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Shakira The Ball Python

family of 4 snakes 🐍 2nd IG: @snootyspam shakira merch ⬇️

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😂😂👸🏼👹😘 identificada con mi bebecito 😜 #karolg #anuelaa

Estoy con Emma!! 💁🏼‍♀️

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Shaki snoot Saturday 🥳 (Also peep my lil spot on my tail 💖)

SO EXCITED to finally introduce you guys to Belle! She’s a GHI Lesser Pastel Enchi, isn’t she beautiful? Just to finally be able to hold her myself is so surreal. She’s so stunning!! A huge thank you and virtual hug to @noooodlefam for being the sweetest friend I could ever ask for, she produced such a beautiful noodle and I’m honored to be given the most perfect gift. I can’t wait to keep sharing her growth with you guys!! Welcome to the fam Belli, I love you so much already 💖🥺

Good morning everyone! Belle and I hope you have an awessssome Monday 💛 swipe for an up close snooty pic!!

I recently welcomed the very first boy in my noodle family and I couldn’t be more excited! Everyone meet Carti, short for Cartier. He’s a Banana Pied and even has a smiley face! He’s the most perfect pied I’ve ever seen and I’m so blessed to have him. I haven’t been able to take any outside pics since he’s currently still adjusting and going into shed. I’ll be posting a little more of him on my stories! So happy to have you here Carti ✨🍌💛

When your crush walks by and your friends tell you to act natural 👩🏻

hi it me Carti, I did a shed yesterday and look as bright as ever!! Do you like my new hat? 🙂

Double boop for good luck 😉💕

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a great weekend so far! Here’s some Carti to add to your feed, half of my babies are due to shed any day now (Shaki and Belle) and I can’t wait to post some more of them when they come back from zombie mode 🥰

Happy TOT from Shaki 😛

A no neck noodle has made an appearance 😳💜

Belle looking stunning as always 🤩 I hope you guys have a great Sunday!

If you’re ever feeling sad just come back to this pic and remember Carti loves u 💛🧡

Some Carti snoot to start your Monday off right ☺️ His snoot is TOO cute !!

*Me on September 30th at 11:59 pm* And yes, I did post this at 11:59 pm. Spooky season has now begun 🎃 Thank you to @kittyblanket for this caption!!

Happy October friends! 👻 Spooooky season has now begun and I can’t wait for the cold weather! 🍂 What are you guys looking forward to?

Today is a very special day... Shakira’s gotcha day! It’s officially been one whole year with this little blessing and I couldn’t be happier. She’s brought so much joy and smiles into my life and introduced me to the world of snakes and the love I have for them! Without her I wouldn’t have this account and made the amazing friends I have today, and of course my followers! Thank you all for your support and the love you show to my little noodle family! Happy Gotcha Day Shaki, love u so much 💛 you know I had to share the first yawn caught on camera!! Also the last pic was the very first picture taken of her :,)

Happy Fall from Shakira 🍂🙂

My green eyed baby 💚 Belle did super well on her first photoshoot, I can’t wait to show you guys more pics!

Big head, big brain 🤓

I hope you all are having a great weekend! Enjoy one of my favorite pictures of Celia 🥰 isn’t she stunning?! 💜

me : there’s no such thing as a perfect snoot carti : 👁👄👁 me : 🥺

Same pose or not, each Carti pic needs its own post 😤🥺

Not the best quality picture but I had to show you guys how adorable Belle scopes are 😭 she LOVES to scope!!

Shaki wishes you guys a Happy Friday!! 🤪

How does Carti look in his Halloween costume? Spooky as hecc if u ask me 👻

An alternate unreleased intro to American Horror Noodle Story 😳 *SCARY 😰* *NOT CLICKBAIT* . . . . Inspired by @jmgreptile!! Check out his version on his page 👻 AHS is one of my favorite TV shows and Coven is my favorite season! Have you seen the show if so what’s your favorite season? 🧙🏻‍♀️

Pls ignore the hot glue but 🥺 how is he so perfect 💕

Happy Friday! Enjoy this spooky pic of Celia 👻

The biggest yawn I’ve ever seen 😳 even yawning she’s cute 💕

Carti in one word: S N O O T 🥺

Some Shaki snoot to make your Monday a little bit better 💖

Happy #tot 👁👅👁 Hope you guys have an awesssssome day! Sending bleleles to all of you 💕

I still can’t get over Shakii’s little snoot, she’s perfect 💕

Is this too much #tot? 🤪 Thought I would blelelessss your feed 💕

Celia also wants to participate in #tot while she’s learning in noodle school 🏫 (SOUND ON!)

Blessing your feed with the cutest vid of Celia I have yet 💜 Shakii is too busy digesting her food to come to the phone rn 🤪

A yawning vid in celebration of 11K followers 🥳 I want to thank every single one of you for following and showing love to my noodle. To all my new followers I have received, thank you for taking the time to click on my account and follow my journey! I’m extremely thankful for it all 💖 I’m excited to share more of my Shaki!!

NEW SKIN WHO DIS? Celi looking stunning after her shed! I missed her so much, glad to have my lil chunk back 💜