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Lane Gingerlife Pittman
Lane Gingerlife Pittman

Hurricane Slayer 🇺🇸 Florida Man 🐊 I’ve been on @worldstar Music: @ksickofficial Ambassador: @thelonghairs #gingerlife 👨🏻‍🦰

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Lol who’s ready to party? 🇺🇸🤘🏻

Did a commercial for @universalrestoration_fl on what you need for #hurricanedorian 😂 Don’t forget to stock up on ALL the water. Like forreal. Go to @publix and get all of it. I heard you won’t. Also, hunker down. Like underground. HUNKER DOWN PEOPLE!!! Lol stay safe fam and blast metal the entire time 🤘🏻🇺🇸 #hurricaneslayer #metal #igersjax #face #faceagain @thelonghairs @news4jax

LINK IN BIO! Y’all asked for a @gofundme so here it is! I shot way low last year and did A LOT with a little. This year, let’s kick it up and really bless some folks! I’ll be doing hurricane relief in the wake of Dorian (wherever it hits). Shoot some money into this puppy and know it isn’t being wasted. If you’re a business DM me before donating!! Thanks everybody 🤝 #igersjax #dtwd #hurricanedorian #hurricaneslayer #MicrosoftPaint #turnup #gofundme #donate

This is what locals helping locals looks like! Shout out to @tuffyjax for the immediate donation to install new brakes and rotors all the way around and for @cray_box #napaauto in Jax Beach for donating the hardware!! Super stoked and thankful for this. I have a way better peace of mind going to fight Dorian 😎🇺🇸🤘🏻Make sure you go and show these two businesses some love anytime you need car care! Pic: @whiteistight #hurricanedorian #floridaman #hurricaneslayer #news4jax #igersjax #locals #thelonghairs

Gearing up to film this video tomorrow! Shout out to the locals at @kickbuttsvapor for donating to the cause 🤘🏻🇺🇸 Had a ton of support from people in and out of town and it’s been UNREAL!! I can’t wait to see how this money will be used to help people out. Thanks for the blessing and be on the lookout for the new video 😎 #locals #igersjax #news4jax #locallove #hurricanedorian #hurricane #hurricaneslayer

UPDATE: as of now, with the current and projected path, Hurricane Dorian will be too far off the coast of Florida for a worthy headbanging bout. I am eyeing North Carolina and am prepared to make the drive up if this sucker is going to make landfall there later this week. So let’s enjoy the light showers and be thankful we aren’t getting waxed here on the coast! Also praying for the Bahamas and all the lives affected there. I’m waiting until after the storm to determine how to spend the money we’ve raised towards relief efforts. Thanks to all the individuals and businesses that have donated!!! Y’all are the real MVP’s. By Thursday, I’ll know more about the battle plan. Stay tuned friends and metalheads alike🤘🏻🇺🇸 Pic: @whiteistight #hurricanedorian #hurricaneslayer #igersjax #merica #turnup #slayer

DORIAN!!! YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CANT HIDE!! FLORIDA MAN IS HERE TO DEFEND YOU MRYTLE BEACH FOR THE SECOND TIME!!!! MERIICAAAAA!!! 🇺🇸 Meet n’ greet 9/7 at @Flys_tie_ 10pm This video brought to you by: @wayfarerfilmco @tuffyjax @1776united @peakdemandinc @artifexgutter @dirtyracingproducts @kickbuttsvapor @steviestacks84 @man.made.customs @dylanmullaney92 The people of GoFundMe @enjoyhaircare @miracleflowhair @thelonghairs @slayerbandofficial

Today, we laid Grandpa Pittman to rest. He lived a long, simple, loving life! It was an honor to be a pallbearer with my brothers and cousins. This is just a fraction of his lineage! Crazy what an impact he has had on us. #rip #loveyou #grandpa #Butterbean

