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The Yoga Buggy is a mobile yoga school for children serving the Greater Vancouver Area. Subscribe to our newsletter:

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Happy thanksgiving! Enjoy my husband conversing with our dinner :D

How many times do you look in the mirror? Do you like what you see? . . . I struggle with liking what I see. But lately I've been concentrating on the things I do like about myself. And I've notice I started to like more things! My body made, birthed and fed 4 kids! It's pretty amazing! . . . Parents struggle with body image, especially moms. Ours bodies change, and change is hard. But embrace your beauty, your kids are watching, and they will learn it's ok to body shame themselves, and that is not ok. . . . Love yourself! Your bodies, men's and women's, are magic! Love yourself, no matter what stage of life you are in. Because you are perfect and beautiful just the way you are! You are power! You are magic! #mombod #mombody #bodyimage #kids #parentingsupport #parents #Parenthood101 #parentingadvice #parentingsupport #motherhoodquotes #dailyaffirmations #meditationtime #positivity #PositiveSpaces #theuniverseknows

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We are so excited to be teaching a free family yoga class from 11:30-12:15 on Sat 19th October at this amazing Autumn Fair organised by the incredible people . . Not only do you get to have fun doing yoga but there's also face painting, a pumpkin patch 🎃, carnival games, costume contest, live music 🎶🎤 and delicious food trucks (mmmmm fooood 🙌) . . Everyone is more than welcome to join us for a fun filled day with family or friends (or even if it's just for the food we won't judge) 😊 #kitsilano #autumnfair #familyyoga #freeyoga #foodtruck #facepainting #pumpkinpatch #VancouverYoga #vancouver #autumninvancouver #familyfunday #thingstodoinvancouver #familydayout #parentsofvancouver

Oh, Greta Thunberg.  You are haunting my heart. ⁣ ⁣ There is no need to discuss this, really. Greta says that action is what matters. ⁣ This is when people usually start talking about hope-solar panels, wind power, circular economy and so on.  But I’m not going to do that. We’ve had 30 years of pep-talking and selling positive ideas. And I’m sorry, but it doesn’t work.  Because if it would have, the emissions would have gone down by now. They haven’t. And yes, we do need hope. Of course we do. But the one thing we need more than hope is action.  Once we start to act, hope is everywhere. So instead of looking for hope, look for action. Then, and only then, hope will come. ⁣ ⁣ Yoga teachers are supposed to be people who know a thing or two about health, kindness, non-violence. ⁣ ⁣ How much of that knowledge are we putting into saving the earth? ⁣ ⁣ In that spirit, here is something that I want to change, right now.  I’m shouting it from the proverbial rooftops so that I really, really do it. It’ll be embarrassing if I don’t, right?⁣ ⁣ -Going to the refill shop.  Buying glass bottles for as many household products as possible, thus reducing my dependency on single-use plastics. It’s a small step, and it’s just a beginning, but it’s something. ⁣ ⁣ Yoga teachers, who’s with me?  Which habit can you change to help save our beautiful planet, right now?  Let’s support each other to make “save the planet” our new mantra.✨🙏

Join The Yoga Buggy and thousands of other earth protectors at City Hall, Vancouver BC from 1-5pm.⁣ ⁣ Be the change you wish to see in the world...🙏💛

Yoga means unity. It means togetherness. It means oneness. It is the opposite of being divided. . . Yoga means knowing that you as a beautiful soul are connected and equal to that beautiful soul beside you, down the road from you, across the world from you. . . Yoga means connection to people and connection to this unbeliebly amazing planet we live on . . Let's unite together today for climate change, for our planet, for each other and for the future generation of beautiful souls . . Climate Strike, Vancouver City Hall today 1-5pm 🤗😍 . . #vancouverclimatestrike #gretathunberg #climatechange #unity #togetherness #oneness #ourplanetisbeautiful #yogameanstounite #yogawithchildren #yoga #VancouverYoga

The Yoga Buggy is seeking host partners in anticipation of our winter 2020 funding! ⁣ ⁣ If you are interested in offering low-cost yoga classes to your school, centre or community email us at⁣ ⁣ We focus on bringing yoga to all children, including those who struggle with diverse abilities, behavioural issues and/or financial hardships. ⁣ ⁣ Yoga can benefit kids in so many ways: ⁣ *Improves self-regulation⁣ *Social-emotional awareness⁣ *Attention span and focus⁣ *Body image and self confidence⁣ *Strength, flexibility, balance and proprioception⁣ *Extends into the school curriculum⁣

