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Kitty Davies

I sing & write songs about fairie kings, soldiers, lovelorn hearts, pirates & of course, dragons. I am also an avid baker of cakes.

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Que bonita es la playa, esa persona y uno mismo fundiéndonos, creando un universo lleno de los dos... YA ESTA DISPONIBLE FLAMENCA EN YOUTUBE! En mi perfil tenéis el enlace, espero que la disfrutéis . Video 🎥 @fatouuuuuu Producer🎶 @allnightproducer . . Gracias 🙏🏽 . . #músic #flamenca #youtube #juancid #musica #single

Que bonita es la playa, esa persona y uno mismo fundiéndonos, creando un universo lleno de los dos... YA ESTA DISPONIBLE FLAMENCA EN YOUTUBE! En mi perfil tenéis el enlace, espero que la disfrutéis . Video 🎥 @fatouuuuuu Producer🎶 @allnightproducer . . Gracias 🙏🏽 . . #músic #flamenca #youtube #juancid #musica #single

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If you’re in and about Media City this morning, then head down to FutureSkills College for some homemade goods all being sold to raise money for @macmillancancer. After a 40 minute walk through the rain, and a very nearly collapsed cake box, I think I shall be partaking in a slice myself! #homemade #coffee #cake #brownies #biscuits #art #thedoveandthedragon #macmillan #macmillancancer #coffeemorning #salford #futureskills #idontevenstudyhereanymore #justcantgetrid #illhaunttheplace #noodlin!

Pardon my bandy legs, but being a height deprived (I prefer pocket sized - or even better, ‘hobbit-size’) person does have its perks. Like being able to wear cheap as Cheerios winter coats you find in TK Maxx which are made for 12 year old boys, and being able to pick pockets (if you’re a hobbit that is. Don’t do that as a human, even a small one). #thisisasclosetoamirrorselfieasiget #tkmaxx #thiscoatisSOwarm #iswearwomensclothesarentthiswarm #selfie #meeeee #didijusthashtagselfiesomething? #ihangmyheadineternalshame

Looking for a way to brighten up your Monday evening? Why not head over to Strange Brew Bar in Chorlton where I’ll be playing at their wondrous open mic from 9-9:30. Saddened that this will be their last open mic night, but honoured to be a part of it. Come to play, come to watch, come to be part of what promises to be a camaraderie filled cornucopia of delights. #music #chorlton #strangebrew #thedoveandthedragon #singersongwriter #guitar #folk #jorose #openmic #manchestermusic

Verses 4 and 5 of a song I’m working on at the mo called “Only Time Will Tell”. It’s almost finished now, so keep a watch and I’ll record the full song over the next few weeks! OR, alternatively, head down to Cane & Grain this Sunday evening to hear me play it live for the first time 🤞 I’ll post more details about that gig over the next couple of days 🕊🐉 #music #singersongwriter #thedoveandthedragon #guitar #acoustic #folk #psnotmybday #itwasmysisters #butitakefullresponsibilityforwinnieandtigger

Poem and artwork I’ve been working on this morning. I ran out of room on the right hand side, so the last line of the poem is actually on the left! Ah well, at least I know for next time 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m still working on this, and some of the lines need refining so any comments or pointers are very welcome and appreciated! “If the moon and all her visionaries were to fall down to the Earth Would we pray their names in wonder or bury their corpses in the dirt? Would we label them a masterpiece; “Roll up and touch the sky!” Or would we lock their bodies down, far away from prying eyes Would we place them on a pedestal, above acrobats and kings Or burn their effigies down to ashes; ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ How can we take something so beautiful and only want it for ourselves Exploiting what made it perfect until we are repelled Until we lose all interest, and all thought, before we move on to the next And the thing we proclaimed an idol becomes nothing more than another object Of our wilted and depleted intrigue and desires No flesh left to pick only bones to lay to rest So if the moon and all her visionaries were to fall down to the Earth Then I think that they should run so far that they can no longer see it turn.” #thedoveandthedragon #music #poems #poetry #words #singersongwriter #artwork #drawing #penandink #sketch #doodles #folk #biro #linedrawing

