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▪️SEMEDO - Rating 8▪️It's hard to understand what happens in Valverde's head that makes him not climb Nelson in the first 11's. More athletic and fast, more secure with the ball and always showing depth and good association on the right side. A sensible evolution happens with Semedo and only our technician didn't see. And the Portuguese has been very professional because even with such evolution continues without creating confusion internally. In addition, it shows an unexpected connection with Dembélé when both are on the right. It is adapted and needs to play more. 🔵Veredict: MUST BE IN THE 11 FIRST NEXT SEASON _____________________________________________________________________ ▪️SERGI ROBERTO - Rating 7▪️ It wasn't bad during the season. However, it shows the same mistakes in defensive positioning of other years and doesn't have the necessary speed for some duels against fast wingers. It's expected of a Midfielder player who plays improvised on the Rightback. Sergi needs to step aside for Semedo and be re-placed in midfield. Offensively, despite his good association with others teammates, with Messi playing on the left, come from de side to inside, we need a player that goes to the corner, give depth and Roberto doesn't have this characteristic. 🔴Veredict: SUBSTITUTE IN THE MIDDLE barcelonafc #barcelona #FCB #fcbarcelona #barca #cules #cule #azulgrena #blaugrana #bcn #Semedo #SergiRoberto #rightback

The derby with the largest parish in the world. After the fifa parade, the last Saturday of March was marked by the Catalan derby, in the most traditional stadium in Catalonia. A game that already starts with a favorite although it is already a classic, as Espanyol have not beat Barcelona at the Camp Nou since the 08/09 season, it was soon expected to win Blaugrana from the beginning. Barcelona was with maximum force for the confrontation, using Messi and Suarez that came from injury, for all the 90 minutes of the match, already Espanyol came with a scaling not to take thrashing, a 5.4.1 that as it already demonstrates, is an escalation very defensive. The first half was totally from Barcelona, ​​it offered danger but did not score goal, the great chance of the first time happened in a foul charged by Messi that diverted in a Espanyol player, otherwise, nothing big happened. The second half was much busier, with Malcolm entering, and Coutinho being pulled in the middle, the team was very offensive. With 70 minutes played, Messi's well-worked indirect free kick caused havoc in the penalty area, and when the ball was brought miles down the right hand side, Near the end of the match Rakitic launches Malcom who plays for Messi who scores his second goal in the match, 2x0. Highlights: - Messi scored his 41st goal of the season, reaching 40 goals per season for the tenth time in a row. - Malcom came in very well and did not waste the chance, giving an assist to Leo. We Color Football! #barcelona #leomessi #Barça #fcbarcelona #viscabarca #laliga #goat #Malcom #40goals #derby #espxbar

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