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Mama of two. Built a multiple six-figure company during nap times. Now that I sold that business, I inspire & equip other entrepreneurial moms.

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This is Pittsburgh in September? I'll take it! . . . . #Pittsburgh #summer

A friend gave this jar of rocks to me. As the parent of middle schoolers, she told me that I have about 310 weeks left with them until they head off to college. This jar has 310 rocks in it and sits on the counter in our kitchen to remind us to focus on what is most important. Time can fly by if you let it. Be intentional in your parenting. Even though they are becoming more independent and spending more time with their friends, make family time and experiences a priority. You won't get this week back. . . . . #parenting #wisdom #middleschool #parentofteens #parentingteens #teenagers

Seriously! This week has been a rough one. Parenting certainly isn't for the faint of heart. Anyone else feeling like this? . . Image found on @littlepeekboutique Created by Motherhood & Mayhem . . . . #parenting #parentingteens #boymom #momlife

This is how I feel about 7th & 8th grade chorus tickets! Today is the last day to buy chorus tickets for guaranteed seats. HOWEVER... you can only buy TWO tickets AND you must include the form, with the exact amount in cash, in an unsealed envelope with your child's name and class period written on the outside. Guess who filled out the form but forgot the rest? So now I'm texting to explain all this to my husband. Wait, you want to buy more than 2 tickets so our daughter can go too? You have to wait until Monday, send the exact amount of cash in with your child, and hope and pray there are still tickets left. Anyone else dealing with the craziness of end of school year stuff? #workingmom #schooldays #momfail #parenting #isitsummeryet

So I got a really good question this week from a dear friend. She asked why I keep posting and writing about entrepreneurship if I'm working a traditional job right now. I figured I owed her and you an answer. First of all, I absolutely believe in entrepreneurship. It's been the best career option for me and my family. What most people don't know is that when I sold my last company, I agreed to a 2-year non-compete, so when my contract was up after the integration of our companies, I couldn't just go start another consulting firm, infact, I still have a year to go. To be honest, I'm actually in the process of launching two businesses: The Naptime CEO (which has always been more of a creative outlet for me up to this point) will inspire and equip working moms for entrepreneurship. I'll be speaking more, coaching, and writing a book. I would even like to host some events. The other business doesn't have a name yet, but I'll be developing training courses and materials for other consultants and small businesses to use. So why am I working in a job? 1. I like to work and enjoy what I do. 2. Unlike the last time I started a company, I can't quit my job to start these businesses. We need my income right now (hello lacrosse, ballet, and musical theater). So I'm taking the same path you'll be taking if you choose to join me. Trust me, this entrepreneurial journey can be bumpy, but it sure is worth it! . . . #entrepreneur #workingmom #inspiration #motivation #goals #workingmomlife #truth #reallife #smallbiz #workingmama #womeninbusiness #smallbusiness

Finally getting serious about turning my "hobby" blog into what I've been envisioning for a few years. Fortunately, I have some great mentors. @msrachelhollis, @michaelhyatt, and @jeffwalkerco. Still feeling very "nerv-icited" (my daughter's word for when you're nervous and excited at the same time) but doing it anyway! . . . #goals #dreambig #workingmom #entrepreneur #busymom #Pittsburgh #parenting #momlife #workingmama

13 years ago, this little bundle of boy turned our world upside down! But more than the normal changes that come with becoming a mom, he was the spark that finally pushed my entrepreneurial dreams into a reality. For several years, I had been playing around with the idea of starting my own consulting firm. Now that I was a Mom, I knew I had to make my dreams a reality. Trust me, starting a business while working full-time, commuting three hours a day, and being a new mom was really hard! Fortunately, my husband was my biggest cheerleader and encouraged me to pursue my goals. It would have been easy to come up with excuses to not take action. I was gone 12 hours a day working or commuting. Once we got home, there was dinner, dishes, milk to freeze, packing diaper bags and lunches for the next day, and on and on. I get it, it’s hard to do all this while taking care of an infant and you’re sleep deprived. (Did I mention, this sweet bundle of boy didn’t sleep through the night until he was NINE months old?) What I learned through those difficult first few months is my baby could be my EXCUSE or my MOTIVATION. I chose to use him as my motivation to chase the vision we had for our family. What about you? What excuses are you using to keep you from your dreams and goals? I challenge you to flip that to a motivator to make a change. Don’t think you have enough time? Make a change so you have more control over how you invest your time. Too tired to chase your goals? Make change so you are more rested and have more energy. Are finances a constraint? What step can you take to put you on a path towards financial freedom? So, while today is my son’s 13th birthday, it’s also the day that birthed my entrepreneurial journey.  Definitely a day to celebrate! . . #entrepreneur #workingmomlife #busymom #workingmom #boymom #workingmama #motivation #inspiration