Lots of new beautiful colours appearing just like lots of new beautiful classes happening with Yoga Buggy . . If you want us to come to your school or your child's school then get in touch. We have lots of new amazing teachers to buggy about BC . . And we are also doing BIRTHDAY PARTIES!!! Take the pressure off and allow us to give your little ones a fun, magical experience with all their friends . . #yogawithchildren #YogaInVancouver #yogainschools #vancouver #britishcolumbia #socialandemotionallearning #mindfulnesswithkids #mindfulness #yogateachersvancouver #kidsyoga #kidsyogateachers

KIDS YOGA PARTIES🎊🎉🎂🍰⁣ ⁣ A yoga party at Hillcrest Community Centre, Vancouver @rileyparkhillcrestcc includes:⁣ 🎈1.5 hour room rental, including tables, chairs and yoga mats⁣ ⁣ 🎈45 minutes of fun filled kid friendly yoga with a certified and experienced yoga teacher⁣ ⁣ 🎈followed by an additional 45 minutes to enjoy snacks, cake, etc. (provided by you, not included)⁣ ⁣ 🎈your yoga instructor will be present for the full duration of the party and is happy to help serve cake after yoga. ⁣ ⁣ 🎈Max 15 kids ages 4 to 12⁣ ⁣ Yoga will be tailored to the age of the birthday child, unless otherwise requested!🙌🙌⁣ ⁣ Email us:

Actual kid quotes from one of our teachers' classes: Kid #1 - “My heart beat is fast, I should do some mindful breathing” sits down and takes 3 deep breaths. Kid #2 “that’s not Mindful Breathing!! You have to keep doing it for one minute!!! Like this!” Sits down and demonstrates one minute of mindful breathing 😍😍😍😍 . . Mindful breathing is becoming aware of your breath exactly how it is without needing to fix it or change it. Your very own rythym that anchors you in the present moment to help you feel lovely and calm . . Would you like to teach your children these amazing self-regulation tools? We have lots of teachers to buggy around to schools near you so get in touch 😍🤗 #kidsyoga #kidsyogateachers #mindfulbreathing #mindfulnesswithkids #mindfulgames #yogagames #yogaactivities #calmmind #calmbody #calmchild

👦👧:!!! 🙍: 😱

❤ World Mental Health Day ❤ . . What can you do to take care of yourself and your little ones today? . . 🎈Balloon breathing: when you put air in a balloon it expands, when you take air out of a balloon it deflates - so does your belly! Place your hand on your belly and connect with the natural rhythm of your breath each time you feel you need to take a break . . 🍃Take some time to be outside. Even though it's getting colder! Wrap up warm, have a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate and go wandering looking at all the beautiful autumn colours . . 👂 Mindful Communication: take 5 minutes out of your morning/afternoon/evening to listen to someone. Whether it's a partner/friend/child. Just listen. Without the need to fix or solve anything. . . 👪 Hugging meditation - hug your child, your partner, your friend. As you do, closing over the eyes if that feels okay for you and seeing if you can feel the rythym of their breathing. Seeing if you can sync your breaths to theirs and hug each other for 5 full breaths . . 🙏Gratitude: Bring to mind something you're not happy about that's happening in your life at the moment. Then think of three things you are grateful for. It's not all good, but it's also not all bad! . . Happy mental health day to each amazing, unique person ❤❤ . . #worldsmentalhealthday #YogaInVancouver #yogaforkids #yogateachersvancouver #mindfulnessmeditation #mindfulcommunication #mindfulwalking #VancouverYoga #yogainschools #yogabirthdayparties #mentalhealthtips

Oh, West I love thee...your lush greenery, your soaring mountains, your clever urban planning, your...ugh...stuffy nose...glands like golf balls...again??? ⁣ ⁣ Since I moved from the dry prairies to the luscious Coast ten years ago, I feel a cold coming on approximately...60% of the time. ⁣ ⁣ I would like to humbly declare that I invented a miracle cure 😉 I’ve been a longtime lover of the sauna-along with raw garlic, it’s been a good friend in helping me sweat out potential colds and flus.**⁣ ⁣ I (kinda randomly) dumped this ginger oil shampoo that I’ve been using for itchy scalp in my bath to make bubbles. I began sweating lavishly in minutes. I was also drinking cinnamon tea, which apparently increases sweating as well (I thought I read this somewhere once but frankly I couldn’t find a single article to back up this claim. Please try it and let me know if it works for you!) ⁣ ⁣ Anyway, kaboom, my cold was fought and gone thanks to my new friend Ginger Oil. ⁣ ⁣ Please try this the next time you feel a cold coming on: Put a few drops of ginger oil in your bath, sip on cinnamon tea, and let us know if it helped fight your cold! ⁣ ⁣ **For you darling nerds out there, also cool how many traditional cultures have used it for health benefits--From the sweat lodge to the schwitz, humans since time immemorial have sweated it out for physical, social and spiritual benefits.

