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Every Saturday and Sunday we offer tours of our facility - the 8bbl pilot brewhouse, the 50bbl brewhouse, the canning line, and we end with a guided tasting with some of our favorites on tap! Tours run from 1230-430.

New mural going up!

Craft beer. Craft pizza. All day, every Wednesday, at every TailGate taproom, all dine-in pizzas are half the price!

We set out to brew a lemon-lime Shandy and prior to making a house soda, someone had the idea to incorporate Tennessee's original soft drink. Alas, Mt. Shandew was born. Part wheaty Golden Ale, part Mountain, fully Tennessee.

The importance of quality control cannot be overstated, so we're tasting this Berliner a dozen times over between each addition of Guava, Mango, and Passionfruit purees...for science.

Thanks Paul! Hazy IPA is back. Revamped and redesigned this year, with the can featuring our pals Paul, Rinnewall, and the Ultimate Predator. Citrusy orange juice aroma smacks at first sniff. Tongue in, orange yields to blueberry and melon. Soft, puffy mouthfeel, like you're drinking a cloud. Available at all TailGate taprooms on tap and in cans today!

We've been making cider for almost 2 years now and next week we'll be releasing our TailGate Cider in cans! Semi-sweet and unfiltered, made with Washington state apples - TailGate Cider has been a favorite in the taprooms and with our retail partners at your favorite craft beer bar. Next week you'll be able to take it home with you in cans!

There's one minute remaining in the period! We're canning Thanks Paul Hazy IPA! Last year's brew has been redesigned to showcase Paul, RinneWall, and the Ultimate Predator! Four packs for sale in all TailGate taprooms this week!

A staple in our lineup, heavily awarded, and much beloved - Peanut Butter Milk Stout. In a few short weeks we're going to brew a special batch of Peanut Butter at a higher ABV. What's your vote - Imperial PBMS or Imperial PB&J?

TailGateFest today! Stein holding, pumpkin painting, most #basic costume contest, trebuchet pumpkin chuckin, hammerschlagen, and new Fall beers on tap! Event starts when the taproom opens at 11AM and we're rain or shine!

We're hosting another installment of our Paint by Pint Art Class this Tuesday night! Art Director, mural maker, tshirt creator, can design legend Drew Lord will teach the class to recreate this rad record painting! Tickets cover first drink and materials. Link in bio.

We tap 2 new beers a week. In 2018 we brewed and served 188 unique recipes - that's why our beer menus at all 3 TailGate taprooms are in chalk. Middle of your dinner we might blow a keg and change style to a new beer, fresh out of the tanks!

TODAY! As a thank you to all of our Mug Club members, on the last kick the keg day of each month, Mug Clubbers drink pints for just $1 each! Wanna join the club? Ask a team member how you can enroll.

Just Tapped - Pumpkin Cream Ale! Lighter fare for the Fall lineup, a classic cream ale with cinnamon and pumpkin puree! Light body, balanced pumpkin spices, slightly sweet lactose finish! Try it as part of our pumpkin lineup during TailGateFest on 10/6! A complete celebration of Fall and Fall beers!

This week alone there's 5 batches on the pilot system, 2 on the large system, 2 new ciders at Music Row, and a new foeder project at East Nashville. You stay thirsty, we stay busy.

Just Tapped - Fall Foliage Red Pale! Copper-red in color, citrus and fruit hoppiness in the aroma belies the pleasant ribbon of caramel that threads it's way through the flavor like fall time caramel dipped fruits!

TailGateFest is tomorrow!!!! This event is free to attend, family friendly, and rain or shine! The music and activites will move into the brewery warehouse if the weather turns but we'll still launch pumpkins in the rain! See schedule of events below - 11AM - Open with special Fall beers on tap. Pumpkin painting starts! 12PM - Hammerschlagen starts! 1230PM - Pumpkin Chuckin starts 1PM - First Stein Holding Contest 2PM - Live Music Starts 3PM - Second Stein Holding Contest Celebration continues until 10PM!

Tempted to caption this as a "berry solid sour ale with tons of fruit puree" but that puns are low-hanging fruit.

"The Feast" is what we call our Thanksgiving pizza of the month we do every Novemeber. For October this year, we decided that we should Harvest before we Feast. The Harvest pizza of the month offers a delectable blend of pears, bacon, vinaigrette, zucchini, sweet potato, and red onion. Cooking fresh at every TailGate pizza kitchen and half the price all Wednesday long!

Based on all of our calculations, this trebuchet is capable of chucking an average sized pumpin roughly like a million yards. Roll on out to TailGateFest this Sunday and we'll prove it. If you've never played hammerschlagen, you're in for a treat. Simple in concept, players must drive a nail into a stump. However, adding a flip of the hammer and one smooth motion makes this game addictingly difficult! Shouts out to our friends at @variousartistsbrewing for the hook up on the sweet stump! Taproom opens at 11AM with Fall activites all day long! As always, this event is family friendly and free to attend!

