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Wife|Lax and hockey mom| Believer in Abundance Zyia Active 🇨🇦 rep | Follow @suzannechatecoaching for more inspiration ❤️

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Another year wiser 🎈

Another year wiser 🎈

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October is such an important month that brings awareness to this disease. Proud to be associated with a company that gives back. Please reach out if you would like to shop and/or host an online party to qualify for hostess rewards.

Today we took part in 2 phenomenal celebrations.💖 This morning we celebrated the life of an amazing wife & mom who’s no longer with us at the CIBC run for the Cure. Our hockey family came together with so many others to celebrate and pay tribute to these warriors💖 with smiles, tears and determination. Then this afternoon we celebrated the impending arrival of a beautiful new soul into this world. 💗 My heart is so full and I feel compelled to remind you all to hug your loved ones tight everyday, smile often, take risks that will move you to greatness and above all every morning you wake up give thanks for a new day. Wishing you all the best this week my friends.

Let’s be very clear shall we. YOU ARE NOT BROKEN!!!! Never let anyone tell you that you are. You are doing the best you can with the thought gps you’ve been equipped with. We don’t want to “fix” the road you are on now, it’s a ring road with tons of potholes that will never get you to your ultimate destination you dream of in life. We want to chart a new road entirely with celebration stops along the way, refuelling stations to feed your soul and scenery that excites you on the way to your ultimate destination. Not sure how to craft your new road? Book a 90 minute transformational session with me where we craft that map for you. Limited spots open for July. #empowerothers #entrepreneurlife #success #roadlesstravelled #successfulwomen #nlppractitioner #designyourlife #iamworthit #ihaveadream #lifegps #bethechangeyouwanttosee #dreamlifestyle #dreamlife #abundancementality #abundantlife #entrepreneurlife #youarenotbroken #claritycounts #mentalclarity #selfcaredaily

I am terrified of my own potential. I sat there dumbfounded this time last year as I got ready to give my notice to leave my 6 figure corporate job to pursue my dream career as a Life & Success Coach, with the realization that I have been holding myself back most of my life. What makes me infinitely capable of being a Coach to clients is that I have been where you are now? Terrified to move forward to greatness, knowing I was/am capable of insanely unrealistic things and doing the scary ass stuff to get there is the most important thing that makes me qualified to be your Coach. Yes I am accredited and have taken the time to become certified in many modalities to support my clients, but what gives my clients the biggest transformation is that I have felt that same fear at going after my dreams and changing my limiting beliefs as they feel starting that process. I hold space for them to feel that fear and then call them on their BS when they tell me they can’t. You are so much more then your fear, let me show you. #success #lifecoach #successiskey #successprinciples #abundancemindset #loveyourlifestyle #loveyourlife❤️ #careeropportunities #mylifeisablessing #nevercountmeout #neverstopgrowing #toronto #guelph #happyfridayeveryone #youareworthit #laxmom #summervacation #timeforchange

It’s someone’s birthday today!!! Chloe, it has been an absolute honour watching you grow up and getting to be your Mom. Keep dreaming kiddo because anything you imagine in your minds eye can be yours. From Mom,Dad, Teighan, Colin and Jack,happiest of years ahead and we love you. #mylifeisabundant #birthdaygirl #laxgirlsrock

I see you putting on that pseudo smile in an effort to celebrate a loved one or colleague’s accomplishment. You are thrilled for them and all they’ve accomplished however deep down that feeling of why not me is always bubbling under the surface. Why didn’t I get that award? Why did that client not sign with me? Why am I showing up at this event again without a date?? I’ve asked myself the same questions at various times in my life , looking at others as they were knocking life out of the park and being truly mystified why life wasn’t rolling out as I expected it to. I know you are capable of making the adjustments you need to not just survive life but to truly thrive. Time to banish that feeling of not being worthy enough. Banish those deep routed limiting beliefs that are holding you back and embrace confidence, clarity and a mindset that actually supports you in achieving all you desire. I only have 5 more spots open for 1:1 Coaching prior to opening up my wait list. Stop waiting and start celebrating life. Book your call with me now to explore if we are a great fit. Direct message me so that I can send you the application and reserve your time. Now is the time to be the one knocking it out of the park.