Yoga Buggy approved podcast for kids!!🙏💕👶⁣ ⁣ Kids Evolve is a first of its kind mindfulness ecosystem developed just for young children (6 to 12 years old).⁣ ⁣ They recognize early on that young children are not going to be drawn to mindfulness without an exciting hook and varied, interesting content to keep them engaged. So they designed a core 6 week after-school program and their new Kidevolve Imaginarium Podcast and Creative Mind Journey™ audio tracks to be thoroughly engaging for kids, by fusing components that keep them enthralled. ⁣ ⁣ With a kid-centered blend of meditation, movement, unique narrative, music, and compassion training, they pique their curiosity early on and get them wholly invested in the process of inner discovery. @evolve_kids want to put kids in the driver's seats of their own minds.⁣ ⁣ Website:

Simple ways to make a mind jar 😊 . . For younger children you can use screw top test tubes from dollar tree instead of glass jars. Filling them with water and a little bit of sengaku nori (laundry starch found in daiso store) and then using different colour glitter powder. Easy and hugely effective! . . If you'd prefer not to use glitter here are some more cool and beautiful ways to make a mind jar - 1. Hurricane in a jar: 2. Ocean in a bottle: 3. Colour mixing bottles: 4.calming jellyfish jar: . . What are mind jars and why are they important? . . Imagine your child becoming so upset, anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed and you have no idea why. They don't want to or know how to talk about it. They're so worked up that you have no idea how to help them. You feel their pain and suffering but feel at a loss of how to make it okay . . This is our minds going into panic mode (our stress response) our thoughts begin to whirl around our head like a hurricane, are breathing and heart rate fasten, our whole body becomes tense and we become mentally and physically overwhelmed . . This is extremely beneficial when we are in a dangerous situation as it is how are body protects us, but 90% of the time there is nothing life threatening happening! . . A mind jar helps children to regulate their emotions. We shake the jar as fast as we can and explain that the all glitter in the jar are our thoughts and emotions and that when we watch the glitter settle to the bottom of the jar and the jar becomes clear the same thing is happening in our heads and this helps us to calm down . . When your child has calmed down then you can talk about what happened to upset them and you can listen and truly be there for them ❤❤ . . Try it out and let us know how it works 😊 . . #mindfulness #mindfulnesswithkids #vancouver #britishcolumbia #YogaInVancouver #VancouverYoga #yogagames #yogaactivities #mindjars #glitterjar #selfregulation #calmmind #calmbody #calmchild #yoga #kidsyoga #kidsyogateacher

Fun Halloween class with one of Yoga Buggy's instructors at Quilchena Elementary this week! The kids shared lots of giggles picking a team member and converting them into a mummy 😀

Our amazing students at Henderson having lots of fun with our Halloween games 😍😍 . . Spooky trees and spooky ghosts - the ghosts have to see if they can distract the trees without touching them so that they lose balance. The trees have to use their dhristi and their breath to help stay balanced . . Pass the pumpkin (orange balloon) only using your feet. We tried it first with socks and it was slipping and popping all over the place 😂 🎃 . . And the most important thing - lots of giggles! 🤗 . . #halloweenyoga #yogagames #YogaInVancouver #yogateachers #mindfulness #mindfulnesswithkids #breathingexercises #yogafun #breathawareness #emotionalregulation #calmmind #calmbody #calmchild #justbreathe

Play is so important for little ones, which is why we always integrate fun and games into our yoga classes. 🦄 . . . Check out “The Power of Play - How Fun and Games Help Children Thrive” article on the Healthy Children website and let us know what you think! URL: . . . 🌈We’re 4 days away from our Parent’s Night Out and Kids’ Yoga Party. Spaces are limited! To register please visit: . . . #wednesday #healthy #happy #happychildren #fun #games #play #growth #april #kids #yoga #event #vancouver #vancity #vancitykids #family #vancityfamily #playground

Happy Friday! 🦋 . . April is autism awareness month! Check out the article “Yoga for Improving Behavior in Children with Autism” and let us know what you think: . . . Our Parent’s Night Out and Kids’ Yoga Party is happening tomorrow! 🎈 To register please visit: . . . #happy #friday #friyay #relax #fun #parenting #kids #yoga #event #vancouver #vancity #vancitykids #family #vancityfamily #weekend #AUTISM #autismawareness