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🚨The Smoke Signals EP by Recluse is out NOW!🚨 @prsguitars Guitarist and producer for Recluse #ATX

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Getting the hang of creating live jam loops. I freaking love the @official_line6 Helix.

Attempting a Mac set up for this next project... plz help.

Heading to San Antonio this weekend. I figured I’d attempt some writing on the go..

#TBT to the week I brought the SC58 home. Came up with this progression...

Sorry about the static, as my audio driver gave up on me when I started the playback. Anyway, here’s Touch and Go by Intervals!

Living Room solo. @davidmaximmicic @aaronintervals #prsguitars

Check out our cover of Drunk by @dayseeker - fell in love with this song as well as their whole entire Sleeptalk album. Make sure to check it out!!! Full cover on our YouTube channel, Recluse Music.

iPhone 11 + @officialalterbridge ...unreal.

Fantastic evening... loving how some of these shots came out!

Post Malone - I Fall Apart. Check out our latest cover - full link in bio!!!! @timstjohnmusic #RecluseMusic

Check out our latest release - Travel Alone acoustic!!!! Full video on our YouTube channel!

Managed to sneak in a few minutes of play time during an insane semester. Almost there!

We are three weeks out from the release of our EP, Smoke Signals. So excited to share the remaining songs we’ve been working so hard on. In the meantime, we’re working on a huge surprise for everyone this weekend. Stay tuned!!!

#ICYMI - check out our rock cover of #cruelsummer by @taylorswift on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube!!

Finally got to play a #silversky today....they really are amazing. @prsguitars

The next chapter....a lot of writing is going to be done in this city. I can’t wait.

Jamming along to some @davidmaximmicic - I stopped playing right before the actual guitar player came in.

Our EP is NOW AVAILABLE everywhere!!!! So proud of the work we put into this project. @timstjohnmusic is an absolute lyrical genius and an insanely talented vocalist. Through balancing full time jobs, families, and just having a life, I’ve still managed to make a great friend while working on this project. Can’t wait to continue to work with him on much more in the future. I also want to give a shoutout to @andytx_ and @_callanbrown for the instrumental and mixing assistance along the way. Couldn’t have done it without you guys. To everyone else that has supported us so far - THANK YOU!!! More to come 🤘🏻

Anyone else have experience using fret wraps? I’d figure I’d give it a shot for this next project. So far, it’s really helped trim down unwanted noise on lead stuff.

Early start to some writing. #prsguitars EDIT: Please note I am fixing the exposed wires after my final equipment for work comes in 😂

#SterlingSunday is back full force. I figured I’d share my two favorite breakdowns from quite possibly my favorite @periphery song, Reptile. Just jam on the G...

Alllll the way up until yesterday I haven’t gotten my Helix to sound this clean through Reaper. 😍😍😍🤯

Haven’t played any acoustic since moving to here’s some @johnmayer to fill the gap.

My writing buddy 😺

We have a release date for our Smoke Signals EP!! We couldn’t wait to share another teaser after all of the positive feedback on the single. #RecluseMusic #volumeon

Evening lighting and a #ce24

This solo has been on the books for awhile now, but I thought I’d share since it’s one of my favorite for the upcoming EP. From our opening track, Travel Alone. (One of three solos...)

That’s not a bed....

Not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this but I love @prsguitars 😎

Sunday prepped.

One of my favorite bands, @officialalterbridge , came on as part of a Spotify playlist that I was jamming in the car earlier today. It made me think of how long ago it was when they started out and I began listening to them. It also made me think about how @markttremonti made such a huge impact with my love for rock music and the guitar. While my musical taste has certainly branched out to various artists these past few years, I’ll never forget what and who started it all for me. Mark wasn’t the reason I picked up the guitar, but he was undoubtedly the reason I never put it down. 🤘🏻

About Today by The National. Thanks to @calebjsaenz for bringing this one back for me. An amazing song.

My favorite acoustic guitar strings! @daddarioandco #phospherbronze