@mybattlecall nailed it. This is our schedule tonight... 4 PM pick up daughter from bus stop and take to 4:30 ballet class Go home to get son to take to Lacrosse practice at 5 PM. (Pray he ate so.ething that looked like dinner.) 5:30 Pick up daughter from ballet and take home to eat dinner and start homework. Take daughter to 7:20 Hip Hop class. 7:30 pick up son from lacrosse. Have son do homework. 9 PM pick up daughter from Tap class and finish homework. Trust me, on nights like this someone is forgetting something! . . . #entrepreneur #workingmomlife #busymom #workingmom #boymom #dancemom #lacrosselife #dancelife

Working from home today with a sick kiddo. I'm grateful that my work enables me to have this kind of flexibility. When I started my consulting firm back in 2006, I made a decision that my family would be my most important clients. That doesn't mean my paying clients weren't important - I mean, they pay my bills! However, I started my firm because I wanted the flexibility to be there for them when they were sick, to have random Wednesdays with them, and to always be off on their birthday. My kids are middle schoolers now, but they still like having me here when they're sick. Plus, I like being able to get them crackers and ginger ale. Right now, I'm reviewing client data while my daughter is on the couch watching The Nutcracker and the Four Relms. I certainly don't take this for granted. . . #workingmom #entrepreneur #workingmomlife #busymom #corporatemom #workingmama #motivation #inspiration #momboss #momlife

Continuing to work on some big plans and goals that I can't wait to accomplish! What about you? What dreams or goals are you holding on to? Don't put them off. Start today! Take action! A single step day after day adds up and generates the momentum you need. This world needs you and your dreams - go make them happen! I believe @naturaldancer created this image. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.) . . . #entrepreneur #workingmomlife #busymom #workingmom #inspiration #motivation #goals #dreams #takeaction

Gals, seriously! If I could start and build a company during my babies' nap times, you can do it too. I was simply stubborn enough to keep pushing forward towards my goals and believed that I was going to achieve them. If you are struggling to believe in yourself, find someone who believes in you and will encourage you. For me, it was, and still is, my husband. Don't let your doubt kill your dreams. . . . #entrepreneur #workingmomlife #workingmom #goalgetter #goals #motivation #inspiration #smallbiz #smallbusiness #workingmama #bossmom #momhustle #quotes #quote #motivationquote

I don't know about you, but this has already been a long week! Between work, kids' activities, house stuff, and family stuff this week is kicking my butt! Anyone else feel like that this week? If so, keep reading... Maybe I'm the only one who needs to hear this, but I don't think so. Here it goes... You're doing a great job! I know it's tough juggling everything and taking care of everyone else, but you've got this! Take a moment to just breathe deeply. Go on, close your eyes and really just breathe. Just focus on what's in front of you, then move to the next thing you have to do. Stay present and don't get yourself all spun up over the big list. Take it moment by moment. You are more capable than you give yourself credit for. Now, go slay the rest of your day! . . . #entrepreneur #workingmomlife #workingmom #smallbusiness #smallbiz #goalgetter #goals #motivation #inspiration

First, let's talk about how sometimes you just need to get outside to breathe and get some clarity on everything going on in life. I love being in nature, the breeze on my face (I think spring is finally here!), the birds in the trees, and the crunch of the leaves under my feet just does something to my soul. . Now that my kids are in school, I take our dog with me although the experience is similar... he has to stop every five feet to sniff and see what's on the ground. (Swipe to see my Tucker-boy.) . I know your list of things to do is long and you really don't want to add one more thing to it, but hear me on this, you need to take time for you. I tried for too long to just go, go, go and I ended up a stressed out anxious wreck who wasn't helping anyone. It's true, you really can't pour into others when your own cup is empty. . Second, I'm pretty sure i still need selfie lessons from my kids! 😁 You can see my attempts to get a decent picture. I was also playing with using a filter or not because it's still pretty cloudy and being in the woods makes it even darker. . . . . #entrepreneur #workingmomlife #workingmom #goalgetter #goals #motivation #inspiration #smallbusiness #smallbiz #workingmama #tuckerthedog #blacklab #woods #takeahike