Have you ever wondered why some people in this world lead an extraordinary life and others walk around in a fog of mediocrity?❤️ How can some people rise above whatever circumstance they were born into to become great leaders while others with every possible advantage squander their life away?❤️ Embrace hope, embrace that best version that you dream of becoming , fail forward and evolve into that person the world needs you to be.❤️ Don’t let fear keep you playing small, you are capable of so much more.❤️ #positiveintentions #girlbossquotes #createthelifeyoulove #mindfulmonday #MondayMotivation #spiritualjunkie #manifestabundance #goalplanning #changingmylife #growthmindset🌱 #mylifeisabundant #successonmymind #changeyourlife #StepUp #successiskey #lifecoach #yourlife #gratitude #mentalclarity #failforward

Bees scare the crap out of me! 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 I am also infinitely in awe of them as well. How they pollinate flowers 🌸 and our fruit trees, how they in their big round bodies lift off on those tiny wings and how they create delicious honey together. Bees are capable of such phenomenal things which to me seem ridiculously hard. 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 My Mom shared a story with me when she gifted me this bracelet . She had heard that against all odds of aero dynamics bees fly when theoretically they should not be able to. She said she thought of me and the parallels in my new role; creating beautiful lives for my clients and and myself in situations that may not seem ideal at first. (Btw I was terrified to tell my parents I was leaving a lucrative career in finance to become a self employed success coach because I didn’t think they would get it! Ya I was clearly wrong there) 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 You are so capable of defying every reason why you think you are not capable of doing something. 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 You only have 2 days left to take advantage of my Birthday pricing for my VIP coaching experience. Don’t waste this opportunity for real meaningful growth and obtain the transformation you are meant for. 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 #birthday2019 #lifecoaching101 #lifecoachingmatters #Leos #julybaby #hockeymomlife #successfulwomen #goalplanning #positivenergy #bees #beabee #trainyourmind #growthmindset🌱 #BeExceptional #IGotThis #bossbabe👑 #entrepreneurgoals #BelieveToAchieve #believewomen #workingmomma #workingmom #pandorabracelet #happymindandlife #mylifeisablessing #createthelifeyoulove

Congratulations Novice 1 on bringing home the Zone 8 A Championship. So proud of how you all carried yourselves all weekend long! Can’t wait for Provincials in a few weeks!! #guelphregals #laxlife #proudmama

August always signals a reset for me. ❤️ Most of my kids lacrosse activities are wrapping up and it’s a few weeks before hockey starts up. This downtime allows me to pause and reflect on where I want to be and evaluate new projects that are on the horizon. ❤️ My journey has brought me an incredible opportunity as a Zyia Canada Rep, one that allows me to bring to you all in Canada and the United States high quality active wear for the entire family. ❤️ Some of you may decide to host parties with me either on line or in person, some of you may chose to shop my store on line and then some of you may decide to join me in building a business that is based upon integrity, fun and empowerment. ❤️ I am so excited at where this next chapter will be taking me and even more excited that you are part of this journey too. #workingmomlife #selfemployedlife #mlm #activefamily #positivity #designyournextchapter #lifebymydesign #onemorerep #nevercountmeout #abundancementality #activewearfashion #activelifestyles #goingforward #playtimefun #entrepreneurmindset #lovelife