I’ll be playing some songs at the Generation W Suffragette Celebration @hatchmcr this Sunday, 2pm. The event is free entry, and runs from 1-6pm, so it’s definitely worth coming along to! “After well received events in London, Liverpool, Bristol and Brighton this Summer, Urban Kingdom are holding one final pop-up event to celebrate the first edition of the groundbreaking book ‘Generation W’. Join us at a free entry daytime event in the birthplace of the Suffragette movement, Manchester. The book Generation W features 100 iconic women writing about living through 100 years since women began to receive the vote so it felt right that we had one final official party in the honour of the incredible women who helped inspire this book. Included in the Generation W book are Olympic Champions, Political Leaders, Grammy nominated musicians, teenage activists, self-made multi-millionaires and so many more, writing about how they overcame problems in their life and what keeps them strong, as they collectively have inspired over a billion people. At the final pop-up event at Hatch in Manchester, there will be women from the book in attendance, exclusive readings, a Q+A and live music. The event starts at 1pm on the newly developed stage at Hatch, in the heart of Manchester’s Oxford Road. There are many places in Hatch to get food and drink as you are welcomed to celebrate with us for one final time, the introduction of one of the most revolutionary pieces of twenty first literature, and one of the most exciting movements in British culture today. You can buy a first edition copy of Generation W at You can watch a free 30+ minute documentary on Generation W at“ #music #singersongwriter #manchester #salford #thedoveandthedragon #suffragette #suffragettes #feminism #hatchmcr #free #history #books

Now, I’m not one to post daily, so two posts in one day is astonishing 😅 but I wanted to do my bit for #wspd. So, here’s a picture of me. Makeup wiped off, hair not done, slightly crosseyed (I’m not a routine selfie taker so we’ll ignore that, thanks), filter-free, and, most importantly, working at finding my own sense of contentment and working on finding my own place in the world. I wanted to share a ‘raw’ picture, as I wanted to share a raw version of myself amongst a social media bubble of lives lived through filters and therefore warped perceptions of not just that other persons life, but also our own. If you met me, you may think I‘m quiet until you get to know me, quite reserved - perhaps even stand-offish - but I don’t think you’d associate me with depression, restrictive eating, or being a person who wrote a suicide note at the age of 14. You wouldn’t associate these things with me because we’re taught as a society that those are things we shouldn’t talk about. Those are things that should be kept in the shadows. Things that lessen our worth as human beings. But I strive daily to live my life not without those elements of myself, but DESPITE of them. I strive to let myself be sad, be alone, let myself struggle so that I can in turn start to let myself also be happy, be gentle with my mind and my body, and let myself be present in the world that I get to inhabit. I can’t say that I no longer have days when I don’t want to be here, or that I no longer find food an obstacle, but I can say, to the 14 year old me that saw no hope, that life got just that bit better to start living despite. I went to college, I made friends, I made music, I made art, cakes, photographs, and footsteps in places I thought my feet would never tread. I found a way ‘just to get by’, and to find a contentment in that. If you read all of this, then I appreciate it! It may not be much or mean much to that many people, but it’s my small way of saying that old stalwart of “it gets better” and, to hopefully serve as a reminder to myself that if you can’t start living because of things, then firstly start living despite of them. #wspd #suicide #worldsuicidepreventionday #me

Paolo, my very bestest animal friend since I was 9 years old and he was 8 weeks, died last week and honestly? I’m a teary mess at the mo! Dog lovers and owners will understand how much a dog is family, and my dog was often what felt like my only family through the years, so to say I’m at a loss as to what to do with myself is an understatement! So not to make a mopey and self pitying post, just to say thank you to my best friend for teaching me how to try and be happy and to not hate my curly hair (because it looks like his ears, and I loved his ears!). I hope there’s lots of custard, biscuits, and snowflakes up there baby boy. I love you ⭐️ #bestdoggoever #cringehashtag #trutho

One of my all time favourite actors. Thank you for making some of my all time favourite films and for bringing ‘Tears in rain’ to life (which I fell in love with so much when I first saw it at the age of 12, that it became one of the monologues that got me into uni!). I’ll be watching Blade Runner and Ladyhawke tonight with much gratitude, respect, and fondness. Travel brightly and well to whatever the next world brings 💫 #rutgerhauer #bladerunner #ladyhawke #movies #restinpeace

I will be playing multiple sets at the Lowry Food Fest over this weekend! Music, deckchairs, and free cake samples; it’s sure to be fab. And hey, plenty of places to catch the cricket and tennis if that’s more your jam! (I for one will certainly be keeping an eye on Wimbledon in between Summer songs and scoffing). Message me if you want to know my set times for either day. Hope to see you there! 🌞🍰🎤 #cake #singersongwriter #thedoveandthedragon #music #busking #Lowry #manchester #salford #busker #foodfest #food #lowryfoodfestival #livemusic #freeevent #familyfunday

