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Passion for creating great food. Always trying new recipes, products & tips. Foodie, cook, hockey coach, dad & husband. Love to eat & love your food.

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Not the prettiest of plating but...Pancakes? Hmmmm, bananas? Hmmmm. Deep fried Banacakes?! BAM!!! Bananas dipped in crispy, light pancake batter. Your favourite toppings and whammo @stephsskillet #lovetoeatloveyourfood

Mint? Yes, actually mellows out some of the acidity in most tomato sauces. A nice beef tortellini w multi-colored pasta. The bread? A simple pita with avocado spread and grana padano broiled in oven. @stephsskillet #lovetoeatloveyourfood

Titled "The Last Meal" in Delta (Vancouver) B.C. The final evening with my family, headed back to Ottawa, Ont tomorrow. Loved B.C!! So I made them some Capellini Bacon Carbonara. @stephsskillet #lovetoeatloveyourfood

So I'm in Delta B.C. I love blueberries. And they have mammoth ones. So bought a 5lb box for ten bucks. Pancakes, muffins, mini cakes. Next is a pie.....stay tuned! @stephsskillet #lovetoeatloveyourfood

Mini me consistently asks for me waffles or pancakes. I went a touch different today & they turned out amazing. Belgian-style recipe in the comments. Enjoy!! @stephsskillet #lovetoeatloveyourfood

That feathery taste of garlic in an aromatic, rose sauce with shrimp and pasta. An awesome thin garlic bread slice to compliment it all @stephsskillet #lovetoeatloveyourfood

We liked that cod so much...this time used a tempura batter and mixed it with club soda. Soooo light! Fries done in the oven baked. Tossed w canola oil, salt, red pepper dust, paprika and dill. And the fresh pairing broccoli slaw. @stephsskillet #happycanadaday #lovetoeatloveyourfood

Nothing wrong with a lil' breakfast for dinner. These were pancakes made completely of ground oats. Added vanilla, nutmeg & cinnamon almond milk and bam. These were like hot cinnamon oatmeal cookies. Add your fav fruits, some cocoa whipped cream and strawberry coulis. @stephsskillet #lovetoeatloveyourfood

Home late....Cod fish on the counter. Throw together this super fresh fish and taters w asparagus. Hit the fish just right w egg wash, corn starch and flour. INCREDIBLY light and flavourful @stephsskillet #lovetoeatloveyourfood

When seasons change, so do diets. Green salad with Seared chicken breast, charred corn, broccoli, peppers & mushrooms. A light garlic oil & red wine vinegar dressing. This beauty was made while having a gallbladder attack, so messy plating and didnt get to enjoy it 😫👎 @stephsskillet #lovetoeatloveyourfood

First day back from hospital after gall bladder scare & removal. A beautiful buttery Cod fish with snap pea, mushroom, green onion & bean sprout stir fry. A nice light basmati rice and an orange, coffee, cayenne sauce @stephsskillet #whatsyoursauce #lovetoeatloveyourfood

Easy on the waistline and catering to the lack of a gallbladder makes you search for the healthier ways. Red onion, bread crumbs & zucchini shredded into this Chicken Burger. A super flavorful salsa w red onion, garlic, tsp olive oil, tsp balsamic vinegar and chopped basil. I added a garlic bread underneath for texture and some roasted mushrooms and broccoli. Enjoyed immensely @stephsskillet #lovetoeatloveyourfood

Had a wonderful steak and baked potato for dinner...but this was the beauty finisher. Light fluffy open faced strawberry shortcake. Shaved white chocolate, sprinkled cocoa and caramel sauce. @stephsskillet #lovetoeatloveyourfood #sweettooth

When #simple is your backdrop. Chicken roulade. Breast pounded out, layered with ham, mushrooms & a mix of parmesan and mozzarella cheeses cooked on a salt block on the bbq, then splash the grill. A cool summer broccoli slaw. Mayo, honey, lemon juice and 1/4 tsp sriracha. @stephsskillet #lovetoeatloveyourfood

Gorgeous Salmon fillet, with a butter,lemon, peppercorn sauce(rhue recipe to thicken). Medley of veggies. Broccoli, snap peas, green beans(ginger, garlic, hoisin sauce, oyster sauce, water & corn starch. Cayenne & brown sugar) @stephsskillet #lovetoeatloveyourfood

On a day where the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the air is warm, a light stir fry for dinner. Bok choy, sweet peppers, mushrooms, broccoli & bean sprouts sauteed in fresh ginger & garlic. Tasty Turkey meatballs with a #deliscious hoisin sauce. @stephsskillet #lovetoeatloveyourfood

Butchered pork chops. Center cut😋. My own coffee, Cayene sauce and a bright, light slaw. Chops seared in a scalding hot cast iron and basted just like a steak. Finished in the oven.

A fantastic General Tsao on rice! A lot of small steps but the finale is worth it. I choose to use skinless, boneless chicken thighs. Just brings better flavour and a nice butter taste under the coating. @stephsskillet #lovetoestloveyourfood

I wont tell you who's bagel this is but that's mine in behind. 1/2 dozen for 5 bucks. 1 bagel feeds 2 people. Want some? In the ottawa area? @stephsskillet #lovetoeatloveyourfood

Portions of orders. Bagels(plain & seasame), twice the size of any other bagel. Dbl chocolate chewy brownies w skør bits. Xl butter tarts, sans raisins as per request and the covered ones are my SIN-A-MAN buns. So big I gotta put em in 2 foil tins You want some and you're in the Ottawa Area @stephsskillet

Last night's request by my gorgeous wife fornvalentine's day. I won't argue. Chorizo w shrimp and pasta. Made a rosé sauce, top w a touch of feta. "Amber alert"!! forgot to put the garlic bread on the plate @stephsskillet #lovetoeatloveyourfood

A beautiful salmon steak, seared with a white Asian pear sauce. A baha salad and a Mayan heirloom squash mix with sweet onion & garlic. @stephsskillet #lovetoeatloveyourfood

Its Asian flare night but on the North American side. Lemon chicken on bed of rice. Good pre game for my teenage goalie. @stephsskillet #lovetoeatloveyourfood

Flatbread night. 1 more in the oven but started with these. 1 Mediterranean with light truffle oil. 1 BBQ sauce (thanks @guyfieri )prosciutto, liquid smoke in the dough & the 3rd is a meatier style. All have sprinkled garlic oil base. Man I love to eat! @stephsskillet #lovetoeatloveyourfood

Had a cooking class today to add to my arsenal of "Cheffing knowledge". Chef Devin & Dom, What a fantastic day you dished out to us at Urban Element @urbanelement613 today. Thank you for a phenomenal menu and tips and tricks. Thank you to my awesome wife for this gift.

A nice light veal ravioli topped with a mixed sauce that...... really turned out incredible. A romesco mixed with an alfredo so I will name it a "FREDESCO". Along with my ciabatta buns toasted golden browned butter. @stephsskillet #lovetoeatloveyourfood

#cod ....such a beautiful light white fish. Paired with asparagus and brown mushrooms with shallots. I made a peppercorn sauce with white wine, chicken stock, lemon zest & juice to give it the more delicate pairing against the fish. #yummyfood😋 @stephsskillet #lovetoeatloveyourfood

When you're cooking clean and want to make sure it still tastes like sunshine on a plate. Turkey and broccoli rice bowl with a mushroom teriyaki. Finished with green onions and sesame seeds. @stephsskillet #lovetoeatloveyourfood

Braised chicken breasts with le coprin mushroom broth. Spaghetti squash, baked and fried to remove the water and black peppered, parmesan asparagus @stephsskillet #lovetoeatloveyourfood