I am surrounded by such glorious beauty and all I can think of on the way up here is the size of my ass in my bathing suit. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 I know I’m not alone in this and it’s not just how big, women also worry about how small or skinny they are ;wishing this part or that part was bigger or more developed. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ My daughter deserves more from me. My daughter deserves for me to stand proud in my own skin. Be it over weight or underweight. My daughter deserves for me to share with her the mindset that my success, self worth and ability to give and receive love has nothing to do with how I look in my bathing suit. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ So I will be wearing my bathing suit with all my lumps and bumps because this is me. Find your tribe who will support you not cause you to compare yourself to an arbitrary ideal. This week I am beyond grateful to be surrounded by my amazing husband and kids and our phenomenal friends and their kids who legit love me for me. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A mindset tip to try is this. Find a quiet spot and close your eyes. Breath deeply and think of 5 things that you love about yourself. Express gratitude for all the items you love about yourself . Train your mind to see yourself for all you bring to the table, not where you see lack. You are worth it, your daughters are worth it and so is every woman you know. #workingmom #fitnessmotivation #findyourself #bodypositive #strongwomenraisestrongwomen #findyourtribe #lakelifestyle #lakelife #goodfriendsgoodtimes #cottagelife #mindsetiseverything #retrainyourbrain #loveyourself #bodypositivemovement #positiveaffirmations #designyourlife #abundance

You spend hours scrolling Instagram, binge watching Netflix on the weekends and find your days are full without ever accomplishing all you want to. • • • Listen the hard truth is that you won’t gain any traction on your goals until you face the fear. • • • I can provide you free training on all the best time management techniques and effective goal setting but it’s probably just going to sit in your in box untouched. • • • The fitness goals, business goals , dream career and financial aspirations can only be achieved if you face what’s holding you back first and then develop the technical skills you need to support it!! • • • I know investing in a mentor/coach is scary when you can’t quantify what you will have on the end. I’ve been there in that thinking! I can also tell you that before I did the work on what I was/am fearful of I had a mountain of unfinished projects and dreams. • • Now is the time to acknowledge what’s holding you back and deal with it! Book your consult today, link in bio!

Events will happen in your business, career and life that at first will seem to rock your foundation! My sweet friends when this happens I encourage you with all my heart to ask yourself if your vision for yourself has changed? 🧡 As that fear, shame or anguish is sitting in the pit of your stomach really dig deep and be honest with yourself if your goal is still the same? 🧡 If the answer is yes, and I bet for 90 percent of you it is, then sit down and figure out why this is happening “for” you. 🧡 Now here is where you take action. If you are the CEO of your life and business how would you address that event??? 🧡 Don’t let someone else take away what you’ve dreamt about. This is a deviation not the end. 🧡 Write a list of all the things you would do, how you’d act, how you would authentically move towards your goals when you are that muther f’ing CEO. 🧡 Your job is to start showing up as that CEO NOW!!!!! If you want to become that person embody them now, don’t wait. Waiting to be that person will surely lead to you never getting there. 🧡 #successmindset #careercoach #successcoach #successcoaching #orangehat #fallvibes #truthbomb #csuite #empoweringwomen #loveyourlifestyle #loveyourself #manifestingabundance #abundancenow #abundancemindset #stretchgoals #workingmoms #parentwin

It felt like I just got kicked in the chest. ✨ I was totally overwhelmed by the immense gratitude that flooded me when I heard my clients words today as we were about to finish our last call. ✨ She spoke of how she felt like she had no direction and couldn’t see that she ever would before working with me. Now she saw the path ahead. Now she is excited to pave the road she had always hoped for yet never thought possible. ✨ After we hung up I cried, tears streaming down my face it hit me how privileged I am to do this work. ✨ I change lives. That is the most empowering thing to realize. It’s not a catch phrase, it’s my reality. ✨ I want to thank my husband and kids for the sacrifices they have made while I grow my business. It’s tough trying to standout online , yet the sacrifices we have made are all worth it knowing the impact I am having on this world. ✨ Reach out, it’s now time for you to take that path you can’t yet believe you can travel. It’s time for us to work together to change your life✨ #grateful #gratitudejournal #successmindset #coachingtosuccess #entrepreneurlife #myjourney #growthroughit #lifeisgood #makeyourlifebetter #goals❤️ #transformation #successfulwomen #empoweredwomen #bossbabe #WorkingWomen #keytolife #lifecoachforwomen #lifecoachingtips #loveyourlifestyle