This Tuesday. That’s Tuesday the 2nd of July. I repeat, 02/07/19. It’s Summer; there’ll be music, there’ll be dancing, there’ll even be flipping dragons. You’d be a fool (of the Took-ish variety, of course) if you were to miss this one. Feel free to message me for more details ☺️ Disclaimer: I can promise neither dancing nor dragons. But there WILL be music. Honest. #singersongwriter #thedoveandthedragon #music #bandonthewall #futureskills #gig #manchestermusic #salfordmusic #bands #manchestetbands #dakotaavenue

Here are some of the sketches I handed out (along with homemade gingerbread!) at @bandonthewall last night to help promote that a new and slowed down version of One Day My Girl You’ll Go Far will be released on SoundCloud TODAY. So keep your eyes peeled 👀 As for the gig, it was a great night at a great venue and I’m thrilled to have been a part of it. Onto the next now: I’ll be playing at the Lowry Food Festival on the 12th & 13th July. More details to come closer to the time. #singersongwriter #thedoveandthedragon #music #musician #manchestermusic #artwork #baking #manchestermusic #penandink #bandonthewall #Lowry

Scroll across to hear more 🎶 I’m thinking of recording the full song for SoundCloud. Let me know if you’d be interested in hearing that (or hearing any other songs released on there!) It seems a good time (or at least as good a time as any) to mention that I’ll be playing alongside some fab acts at Band on the Wall next Tuesday night. I’ll post more about that asap! In the meantime, feel free to message me for details ☺️ #singersongwriter #diymusician #thedoveandthedragon #cover #somewhereovertherainbow #guitar #vocals #manchester #manchestermusic #salfordmusic #music

Daddy cool. Father of Dragons. Thorongil. And the reason I listen to Tom Waits (where do I begin to say thank you for the music I grew up listening to?). Happy Father’s Day, Dad. Thank you for everything 🌠 #FathersDay

I’ve recently taken to closing my eyes and choosing a song from Ultimate Guitar’s top list then giving it a bash. Want to cover some more unusual songs rather than only Dylan and Leonard Cohen! 😅 So, here’s a snippet of Stay With Me by Sam Smith. Thanks, Ultimate Guitar. You‘re the (metaphorical, not literal unless it’s all a big cover up which, let’s face it, it may well be) bomb 💣 #singersongwriter #diymusician #thedoveandthedragon #music #cover #samsmith #guitar #vocals #video #song

I was messing about pulling faces to the phone camera with my sister, when she made me laugh and I accidentally took this photo. I look somewhere between being incredibly happy and finally losing my marbles. But thankfully, it was very much the former! Happy photos are good. Even if they do sometimes make you look capable of murder. #singersongwriter #diymusician #thedoveandthedragon #selfie? #accidentalselfie #promiseimnotdangerous #well #notsolongasyoudontdisstomwaits #guyatbimmimlookingatyou

Things I’ve learnt today: singing with a sore throat ain’t fun (you’d think I’d have learnt that by now), playing a guitar with a banana-bread-slicing induced cut on your finger is even less fun, I don’t yet know all the words and the chords to Arcade. But I’m getting there! I’ll upload the full song when I can actually play it without ‘effing up 👽 PS I’m aware the lyrics are ‘always’ and not ‘only’ 🙄 #dontaskmewhyiusedanalienemoji #ifeellikemorepeopleshould #singersongwriter #diymusician #thedoveandthedragon #music #arcade #duncanlaurence #cover #piano #eurovision #video #👽

This is relatively cultured subway graffiti for Salford... I’m going to go and listen to Peter, Paul and Mary now. 🌼🌸🌺 #graffiti #salford #Flowers #art #environment

I never got round to sharing any photos from the #whocares project last week, so my #TBT goes to... last Thursday! I still can’t believe I got to sing in a museum 😭 It was so wonderful to see so many people come out to support the project and to see so many people, young and old, who are passionate about the world around us. And I got to wander round near empty exhibits in a museum at night for an hour, so that only went and made my life! #singersongwriter #diymusician #thedoveandthedragon #music #museum #salford #manchester #whocares #manchesteruniversity #salforduniversity #history #environment #community #joyfrance #poetry #ageing

