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The face of the fight game.

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She is @tylynnnguyen, a designer and creative entrepeneur taking over @livingzara this week

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Russia 🇷🇺 @properwhiskey has landed!!! See you guys in Moscow!

Real eyes 👁

Stay strong. Stay sharp. Stay ready.


All day, everyday, and twice on Sundays! Sunday practice with my champion ❤️

Harry and Megan who ? 🇮🇪 👑

I have a way to go yet but I am getting there. FAST. @mcgregorfast #seeyousoon

Power nap in the back of the maybach.

Atop the Sky bar restaurant in Moscow with my friend and distributor of Proper Twelve here in Russia, Leonid. Business is good. The people of Russia know a great spirit when they see one! Nastrovia Russia 🇷🇺 🥃 @properwhiskey

Unbreakable ❤️

Admiring the Kremlin from above the Ritz! The infrastructure out here is truly incredible. What a city! Moscow ❤️

Fixing my @augustmcgregor handkerchief into my @augustmcgregor sport coat! A good sport coat and hankie over a crisp white shirt is just like the Irish. Hard to beat! #staysharp #autumnwinter #augustmcgregor

👸🏻 @deedevlin1 #1

I made him an offer he can’t refuse.

Compound work. Building the necessary strength for the future! @mcgregorfast @reebok 👑

Maggie ❤️

So good to be home! Day out with family in Howth, Ireland 🇮🇪

I’m not sure what does be going on in most trainers and fighters minds. What’s the most danger in a fight? Being clocked clean while over extended, without your feet under you and your defence fully open. Yes? Yes. Lights out. Good fucking night. So why the fuck are 99.9% of fighter and coach I see, all about wacking shots in full wack, with ZERO defensive or positioning responsibilities in there? You are setting yourself up to be clattered badly. Know that. Calculate how many punches you throw in practice Versus how many times you slip/roll/parry/pull/block in practice. It’s crazy. I estimate 1000 to 1 is the difference. In that ball park anyway. If you don’t practice these and just overload on punches and kicks and not much else it’s going to be your downfall. I can sit and put every ounce of power into a pad strike or bag strike. But imagine that pad is not there. You’re going out on your face. Even without being hit. Even with the pad there and you make full clean contact, too much force in the shot leaves you completely open. You can’t retract your guard or get your legs under you in time. You come in against a smooth operator he is going to take the point of impact away, or catch it cleanly for counter, and then what? Wide open. Sitting duck. Does my nut in seeing it all the time, and why I was always more spar heavy in my rise. Unrealistic practice develops too many bad habits to the already uneducated. Even if they do work defensive work it’s usually unrealistic. One example say, on giving shots to parry. But half throwing the shot for parry. This will then develop the habit of reaching for the soft punch. Who is that helping? That’s walking them into danger when the real pace of shot comes. And that’s just one small example. Get clued in guys. I am fully clued in, now more than I ever was, and I’m going to rip this game a new smile when I get back. I am also really eager to progress into real work with my son, who now at 2.5 years of age is beginning to piece together combinations. It’s all he wants to do. We’ve been training since the jump also. Day 1! Get with the program young fighters and coaches! Get with the fucking program. Otherwise..

Crumlin Boxing team tracksuits. Sponsored by McGregor Sports and Entertainment. #TheSchoolOfExcellence @crumlinboxingclubofficial

Clean progressive work in the big gloves. Let’s keep it going Team McGregor!

Morning Jiu Jitsu 🥋

Morning sparring 🥋

Happy Halloween guys what a buzz. What a day. Hoping everyone has had a great Halloween this year ❤️

Poland!!! My @properwhiskey, the finest has landed. You asked and we again delivered. The 7th country to become Proper Country! Thank you all for the support and I hope to be with you on your soil soon. One for all! 🥃 🇵🇱 ❤️

Holiday with my champion! See you guys soon ❤️


Preparing for The McGregor FAST World Games. @mcgregorfast

The light of my life ❤️

🤼‍♂️ @cian_c 📸 @ginger_beard_photos

Lets go!

👽 @mcgregorfast

🇮🇪 McGregor FAST x UCD 🇮🇪 @ucdscience @mcgregorfast