You are in control of your dimmer switch. Let me be the first to remind you on this gorgeous Saturday that the bright sparkly life you seek is already inside of you. Time to tune in to that frequency and crank it up!!!⚡️ #crankitup #lifecoachingtips #lifecoachingforwomen #lifecoachingworks #designyourlife #excellentlife #workingmomlife #WorkingWomen #fliptheswitch #beyourownchange #dreamer #takeactionnow #lovemylife💕 #saturdayvibes #successminded #successiskey #successfulwomen #livetoyourpotential #careerchange #careerwoman #careercoach #iamworthit #iamphenomenal #supportbossbabes #bossmom #bossbabe #bosslady #entrepreneurgoals #entrepreneur

So happy to have this guy home now after his golf trip⛳️ Last week highlighted for me that even though I am beyond competent in running our home, parenting and , having my own business, it seems to mean more when he’s there. There to share in my wins, there to sit on the patio with me and there to cheer on our kids are just a few of the things I missed with him away last week. I pray you all find the one that makes your world a brighter place and who leans on you just as much as you lean on them. ❤️ #golfwidow #hubs #lovemyhubby #myliferocks #golftrip #CostaRicaTrip #entrepreneurlife #lifecoachforwomen #designyourlife #mylifeisablessing #mylifeisabundant #positiveminds #goals❤️ #marriagegoals #marriages #blessed #entrepreneurgoals #successfulwomen #partnership #workingmomlife #lovehim💙 #designyournextchapter #successhabits #familygoals #hockeyparents #lacrosseparents #beyou #excel

I wrote a Thank you letter to my Backfat today. I thanked it for being my constant companion and suit of armour that protected me from really being seen. I thanked it for being my crutch to play small. I thanked it for always being there in the mirror when I turned around. I also thanked it for being so tenacious and quick to adapt to any diet or personal trainer. I then told it that I am strong enough now emotionally that I don’t need it’s armour to protect me from the world. As with each relationship that evolves I am ready to move past that dependency and to move forward to embrace a smaller me in stature and a much bigger me in life. Thank you Backfat for our complex, crazy relationship. It’s now time to go with love and not resentment.❤️

First year city track in the books for this guy. Even without spikes🤪 he still came home with 2nd in the 100 and 1st in the 200m. Clearly has his mom’s running genes, and he made his big sister super proud following in her footsteps. Nothing better then sunshine, great classmates and hanging with your lax bros on a random Tuesday. #guelph #trackandfield #brothersbychoice #laxkids #glutenfreekids #sprinter

What do you see? Tears of sadness because she has had her heart broken or tears of joy because she just read an email with a dream job offer?????? ........ Your mindset determines how you see and process the world around you. ......... Don’t allow your world to be seen through sadness embrace the joy. ......... I use to look at pictures like this and immediately think the worse. Now I see the tears of joy; the dream job offer, the text saying her loved one made it through surgery, the photo of her engagement that perfectly captures her and her partner. ....... I am here as living proof you are able to adjust your mindset , if you need help know you are never alone . Drop a comment below if you would like access to the journal prompts I used as part of my 3 step transformation.

When I’ve lost 5 more pounds, when I have more time, when I’ve got make up on............. Sound familiar? Stop waiting for an imaginary what if and take action. I am enough just the way I am and so are you. Growth and fulfillment comes from taking action towards who and what you want to be not waiting to start. I am offering 3 amazing people $1000 off my one to one coaching rate to kickstart your journey. Stop waiting and start living. #selfemployedmom #bosschic #designyourlife #entreprenuerlifestyle #entrepreneurgoals #workingmomlife #workingmoms #successminded #successprinciples #lifecoachforwomen #lifecoachinghappiness #guelphlife #lifestyledesign

I did something this afternoon I have not tried to do in years; I started a running program. Here’s to crossing the finish line in October @runforthecure_guelph . You are never too old, too out of shape, too time starved to do something that not only improves your health but ultimately the health of many more. Join me and get your ass off that couch and go outside to run. #fuckcancer #runner #designyourlife #enjoylife #bossmom #life #chooseyou #hockeyisfamily #nevercountmeout

