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Day One of the @chicomendesbjj seminar and my first “proper” night out for over a year. Was great fun training with the girlies then dressing up to go out for decent food and drinks. Now to get up and ready for Day Two. Breakfast at @blackandwhit33 first! #bjj #bjjgirls #bjjgirl #bjjwomen #bjjwoman #brazilianjiujitsu #rollhardplayhard #bjjseminar #bjjnogi #bjjgi #girlsingis #womenwhoroll #bjjmoms #postpregnancy #10weekspostpartum #bjjbluebelt #bjjbluebelts #bluebeltgirls #bluebelt #bluebeltbjj #postpregnancyfitness #mommysnightout #checkmat #wearecheckmat #checkmatbjj #paulsevernbjj #checkmatworcestershire

It’s World Downs Syndrome Day!! How many kids can say they have a day to celebrate what’s different about them? Daisy’s diagnosis when I was 16 weeks pregnant came as a massive shock to us. When we were asked if we wanted the Triple Screening on the NHS, I said “yes” as it never crosssed my mind that the results would come back as anything other than normal. Then we got the phonecall a couple of days later to tell us that there was a 1/40 chance of her being born with T21, and that we needed to go through an amniocentesis procedure to get a dna sample from the waters surrounding her. We were still telling ourselves it was only a 1/40 chance, that the odds were in our favour, that it’s a 2.5% chance. It really knocked us for six to have her diagnosis confirmed after the agonising wait. We had no knowledge of it, knew noone with it, and Google searches just made the worry worse telling us about heart problems, bowel problems, eye problems, that there’s a chance she won’t walk or speak, that she may need constant care even as she gets older and that there’s no chance of her living a “normal life”. Then we started falling over the support groups, the ones that showed children with DS throwing tantrums like any normal child, dancing in and winning “able bodied” competitions, meeting partners, forming relationships and getting married. Supporting themselves through employment and living alone in their own apartments. Turns out, there are much worse things to be born with than DS, of all the scare stories we read, Daisy has walked all over them so far, she’s physically healthy, has no defects that doctors have found, is a little milk monster who can scream as much as the next baby when you take her out of her beloved bath or don’t cool her milk down fast enough. She’s starting to be pretty vocal with her sighs, squeaks and growls and is getting the hang of the movements needed to rollover, she’s learning to grab things (normally at the most inconvenient moments) and we’re getting glimmers of smiles. She’s our Little Duck and we love her to bits, I wish we could have been shown us as we are now to us 4/5 months ago - it would have quashed any worries we had!

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what’s in my iPod when I’m working out 💪🏽, audio self help books & now this etthehiphoppreacher thanks to the young king @actionjackson__21 for the recommendation...I can’t stop listening...a distracted mind can’t produce success 👌🏽



a lil business & pleasure at Cowboys stadium 🏟...shout out to dem boyz ⭐️ 🏈



excited & so proud to get this video of my sons work environment....USAF F16 crew chief 👌🏽👌🏽🚀🚀

more pics from the new F16 crew chief...I always wanted to sit in a fighter jet 😀...proud of you son...onward & upward ❤️🚀👌🏽

family won’t let me be great...tryna buy this Ducati 748...but they talkin bout it’s dangerous & I’m having a mid life crisis 😑

they say how do u survive weighing 165 in the city where the skinny.....

I wanted to wish my son a happy birthday...proud of you, work hard & enjoy your life... thing about having kids young is they grow up quick & usually grow you up too... we grew up together & you helped me be a better man...I love you & enjoy your day ~Love Dad ❤️🎂

kicks of the day...KD florals 👟😐

kicks of the day Bally Croc 🐊 embossed leather sneakers 👟



military press 135lbs 4 sets of 10 💪🏾

Got a chance to spend sometime with the women in my life at my daughters “apartment”.. 😑

💯 life is good

virgo season 🎂 🍾🥂...

special kicks of the day...I been wanting these but didn’t want to pay the reseller markup & my son surprised me for my bday from @flightclub 🎁❤️👌🏽✊🏽

he went from ashy to classy 😀 happy birthday to me 🎂


kicks of the day...Jordan 4 mushrooms 🍄👟

tbt 5 years ago...son receiving his 1st car 🚗

⌚️of the day

family ❤️❤️❤️👌🏽

driveway 🚗🚗

kicks of the day LV run away SS2014 👟

pool shark 🎱🦈 👌🏽