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To me this is kinda like people boycotting @chickfila because people that manage it are homophobes. I mean its damn good chicken, and its not as if you have to eat the chicken with the homophobes or do something awful to someone in the LGBTQ community after eating there. πŸ€” They just let @jamesgunn back in GOTG...how can anyone justify giving Lori Loughlin the boot when what he did was waaay worse on a moral compass level. She may not be the star, but what does her bribing someone have to do with her reciting lines from a script? And I don't even watch Fuller House...I'm just tired of people who are Fuller Schitt! πŸ™„ #loriloughlin #fullerhouse #chikfila #doublestandards #jamesgunn #Netflix #channingdungeystrikesagain πŸ–•

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