This is the face of a chronic under achiever. Someone who always dreamt big but could never take action. Someone who felt guilty and anxious she wasn’t living up to the standard she knew she was capable of. It was evident in her career, health, home. This is also the face of someone who woke the f up and said that life was not good enough. This is the face of someone who invested the time in herself to uncover the root of why she was playing small and she did the work to get past it. This is my face and I am done playing small. Why don’t you join me because the view from this side is so much brighter. #enjoylife #goals #dreams #youareworthit #life #lifecoach #abundancemindset #abundance #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneur #bossmom #bossbabe #bosslady #designyourlife #mylifeisabundant #life

Stop with all the regret, stop with all the grudges, stop with negativity. It’s time for you to fully embrace your life for the gift that it is. Embrace life with gratitude for what and where you are now , embrace with clarity who you want to be, embrace showing up every single f’ing day and living your life with excellence and not perfection in mind. Don’t waste this gift. BE WHO YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD BE. If you are stuck on where to begin to gain clarity please DM me and I will send you some resources to get you started. Friday is the perfect day for reflection. #believe #PositiveVibes #PositiveMindset #designyourlife #youareworthit #life #dreams #enjoylife #goals

I hope I get that promotion at work, I hope that client signs, I hope he likes me, I hope our offer is accepted.......... Stop hoping and move forward with conviction. If you wish to have something stop hoping and start knowing it’s yours to have. Live your life showing up as the best version of yourself, push out of your comfort zone and believe in your awesomeness. I know I will get a promotion at work, I know that client will sign, I know he will like me, I know our offer will be accepted..... do the work, and believe! Special thanks to an Abraham Hicks audio I listed to today for the inspiration. #success #entrepreneur #gratitude #lawofattraction #lifecoach #successquotes #bossbabe #believeinyourself #abrahamhicks #mylifeisabundant #abundance #abundancemindset #Coach #Coaching

The rings of this tree speak to years and years of growth. Drawing from the soil all the nutrients it requires. Soaking up sunshine and rain to support it’s growth process. With each growth ring the tree becomes stronger and more resilient to any storm. I can’t help but look at this and think of our own growth. Growth that takes place when we push outside of our comfort zone; soaking up with our minds, bodies and souls personal development ,extracting the best behaviours from those we seek to model ourselves after, and stretching ourselves to reach towards goals that excite and scare us at the same time. Our resilience improves as we fortify ourselves with the resources we need. I am opening only 7 individual spots for 1:1 Coaching. Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do, and I’m speaking from experience. If you want to transform your life and radiate happiness, joy and have a sense of peace DM me to set up your consultation. #believeinyourself #Coaching #abundancemindset #abundance #mylifeisabundant #Boss #bossbabe #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneur #sahm #sahd #levelup #believe #dreams #goals #PositiveVibes #PositiveMindset 📸 Joey Kyber

If you never take stalk of where you are now , how will you ever judge how far it is to the end goal??? This is an exercise that I do with every single client as I find it extremely impactful visual tool. Have some fun with it and plot out the key areas of your life in your journal or on a board that you will see frequently. I encourage you to update the chart as well each month as you make progress! #success #entrepreneur #gratitude #finance #FinancialPlanner #crayola #journal #Balance #lifecoach #Boss #bossbabe #goals #beyourbest #positivity #abundance #abundancemindset

I believe it's all about finding the appropriate balance in relationships. Not what works for your neighbours or coworkers but what feels congruent for you and your partner. My husband and I don't split everything at home 50/50 however we each do what makes sense for us and our family, knowing that what we do adjusts to the flow of our lives. For instance once I had an office at home I began taking over making dinner, something he had done forever due to my previous schedule. The change was fluid and now he has taken over from me planning the kids activities and our in house entertainment committee because he has more time. It may never be a true 50/50 split (and yes i choose to pair that with a picture of water and a scotch😀) but stop figuring out percentages and focus instead on how to find your own healthy balance! #scotch #Balance #partners #designyourlife #positivity #mylifeisabundant #Monday #entrepreneur #successcoach #financialcoach #lifestyle #entrepreneurlife #love #parents #Forthewin #findit #communication #newchef

