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supercar & Aviation writer and photographer based in Vancouver Canada. Photographs are taken by me unless otherwise credited.@racingedgeofficial.

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The one and only SR-71 Blackbird. Still ahead of its time. I took this picture in March this year on my 2nd visit to the Blackbird Airpark in Palmdale. Makes me a little sad that this sublime aircraft no longer inhabits it’s true habitat. @mikekillianphotography @mikelingpilot @fly_monty_uk @lockheedmartin #sr71 #sr71blackbird #palmdale @jmehunter @thespeedyguidy @p1youngin @redfixedarrow @n_plane_spotter @skell15 @theaviationist @philippetondeur1 @aviationparadiso @jetfightersss

My favourite photoshoot. 2017 at the Blackbird Airpark in Palmdale.488 Spider between an SR-71 and an A12. What a moment in time. @fly_monty_uk @aerospace_escapes @theaviationist @philippetondeur1 @jmehunter @aviationparadiso #sr71blackbird #sr71 @mikelingpilot @mikekillianphotography @usairforce @us_air_power @ferrari @ferraridrive @ferrari_network @autoropaferrari @ferrari_dreams @_ferrari_dreams #adventuretime #photoshoot #california #palmdale @redfixedarrow @top_gunphoto @skell15

Final Red Arrow arrival at YVR. Still get the hairs on the back of my neck standing up. Such a privilege to be apart of the welcome ceremonies. Today the Reds depart from Toronto on the journey back to the UK. safe flight Reds. @rafredarrows @thespeedyguidy @yvrairport @yvrspotters @aerospace_escapes @raf_aviation #redarrows #redarrowstour #vancouver #yvr @mcflier @theaviationist @p1youngin @phil.beans @philippetondeur1

Sadly I did not take this photo as we don’t have any F8’s in Vancouver yet but I do love this image of a suspended Ferrari F8. Gorgeous Blu Corsa, reminds of the 488 spider I tested in LA a couple of years ago. @thespeedyguidy @garage.worldwide @lacarspotter_ @fastcarsbc @supercars.of.bc @ferraridrive @ferrari_dream #FerrariF8Tributo

Blast from the past. While on an archeological excavation in Jordan in 2000 I detoured to take a look at the ancient city of Petra. I was thinking of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade as I approached the building known as the Treasury. @archaeologymagazine @wonderhussyadventures @mrhugzzz @aerospace_escapes @travelandleisure @exjordanarytravels #petra #cityofpetra @skell15 @p1youngin @supercarowner

‪Trio of Red Arrows taxing in yesterday. Privilege to be in the ramp to watch them come in. Camerawoman is from ITV who r following up with a 2nd doc on the Reds‬. @thespeedyguidy @aerospace_escapes @aviatiamagazin @theaviationist @frankcrebas #redarrowstour #redarrows @rafredarrows @bvrdesign @yvrairport @yvrspotters @kenters55 @philippetondeur1 @redarrows__

Surprise visitor at LandMark Aviation, a CF-18B Hornet. Ran into the crew at the terminal before they headed out to the jet. They parked in the same spot the Reds Arrows parked a few weeks ago. @aerospace_escapes @aviation_geeks_united @rcaf_arc #cf18 #cf18hornet @yvrspotters @yvrairport @aviatiamagazin @utah.jack #f18 #f18hornet

What a day posing the 488 spider with the kings of speed. An SR-71 Blackbird and an A-12. Rather wished I could have left the Ferrari as a permanent member of this collection. Great adventure. @thespeedyguidy @star080_sp @garage.worldwide @uniquephotos.inc #unusualphotos #sr71blackbird #sr71 @ferraridrive @ferrariphotoshooter @ferrari_dream @drivetribe @drivezone_italia @italiansmakecars @lockheedmartin @raddrives @garage.worldwide @supercarowner @lamborghiniks @aerospace_escapes

The F35 demo team had this F35 pilots helmet on display. Would love to wear a working version of this helmet. @aerospace_escapes @the_f35_lightning_ii #f35helmet #pilotshelmet #f35lightning @fighteropilot @the_fighterjetgeek @_fighterjets_ @fighteraircraft

My favourite hypercars. Sadly not my picture nor have I had the opportunity to drive either one. Love to test them and write an article for Drivetribe or RacingEdge or LA Dreams Magazine.Any owners interested please DM me. @thespeedyguidy @lacarspotter_ @lamborghiniks @n1kyzy @garage.worldwide @p1youngin @supercarblondie

McLaren Senna @mclarentalk @mclarensenna_ @mclarenfansclub @mclarensenna.registry @mclarensenna_ @mclarentalk @garage.worldwide @supercars.of.bc @p1youngin @spec.my.senna

Tight Red Arrows @oregonairshow @aerospace_escapes @aviatiamagazin @aviation_geeks_united @rafredarrows @rafred10 @redarrowsdyeteam @jumbo747pilot @philippetondeur1 @skell15

On the ramp at Landmark Aviation with Red Arrows Circus member Sophie Hancox. 3 Red Arrow Hawks in the background. Amazing day. @aviatiamagazin @aerospace_escapes @redarrows__ @rafredarrows @philippetondeur1 @raf_aviation