put into words what this truly means to me. If anyone knows me and TRULY knows me, you know I've always been an artist. Dance, Music, Performance, and Entertainment have been my escape since birth. My life is the paint and the materials, and I brush together the most beautiful magical pieces of art. I remember 2013 and writing down my first verses and just having fun. Doubting how far I could go in life and in this industry. Judging my words , my craft and my vision constantly. I remember being in high school and E'mon Coussey [Rest in Peace my Angel] being the first person to push me outside of my comfort zone by asking me to try out for something I never thought I could be apart of. You walked up to me after seeing me dance at a football game and said Please try out this year. I cried to you thinking that no one would allow such a thing. You saw ME and you believed in ME. Since then sis you have always been in my heart and my thoughts. I never let that act of love go, and its why ill never give up or stop pushing myself now. It's because of you I felt smart enough and powerful enough to attend college and only then did I decide to apply. Texas made the best parts of me come alive. Its where LADY truly bloomed into the blossom she is. All these separate moments creating the beautiful person that stands here today. I am so honored and even more ready than you think to break the walls down completely. I went from just dancing in school, to creating my own mixes for our perfomances, to writing my own songs, my own words and ultimately creating my own lane and my own voice in the music industry. There is so much I can't wait to share with everyone this is just the beginning of the news I have and have been holding. If you ever saw me hit a stage YOU KNOW that LadyLondyn puts on a SHOW! I am super excited to share my entire set with everyone attending LA Pride 2019. This year's theme is #JustUnite. So this one is for ME and MY GIRLS.....cause we so FLYYYYYY! Catch me Sunday June 9th at 1:00 pm immediately after the LA Pride March. All eyes on me and I won't disappoint, cause This IS....Ms......Milaun! #LAPride2019 #weho #caliartist #larapper #lgbt #lgbtq

Hype medias

AJ vs Okada >>> Okada vs Omega

I would love to see Sanada return to All Japan next year since he's a freelancer. Sanada vs Kento Miyahara or Zeus would be amazing.

The wXw World Tag Team Championships have been vacated. Mark Davis suffered a leg injury before PWG BOLA and won't be able to compete during World Tag Team Festival . Kyle Fletcher & Lucky Kid will now replace Aussie Open as Schadenfreude. #wXwWTTF Dang this really sucks. Wanna wish Dunzkilla a full recovery.

Ricky Knight Jr makes his @revprouk debut against Carlos Romo on November 9th at New Beginnings. This is gonna be a really good match. #RevProUK #newbeginnings #britishwrestling

ROH Death before Dishonor is tonight. I'll catch the show tomorrow since I go back to work tonight. So , here's my predictions. Rush Bandido & Haskins Tracy Williams Jay Lethal Kenny King Colt Cabana Jeff Cobb Angelina Love The Bouncers #rohdbd #deathbeforedishonor #ringofhonor

Happy birthday to WWE backstage interviewer & host , @cathykelley . ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

Here's the first round matches announced for wXw World Tag Team Festival on October 4th. Really looking forward to this year's tournament. I'm going with The Crown to win World Tag Festival. #wXwWTTF

Just watched Hayata vs Yo - Hey for the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship earlier this morning. This was a pretty awesome match. This was my first time seeing both guys. Hayata 's look is very unique . Yo - Hey really impressed me. Very fast paced action throughout the match. Definitely recommend checking this out. #ProWrestlingNOAH #noah_ghc

I really hope WWE brings back this format for the upcoming Draft.

Thoughts on Tessa Blanchard ?

Gabby Loren makes her @impactwrestling debut as a backstage host beginning with tonight's episode from Las Vegas.

Here's a look at the new WWE Backstage studio show.

Congratulations to Angelina Love on becoming the new @rohwomenofhonor World Champion.

My favorite tag team in NXT are back together. I'm so happy.

Holy Shit. This got me even more hyped for Crisis on Infinite Earths later this year.

Congratulations to Rush on becoming the new @ringofhonor World Champion.

2 years ago , OvE won the @impactwrestling World Tag Team Championships.

Newly crowned ROH World Champion Rush announced on Twitter tonight after his victory at ROH Death before Dishonor that he and his father La Bestia del Ring are independent wrestlers now.

CMLL has fired Rush & Dragon Lee. Basically from what I understand CMLL didn't like that Dragon Lee worked BOLA with AAA talent and pulled him from shows. Their brother Mistico is still with CMLL.

Valkyrie defends the OTT Women's Championship against a woman making her long awaited return from injury , Katey Harvey on October 26th at OTT 5th Anniversary show. This is gonna be a really fun match. #ott #irishwrestling

Can't wait to see who'll be in the X Division Championship ladder match at Bound for Glory along with Tessa and Jake Crist. #impactwrestling #BoundForGlory #bfg

Here's my weekly Impact Wrestling review. This episode revolved mostly around the wedding of Brian Cage and Melissa Santos. The North making their entrance as LAX was hilarious. The North was getting good heat with the crowd. Rhino & RVD came out for a match with The North. This was a solid match but I didn't like the finish. The North should've ran through Rhino & RVD. Mahabali Shera vs Jake Something was a good Hoss match , but I would liked for it to get more time. The Desi Hit Squad lay out Cody Deaner after the match. Madison Rayne vs Tenille Dashwood was a really good match. Madison Rayne is very underrated. Ken Shamrock made his return to Impact. He talked about Moose calling him out on Twitter. Moose beat up some guys at Syndicate MMA ( Shamrock trains there ). Tessa Blanchard vs Dave Crist in a qualifying match for the X Division Championship ladder match at Bound for Glory was next. This was a good match . Jake and Fulton tried to get involved a few times and the ref wasn't having it. Tessa is gonna be X Division Champion and I'm here for it. The wedding segment was very entertaining. Seeing the Impact roster interact with each other was awesome especially The Rascalz and Rosemary. Sami Callihan interrupted the reception and said he wants Cage at his best for their match at Bound for Glory. Definitely wasn't expecting Melissa to get hit with a bottle. The crowd was shocked. #ImpactonTwitch #impactwrestling ๐Ÿ“ธ credit : @beezzzzy

Sasha Banks has extended her WWE contract.

ROH Death before Dishonor Fallout is tonight. Bandido vs Jay Lethal is gonna be incredible. Rush & Dragon Lee vs Villian Enterprises is gonna be awesome. This will be streaming live on Honor Club. #rohdbd #deathbeforedishonor #ringofhonor

Happy birthday to NXT UK star and former @revprouk Women's Champion , @jinnys_ . ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

Thoughts on Madison Rayne ?

New Japan Fighting Spirit Unleashed NYC is tonight. This will be live on New Japan World. I'll definitely be watching this show. #njpwFSU

Here's the tournament matches for the @riptidewres show on October 4th. #riptidewrestling

Just watched Takashi Sugiura vs Kenoh in the finals of the @noah_ghc N1 - Victory tournament. This was a pretty great match. Some stiff stuff between both men . Kenoh had to fight from under most of the match. Sugiura was dominated the early stages of this match. Definitely recommend checking this out. #ProWrestlingNOAH #noah_ghc