What do you do when you have a free morning? You try to write a bloody musical that’s what. I’m not quite sure if I like this or if it’s a bit TOO theatre-y (a sentence I never thought I’d say), but it was certainly fun to try and write something very much outside of my comfort zone. Let me know any thoughts! #singersongwriter #diymusician #thedoveandthedragon #musical #theatre #piano #video

Tinder Box Stories is now FREE to stream on Spotify! Please do listen and let me know what you think; the good, the bad, and the not so genetically blessed 😅 This EP is far from perfect but it captures who I am and where I am currently with my music. They are songs I’ll retell and revisit time and time again, but for now, this is how they exist and you know what? I’m rather proud. Listen, like, share, and (most importantly) enjoy - #singersongwriter #diymusician #thedoveandthedragon #youtube #music #EP #folk #manchester #salford #manchestermusic #Spotify #streaming

Anyone who knows me will know that I’m a big history geek. Especially Egyptology. I’m also passionate about the environment. I ALSO happen to write songs and play them to anyone who’ll listen. But never once did I think that the latter would give me the opportunity to perform in a museum where there are (real life!!) Egyptian mummies as part of a project I’ve worked on to raise awareness for climate change, mental health, and ageing. But I suppose stranger things do happen, so if you’re free this Thursday (2nd May) at 6-9pm, then please do come down to have a look at the exhibition, take part in some fantastic creative performance art, and learn more about what YOU can do for the environment you inhabit and the people you co-inhabit it with. I promise you won’t be disappointed! I’ll be playing at 7:30 but will also be performing acoustically throughout the evening, and the exhibition will be open from the 29th April - 31st July so if you don’t manage to come down on Thursday, then I would highly recommend popping into Manchester Museum if and when you do get the chance. PS Nothing in the museum comes alive at night, I promise. PPS But bring a flashlight just in case. #singersongwriter #diymusician #thedoveandthedragon #music #manchester #manchestermuseum #joyfrance #environment #community #salford #salfordmusic #manchestermusic #ageing #mentalhealthawareness #climatechange #exhibition

Super proud to share this project I’ve been working on to raise awareness for the environment and how it affects our own emotional wellbeing, mental health, and our ageing communities. To explore the hidden natural beauty of my city through my music was an honour, and to collaborate creatively over issues that really do matter was inspiring. I hope to be taking part in live performances during artist residencies over the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime, check out this link to read more about the project and see how you can get involved in being an active part of looking after one another and the world we inhabit through the power of art, a gentle heart and an open mind 🌎💚 #music #singersongwriter #diymusician #thedoveandthedragon #ageing #climatechange #manchester #art #salford #environment #heritage #manchestermuseum #manchesteruniversity #community

Salford. It’s art. It’s theatre. It’s music lovers and music makers. It’s football and it’s rugby; a city born United. It’s diversity and it’s tolerance. It’s writers and it’s poets. It’s the little boy who couldn’t, growing into the man that did, and the little girl who stood her ground for her friends with different skin. It’s honesty and it’s fairness, equality and love. It’s justice borne from poverty; hearts made from steel and rust. Salford is my city. And there’s no place for the unjust. Hearing the far-right protests ring round the city that I love is frightening, infuriating, and despicable. If you’re going to stand for something, then make sure it’s against all that Tommy Robinson and those that follow him stand for. #bbcpanorama #salford #protests #art #poetry #Lowry

What do you do when it’s #worldbookday and you feel too ill to leave the house? You bake! The pictures took aaaaaggeeeeess to draw, but I’m quite pleased with how they turned out. It’s difficult trying to draw like someone else! Each cupcake is based off a different chocolate box chocolate inspired by the book and has a different filling. There’s also a mini Bogtrotter’s chocolate cake 😅 I’m now exhausted 🤣 #baking #books #matilda #chocolate #food #homebaking #thedoveandthedragon #Reading #sweets #dessert #cake #cupcakes

This week’s #TBT goes to a time I hadn’t lost my voice 😩 My immune system is actually atrocious. I find being ill so frustrating.. Anyway! Enough with the complaining! This is a condensed version of a song I wrote (and posted) a while back on piano. It now has vocals/lyrics, and I think it’s a rather sweet little ditty. Let me know what you think 😌 PS When I can actually function again I promise I’ll get round to replying to people 😅 #music #thedoveandthedragon #singersongwriter #original #guitar #acoustic #music #folk