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Our cups (and tequila glasses 🥃) runneth over with gratitude. @laurenhashianofficial and I are deeply grateful to everyone who worked tirelessly to make this wedding the most beautiful and spiritually enriching day ever. No press, no paparazzi, no noise, nothing lavish or opulent - just us and our family - who all brought with them endless love, support, respect, joy and vibrant mana. And a huge mahalo to all of you out there 🌎 for all your lovely comments, posts, well wishes and positive vibes - it was really cool to see. So cheers 🥂 in spirit of Mālama Honua - to love and protect all things we cherish - our lands, oceans, cultures and each other. A magical day and a good one for the soul. And tomorrow I’ll go right back to my “honey do” role and changing diapers 😉 #lifeisgood #johnsonhashianwedding #horizontalhula #aloha 🤟🏾 @hhgarcia41 📸

Our final wedding pomaika’i (blessing) with our daughters and surrounded by our family as our family pastor we’ve known for years, Kahu Kordell Kekoa draws upon my ancestor’s warrior spirits to love, guide and protect my family thru this union and in life. Beautiful and powerful final blessing, thank you brother Kordell. And thank you Jazzy for asking me nonstop during the blessing when we were eating the wedding cake. That’s my girl. Cheat meals on the brain 🍰 🧠 #pomaikai #ancestors #johnsonhashianwedding

745am and I’m walkin’ that aisle to get married. Us Johnsons, love to make that hay when the sun comes up. Plus, getting married in the early morning hours, allowed me to stuff my gluttonous face with pancakes and sausage at our breakfast wedding reception. #mrgluttonyisback #walkthataisle #johnsonhashianwedding 🥞 @jonbrandoncruz 📸

Lil’ kooky things these days in my life that makes this moment wildly surreal. Been decades (literally since the late 90’s 🤦🏽‍♂️) I was able to sit in the middle of a restaurant undisturbed, eat, have drinks, watch TV’s above the bar and just relax and enjoy company. Hell, I was even able to look down on the roads below and people watch as they walked thru town, in a non creepy, but sorta creepy way of course 🤣 Grateful mahalo to our friends at #HanaleiNorthsideGrill for quietly shutting down their spot so I could have some honeymoon time with @laurenhashianofficial. I’ll never complain about fame, because the alternative is going back to those $7bucks days, but every once in a blue moon it’s really nice steal a moment in public like this. #tequila #soosh #noncreepy #supergrateful

Our Hawaiian wedding was beautiful and I want to thank our incredible staff for their outstanding work. To carry out my #1 goal of complete privacy, no wedding planners or outside resources were hired. Everything you see was created by hand, by staff and family only. The end results were spectacular and @laurenhashianofficial and I will forever be grateful for helping our hearts sing on this day. Pomaika’i ❤️ 📸@jonbrandoncruz

Stop messing with my emotions brother @kevinhart4real. We have a lot more laughing to do together. Love you man. Stay strong 🙏🏾

🥃💀 A #HobbsAndShaw delight when audiences go ape shit with laughs & joy when @vancityreynolds comes on screen as Hobbs’ surprise partner “Agent Locke” of the CIA - who’s known for stabbing bad guys in the chest with a brick 🧱 I’ve known this brilliant SOB for years and we jumped at the opportunity to mash up our tequila and gin chemistry to deliver some magic for the audience. Thanks RR for helping make our lil’ spin-off movie, the #1 movie in the world. Fans love it, so we’ve done our job, brother. #TequilaAndGin #ForTheMFnWin #HobbsAndLocke 🥃💀

My ❤️s and the real stars of our wedding. 25% Samoan 25% Italian 25% Black 25% Armenian 100% grab your face and give you unconditional love & smooches and there’s two things you can do about it - nothing and like it. #dna #sisters #johnsonfacegrab #weddingday

Minutes before showtime. For my wedding, I served as my own best man and groomsmen. I’m blessed with many men who I call friends and a handful who I consider my brother. This time around, I needed to go solo and my groomsmen and best man were the spirits of my loved ones and ancestors who are no longer with us. Felt those men’s spirits with me aaaalll day. Grateful for their guidance on this one. Good energy. Good mana. #weddingmorning #Hawaii @jonbrandoncruz 📸

In her excitement & joy of being flower girl, Jazzy took a spill while walking down the aisle and all the petals🌹fell outta the basket. She didn’t cry, and without hesitation she started picking them up and putting them back in the basket. This moment was a cool & critical (and beautiful) microcosm for a much bigger thing in her life - you will stumble and fall. We all do. But be accountable, get back up, dust yourself off, laugh and keep on going down the road. Proud of my lil’ girl’s instincts. And after I helped her here get back on her feet, 30min later I gave the biggest, sugariest piece of wedding cake - cos that’s what loving and responsible fathers do ❤️ Turn our children into sugar tornadoes. #westumble #GetBackUp #wekeeponkeepingon #weeatcake #weddingday

Blood flow finisher. If your gym has an iso-lateral high row, try coming to the outside and change your grip to high and wide. Control your movement for an insane isolated lat stretch and contraction. Though Im on my honeymoon, after I put all my girls to bed - I’m hitting the iron and getting after it. No excuses. Over here getting all kinds of honeymoon pumps in 😉💪🏾 #ironparadise #islandstyle #latenightbloodflow

And then your babies graduate. Very proud of my first daughter daughter graduating high school, kickin’ ass and is now NYU bound. I love you and one day you’ll stop pulling away from my beastly arms & kisses 😘🦍 #DTRWG x