Fully into Fall mode at the brewery. Apple Spiced Sour is on tap. Light bodied, session sour with apple, cinnamon, and nutmeg for an apple pie character. Tonight's the first of Halloween movie series at the taproom. Join us for Hocus Pocus behind the taproom at sundown. Bring your own blanket/lawn chair if you'd like. Like all events at TailGate, movie nights are all ages and free to attend. On 10/18 we're showing Nightmare Before Christmas and on 10/25 there's another screening of Hocus Pocus!

๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿ• New month, new pizza! Harvest Pizza is available today at all of our taprooms! Sauceless bed of TailGate crust topped with red onions, zucchini, sweet potatoes, bacon, and mozzarella cheese dressed with a sweet vinegar drizzle!

๐Ÿšจ Mixed Berry Sour is back! Over 2,000 pounds of raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry purees in this succulent Berliner! ๐Ÿšจ

"They're called beer cans, not beer cannots" - Aristotle

Been looking forward to this beer all year! Pumpkin Spiced Latte Coffee Milk Stout is now on tap. Making it's debut as a nitro option, PSL boasts a velvety mouthfeel, thick head, roasted coffee, and deliberate pumpkin spices. Brewed with the 12S blend of coffee from our friends over at @frothymonkey

๐Ÿ‘€ it's hockey season in Nashville. Here's a teaser of the can art for the next hazy IPA - new batch featuring some new friends.

Just Tapped - TailGate OddStory Collab Blueberry Lavender Lemonade Sour! We teamed up with our brewery friends @oddstorybrewingco from Chattanooga on this delicious sour! Balanced blueberry sweetness plays counter to tart lemon in this summertime treat! Deep blue in color with moderate acidity and pronounced lavender on the nose, this cross-state collab is an incredibly enjoyable sour ale! On tap at all TailGate and OddStory taprooms today!

First day of Fall is here! We're less than 2 weeks away from our TailGateFest Fall celebration. Who's ready to crush some steins and launch some pumpkins with our trebuchet behind the brewery???

๐Ÿ—ฃ TailGateFest is Sunday. Here's a schedule of the events for the day! 11AM - Open with special Fall beers on tap. Pumpkin painting starts! 12PM - Hammerschlagen starts! 1230PM - Pumpkin Chuckin starts 1PM - First Stein Holding Contest 2PM - Live Music Starts 3PM - Second Stein Holding Contest Celebration continues until 10PM! This event is free to attend, family friendly, and rain or shine! The music and activites will move into the brewery warehouse if the weather turns but we'll still launch pumpkins in the rain!

Heading into TailGateFest week! Mark your calendar - Sunday, October 6th starting at 11AM! Fall beers, pumpkin painting, trebuchet pumpkin chucking, hammerschlagen, most #basic costume contest, live music, and stein holding competitions!

The Trebuchet is a classic siege weapon similar in principle yet far superior to a catapult. We're constructing one in the canning room for this Sunday's (10/6) TailGateFest! Celebrating Fall and Fall beers, you'll be able to come out and paint a pumpkin for our pumpkin painting contest! New to this event, you'll be able to launch your freaking pumpkin across our 8 acre campus!

Our TailGateFest Fall celebration event is just 3 weeks away! We've started to roll out our Fall beer lineup. Here's what's on tap at each TailGate taproom this weekend!

Sign us up for more nights like this and more beers like these.

3 weeks out from TailGateFest, our annual celebration of Fall and Fall beers. Pumpkin shirts are hot off our presses and the pumpkin-chuckin trebuchet is under construction! Mark 10/6 on your calendars ๐Ÿ—“

Orange Wheat was made for Fall days like this! We're also โœŒ weeks from our TailGateFest Fall celebration!

Got the battle plan drawn up for TailGateFest on October 6th! We're celebrating all things Fall with Fall brews, Pumpkin Cider, and a full day of events! Trebuchet for pumpkin chuckin ๐ŸŽƒโ˜„ . Hammerschlagen ๐Ÿ”จ . Stein Holding Contest ๐Ÿบ . Bluegrass from @tnwarblers ๐ŸŽผโšก . Basic costume contest ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’โ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ“ธ

Hardware came in from the US Open of Beer! In one of the largest beer competitions in North America, in the most competitive category, Southeast IPA earned a Gold Medal. We'll drink to that.

Creamsicle Sour - Rich, creamy vanilla flavors hit first then sour orange flavor rounds out a wonderful play on this sunny day favorite! #tailgatebrewery

Part ode to a Greek Titan, part tribute to a local athlete, full juicy NE IPA! Limited release cans of Taylor Brewan Hazy IPA are available now!