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David J. Brin

Father to an amazing and curious daughter interested in all things STEM. This is our journey together.

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We’re back! Move to Baton Rouge complete. Decided to take @alex_toys for a spin for our grand return. Great hands on session with the Scientific Explorer “My First Mind Blowing Science.” Similar to other kits but the instruction book has some great explanations and fun facts about the science going on with each experiment. First Project: Color Changing cabbage water with citric acid and baking soda. #stemgirls #stemeducation #stemkids #stemforkids #chemistryforkids #stemnola #stembatonrouge @c0pyh4ck

Keeping busy over the summer and exploring our new city. Can’t wait to check out what #stemeducation opportunities there are in #batonrouge but in the meantime tumbling the summer away @laathleticsbr

Watch out #batonrouge #stemeducation scene, we’re heading your way. We’ve been quiet with trying to finish out school strong and packing. Stay tuned, we’ll be exploring the city soon and looking for new things to do and explore in #225batonrouge and new #stemactivities to share with you all.

While #Copywriting on topics for clients operating in the #technology sector, I fell in love with #cybersecurity and #informationtechnology topics. I have always had an affinity and knack for tech and I have been fiddling with computers before Windows was a thing... So now I’m turning my passion into knowledge and through #continuingeducation @udemy and @udacity I’m bringing my passions to life with practical knowledge. If you work in #informationtechnology #infosec #cybersecurity or any related #technology fields, I would love to hear any affordable paths to education those doing the work might suggest. In the meantime, if you or your company have a need for a #remotework #freelance #website #contentcreator don’t hesitate to reach out. If you’re a #singleparent looking to make a change and need inspiration, follow me here and @stemdadextraordinaire

The video that started it all. She wanted a science kit for Christmas. And then she wanted to make a video. Scientific Explorer POOF-Slinky Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit #stemeducation #stemgirls #alexbrand #scienceforkids

What kid doesn’t love flashy over the top chemical reactions? Featured is the Horizon Group USA’s You’niverse Chemistry Lab #stemeducation #stemgirls #scienceforkids

Follow us here for #stemgirls #stemeducation #STEM products and activities great for parents. Follow our blog at www.davidjbrin.com/blog as we ramp up content.

Sorry we’ve been quiet. In the meantime, we did a little D&D sorcerer building, bath bomb mixing, soothing meditation jar making, “I want to learn to draw an eye” practicing. A little science, art, and storytelling to wrap up the weekend. “This was one of the best days ever!” #stemeducation #stemgirls #stemkids #dndkids #artkids

“I want to make a potion.” “What kind?” “A bubbly potion.” A quick paste whipped up of food color and baking soda and water, a little vinegar, and, aside from C02, we get the desired “bubbly potion.” Also popularly known as the heart of the science fair volcano... #stemgirls #stemeducation #scienceexperiment

As most kids her age, KayRay has been exploring tons of DIY videos. Her @projectmc2 lip Baum kit inspired this little reprieve from the Slime Movement, and she taught me how to make lipstick from scratch without the kit this weekend. She was of course happy with the results. Tied it back to science talking about melting points and solids to liquids and back. It’s all about teachable moments and capitalizing on what she loves. Pro-tip: keep a ceramic or hard plastic ramekin around specifically for these projects. #womeninstem #steameducation #stemgirls #STEM

We’re all about brands that help kids excel in their technical and problem solving skills and @codeninjas is one of our favorites. I recently talked with the company about franchising opportunities in my nearby markets, and while most of the best #louisiana markets are spoken for, there are still markets available to those wanting to bring important #stemeducation to their neighborhood in an exciting way. Can’t wait for #batonrouge and #nola Code Ninja dojo’s to open up! #siliconbayou

Happy #valentines day everyone. As promised, something fun to do with the kids - growing crystals! Takes a little pre-planning, dexterous fingers, and some time, but worth it in the end. Thanks to @klutzcertified for a great little #stemeducation project for me and KayRay to do this week. It even included the science of crystal formation behind the fun. * adult supervision definitely required because of the chemicals involved and stove use, but she helped with the clay and the stand. Keep learning all, and have a great weekend as we here in #nola kick off #mardigras #stemnola #stemgirls #stemkids #STEM

Sometimes she just feels like learning about viscosity and different densities in liquids and playing with baking soda and citric acid... Really she just felt like making a mess and I tried to make it somewhat educational... #stemeducation #stemgirls #stemkids #chemistry

http://davidjbrin.com/mad-science-in-the-big-easy/ As I've stated before, STEM education is very important to me as a parent. In Louisiana, a number of organizations are focusing on science and technology programs for children. Mad Science Southeast Louisiana (https://sela.madscience.org) is doing great things across the state to promote #stemeducation in children. Thanks to Nekisha McGill and her team at @madsciencesela for a great program that my daughter had a blast participating in. #stemgirls #stemkids #louisiana