I had a BMW moment today and I'm not talking about driving my car. I am talking about a Blow My World moment. I've been focusing on showing up as my higher self A LOT LATELY and the momentum that you achieve when you do that is compelling to make you want to keep doing it. I never ask my clients to do something I don't do myself. I have also been listening to my intuition and when something falls in my lap I sure as hell do not ignore it. Well just this morning I identified and verbalized something I felt I was missing and by 5pm tonight I met someone organically who can solve my identified gap. I didn't go searching anything out it just fell right into my lap. Trust you are on the right path and keep your eyes open. #bmw #lifestyle #successcoach #mindblown #comfortzoneblasted #yes #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #lifecoach #bossbabe #bossmom #calculatedrisk #business #growthmindset #grow #ibelieveinyou #dream #believe #integrity #intentions

Day dreaming of warmer days and beach time!! It's been a long cold winter here and I'm about ready to see all this white stuff melt away. Family vacations are a must for us. It's time to spend days talking about whatever comes to mind, discover new countries and try new experiences. We come back slightly different each time and see our day to day life in a new wonderful way. What's your favorite thing about vacation? #gratitude #family #beach #lifestlye #glutenfreetravel #entrepreneurlifestyle #parentwin #howmuchlonger #kids #mykidsrock #stlucia

Hey everyone!❤️ My friend @katiebohio is looking for 5 people to try FAT-BURNING KETO COFFEE that breaks down fat, sharpens mental focus, boosts energy, kills cravings, and satisfies hunger!☕️ This skinny coffee is super popular and going fast! Please comment below if you’d be interested in more info!👇👇👇 Thanks!

TGIF as I mentioned in my stories yesterday this account will be reverting back to a private account at the end of the month. My business has now reached a point where I need to introduce some separation. I thank all of you who have been with me since the beginning. If you like what you have seen recently please follow me @suzannechatecoaching. #evolution #growthmindset #bossbabe #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #lifecoach #bossbabe #bossmom

Trying to stand out in a see of trees can be really hard. I recently made the decision to turn this account back into a purely personal account that focuses on my family and my lifestyle. My coaching and mindset work will all take place @suzannechatecoaching moving forward. It's so important for me to ensure that regardless of what page you follow of mine you are seeing content that appeals to you. If you are missing seeing my in depth posts around mind set, goal setting and finances please follow me on my new account. If however you want to see my musings on parenthood, hockey, lacrosse and lifestyle changes then you are in the right spot! Thank you for being on this journey with me regardless of which account resonates with you. Btw if it's both that's awesome❤❤ #lax #laxmom #hockeymom #lifestyle #bossbabe #bossmom #designyourlife #successcoach #entrepreneur #abundance #PositiveMindset #IGotThis #glutenfree #glutenfreekids #weddedbliss

Don't rush the process. My insights in full posted at @suzannechatecoaching . Happy Saturday all!

****Giveaway time**** Giving back runs deep in my soul, and with each milestone in my business I want to share my abundance with you. Next week my web site will go live and to celebrate that I will be giving away a 90 minute session with myself that goes deep into your goals and addressing any limiting beliefs that may be impacting your results. These sessions are valued at $350 and I will also include a super cute journal for all your notes💕. So here’s the deal, like this post, make sure you follow me @suzannechatecoaching , tag one friend and here is the part that I really Hope you support, donate 1 item to your local food bank. I’m going on the honour system here and I would love to see you drop your pics of doing this in the comments below. Each tag gives you one entry so tag away my friends. The draw will take place March 29th live at 1pm. No cash value in lieu of the service. Deadline Midnight March 28th #transformational #NLP #successmindset #successfulwomen #lifecoach #growthmindset #designyourlife #growth #giveback #abundance