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... #alchemy #sigil"" .... magic symbols that have a more or less subtle effect on reality . i made for myself to remind myself I am worthy of love and Its going to manifest. . Many tides arise to see horizons touch the oceans ... people will love me because im being myself. Im thankful that i am loved ... stacks of gratitude lists i cherish sincerily but i need a lover . .. a twinflame cosmic lover that will love and recieve love. Ancient ineffable cosmic space Turtle love lol ^_^ #divinemomentsoftruth #love #abstractart #gemini #hiddentemple #extraterrestrial #esoteric #kundulini #spirtjunkie #twinflames #plentyoffish #oceaneyes #hope #lightworker #luminous #extraterrestrial #eternal #thyartislilith #energydontdie 🕉

@dazedvoid i stepped up the production a little is this good? credit goes to @wholeness_worthybeautyflowz for the inspiration and showing me this amazing tune!!! Thank youuu^_^ 😝 #flowart #starseed #sunset #sun #Integration 🕉🕉🕉

#mysticmessenger #quartz #crystal ( I have no idea what kind of Crystal this is I don't know I've never been able to find anywhere to figure out the name of it specifically but it's from the lower Southeast regions of Alabama and it's similar to agates is what I'm guessing? But I've posted this and many many metaphysic groups and pages and no one has been able to identify it so I'm going to name it and give it the term ......... " #solarquartzcrystal "... anyone out here who sees this and recognizes it let me know please cuz it's so powerful is like one of the most powerful crystals I've ever had. I haven't given a name yet which I figure I probably should now but as one of my best friends and I'm not joking I'm dead serious LOL I love you guys sending you all five do you love and infinite gratitude^_^ #mystic #quintessence #quartz #crystal #quartzcrystal #rituals #solarenergysystem #ageofaquarius #beautiful #wicca #wiccan #nature #tealtribe #tealswan #saturnreturn #Magic #gemini #geomancy #unconditionallove #angels #andthennnnn #shamanism #letsgetit #iloveyou •~°•○ ...... @gabbbae.x I'm sorry back then I told you I was going to send you the Crystal but I hate taking things back like an Indian giver or whatever you call it but I decided I'm probably going to give it to my son but I still want to send you like some really cool crystals and stuff because you're one of my best friends and the tarot reading you did really really change my life like you have no idea like I'm already rebuilding the temple and I'm already painting the walls with transparent gold LOL most people don't notice it but you probably would You're So Divine and I want you to know I really cherish our friendship if you ever need to talk about anything or anyone let me know cuz I love you and the sense of a friend like I take you as a part of myself so if you're happy then I'm happy you know like I don't want you to take it the wrong way but your Pocahontas you know and that's awesome so I feel like I'm so blessed to meet you. Can't wait to meet you for real though LOL like I know you probably don't remember this but we hang out all the time in The 5th Dimension haha but yeah whatever😝

Who wants to help me flip these seashells down on the seashore with what's her name? Chel??? Hey @hooplahoma ???? #oceanic

I miss this cat so much

New truths grow strong amid the rough winds of scorn, opposition, and contumely; it is thus that their vitality is tested . All must be cast into the furnace, and if the fire of trial burns up the hay and the stubble , we have at least the consultation that the gold and the stone shall remain. _ V.c . Dersertis

Mr .kittykitty when him was itty bitty^_^ @dazedvoid @meliza


@tealswanofficial" "the anatomy of lonlyness" ... ive been reading it at a steady Pace to give myself time to take it all in but it is changed my entire life perspective in a way that's exalted like golden sunsets. And by doing these processes and working on these modalities of healing and integrating people around me by virtue of just being in the same room are also cheering up more often and it's like my vibration has an effect on those around me to because I'm an empath so I guess it works both ways and I've also been doing hono Pono Ono meditation so that's the quantum leap that I had to take to make the Transcendence to the 4th density and the fifth dimensional consciousness. I am a starseed ... we are luminous🕉.... #tealswan #alchemy #gaia #ageofaquarius #kungfu #books #tealtribe #thyartislilith #blessedbe #ascending #wicca #11 #compassion #christconsciousness #420 #knowthyself •~`°•○

"The skY As an OCeaN " _ #bambi

Check out my buddy my main man Luna AKA Dirty White Boy for reasons obviously he don't give a fuck about what your friends think . @aniflows

Know thyself