Helping rebuild homes this week in Panama City Beach from Hurricane Michael! I encourage you to not forget about places that have been absolutely demolished from previous storms just because they aren’t in the headlines. If you have time, help out and volunteer with @sbp_florida for a little and help rebuild someone’s life that can’t afford it 🤙🏻 🇺🇸 #merica #give #igersjax #hurricanerelief #Florida #Panhandle #panamacitybeach #fromjaxwithlove #dtwd #mpf

I think it’s so dope when people draw renditions of the hurricane vids! Check this one out from @patpax 🤯 Crazy work bro!! Much love 🤘🏻🇺🇸 #slayer #metal #merica #igersjax #fanart #mindblown

Just two rats swingin’ away 🐀 Congrats @shaneyboyfresh56 and @__estellebrennan__ ! #wedding

@rayboooo told me not to be too crazy tonight cause I don’t have health insurance. I respect your wisdom, but I had to stage dive at least once lol sorry 😘 @knockedloosehc is really really good. Thanks for the vid @lilcarreiro!!! #hardcore #Jacksonville #metal #knockedloose #igersjax

27. Thankful for all of the growth - mentally, physically, spiritually - and all the friends I’ve made in 26! I went from not knowing what I was doing with a job to working for myself and making a living. God has been so good and gracious. I have an awesome family. I have an awesome girlfriend. I have the best of friends. Thanks for all the bday wishes! Gonna keep cruising into whatever God has next for me 🤙🏻 Thanks for the custom @koowheel.skateboards @rayboooo and thanks for the combined effort on it @joemeserve and @stunninginkart ! Photo cred: @whiteistight #shakabrah #koowheels #longhairs #gojags #27 #turnup #igersjax #conditionerisbetter #face #faceagain

Played the anthem for @bravodancejax at the Times Union Center this past weekend. Shout out to @msphoto904 for the shot! First anthem with my custom @mattphillips91 pick guard too 🇺🇸 🎸 #merica #fender #shred #thelonghairs #usa #face #faceagain

Been an awesome time filming with @vice the past two days! They’re doing a series called “What the Florida” and decided to film a small snippet of my life and interview me about going viral and how God has worked through it. I’m exhausted but super stoked to see the final product! The Lord continues to work in weird ways fam 😂🙌🏻 #vice #floridaman #usa #merica #thelonghairs #turnup

Hurricane season has officially started today! For the first time, I’m going in with the mindset of being able to raise money for victims through the “Slayer” vids I’ve made the past three years. I have millions of views on these videos, could you imagine if there was $1 attached to each one? Or even 50¢? So, I’ll either attach a gofundme link with the next vid and I’ll be delivering donations myself OR a link to donate to a reputable charity. Hopefully, I won’t even have to make a video this year. The devastation hurricanes create is crazy on camera, but it gives you a totally different perspective when you witness it firsthand. But, if the time comes, I aim to give quality entertainment along with the purpose of helping those in need from these storms! Florida Man has been given a bad rep. Let’s give them something worth mentioning this season 🇺🇸

Haven’t posted in awhile. Been busy crushing it with @tmexp 🇺🇸 Zoom in for the derp #face #faceagain 📷: @ohcrapitskurt

Met @brianheadwelch tonight at @epicenterfest Told him he and @andymineo need to collab. If you know who this dude is, you probably know his story. Huge inspiration to living out his faith and still being a massive part of the rock culture. Legendary. #korn #head #rock #longhairdontcare #Epicenter #festival

Thankful and blessed to have had a wild 2018. From fighting a hurricane, giving disaster relief, and taking various trips across the US, God has done some crazy stuff this year and has worked on my heart more than ever. Most importantly though, I have an incredible @rayboooo in my life and she is the sweetest human I’ve ever met. This year has nothing but solidified that. I 10/10 recommend finding you one my dudes! 2019, LETS GOOOOOOO!!!! 🇺🇸 #turnup #hurricane #slayer #metal #america #face #faceagain