We love you family. On our wedding day, thank you for giving us your full hearts, love and support. Meant the world to us. Our ohana who sang beautiful songs and danced gorgeous hulas for us, also known in the streets as droppin’ it like its hot 🔥🤣 #johnsonhashianwedding #pomaikai 🥃 @jonbrandoncruz 📸

tcb⚡️ Thank you, China. I’ll see you again down the road. #HobbsAndShaw #August23 🇨🇳 @jonbrandoncruz 📸

What a crazy throwback from the 70’s. Here’s the “8th Wonder of the World” André the Giant, using my 315lb grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia as a booster seat and making my granddad look like a little boy. They were the best of friends, wrestled nightly, tough as hell and as you can see by their smiles and open energy - they lived like to the absolute fullest. My grandfather died when I boy so I never got to know him as a man. Would’ve loved to have raised a tequila with these men. Would’ve also loved to have wrestled them too - those would’ve been fun ass kickin’s for me to take 😉 #thegiant #andthehighchief 🥃

Happy 18th birthday to my #1 first born daughter, SGJ 🎂🎉🎈 This pic of me holding your hand in the hospital was taken years ago when you were a child and you were knocked out 😴 from the anesthesia after surgery. Just me and you alone in the room, kid. I knew then you’d never have a recollection of this moment, but I wanted to take this image for what I felt then and what I feel now it represents. As you go out and tackle this big ol’ world with your dreams, ambitions and hard work, the love you’re able to see daily will always guide you. It’s your strength. But remember it’s ALSO the love you never see thats quietly guiding and boundlessly supporting you every step of your journey’s way. From us loved ones who are still here, to your loved ones who aren’t. That love is your MANA. Your spirit, your soul. A big tequila toast to my #1 (who does NOT drink so her father will drink for the both of us 🥃🤣) and have the happiest of birthdays, SGJ. We love you. #quietlove🖤

The dangerous gentleman, the cup of English tea & the black Superman. @hobbsandshaw AUGUST 2ND 🌎

Black Superman meets his kryptonite. A huge mahalo to my brother-in-arms (literally) @idriselba for his 100% commitment to his role as the one and only, Brixton aka The Black Superman. He’s enormously talented as an actor, became a great partner to me in building out our franchise and more importantly, he’s a good quality dude. Until our next dance - I’ll see you down the road, brother. Respect 🥃 HOBBS & SHAW #blacksuperman @hhgarcia41 📸

Early we rise, tonight we shine. Great to get early morning workouts in with my Uso, @romanreigns at my #ironparadise this week. Tonight is our massive HOBBS & SHAW WORLD PREMIERE and it’s time celebrate with Hollywood, the world and especially, THE FANS. From my cousin Roman to @idriselba, I brought in only the baddest, most talented (and most fun;) dudes on the planet to be in HOBBS & SHAW. Actually, we’re just a bunch of big ol’ sweethearts 😂🖤 lookin’ for a song to sing. See everyone tonight, enjoy the premiere (and the surprises;) and let’s have some fun. HOBBS & SHAW #worldpremiere #hardestworkersintheroom #hottestticketintown 🥃

Happy 1st Birthday to our strong lil’ beauty, Tiana Gia. Get used to daddy’s hands kid ~ they’ll always have your back. #puamana 🌺🖤

Cheers 🥃 Broke out my new tequila here in China to celebrate @hobbsandshaw being the #1 movie in the world. Midday toast of Reposado gratitude! Now back to work. #beijing #HobbsAndShaw #presstour @jonbrandoncruz 📸

Thank you to my flight crew for making this birthday boy feel special with this surprise! Go on and ZOOM IN on my birthday cake.. hunks of chocolate chip cookies on top of an insane chocolate chip cookie cheesecake. And to top it all off, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, so I got no problem having a drink of my tequila at 10am and toasting y’all around the world. Wheels up and off to work I go. Thanks guys for all the birthday love 🖤🥃

A lil’ pre game quiet ecstasy. Actually I’m just staring at the ground thinking about cheesecake and ice cream for my next cheat meal. #HobbsAndShaw #premiere #China 🇨🇳 @jonbrandoncruz 📸

Since today’s my birthday - my annual “birthday clang and bang” workouts are always special. Labored in sweat, grit, spit, cuss words, laughs, loud music and some other sexy shit 😈 But it’s mainly labored in the most important thing of all ~ gratitude. Grateful to have these two hands to put in the hard work and take some more cracks at success as we go down this wild & blessed road of life. #birthdayclangandbang #gratitude #cleanupyoursweatdammit

We anchor our @HobbsAndShaw storyline in the relationship between Hobbs and his estranged brothers. One Hobbs brother in particular is very special - my cuz, @romanreigns aka Joe Anoa’i. Our lineage and bloodline goes back generations with great pride and respect for some of the greatest ring warriors of all time. Bad dudes. Johnson Anoa’i Maivia Snuka On set, we kept the intensity, but we were also focused, aware and highly respectful of the men in our family who came before us, sacrificing their blood, sweat & guts for each other all in the name of family and BROTHERHOOD. Much love & respect to Roman and all my brothers in our movie. We made something pretty cool for our audience, our culture and our bloodline. #HobbsAndShaw

She’s a beaut and put up a helluva fight. Back in the water she goes. #johnsonfarm 🥃🎣