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Global Business & Technology Consultant -MS. Education Design Media -Tech, Full Sail University-Donations-CashApp $Sandradking

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Are you ready for the future? In order for the world to stay ahead of innovation, technology, and potential threats everyone must view and treat the future as now, rapidly changing, or has passed and must act immediately. And not tomorrow or a point and time so far away that no action or strategy is required or warranted today. Are you ready? Have you developed a sustainable strategic plan? And what steps have you implemented? Have you researched and identified needs,resources, potential risks,and vulnerabilities? Do you have a strategy to address the business needs and potential risks? What are your recommendations to help the country and others to be proactive and prepared?

Have a blessed and enjoyable day!

“Are you ready to win?”

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Leaders and business owners it’s one thing to know the game and another to have the ability to play ball. And the world is faced with many that feel that they are experts and know the game but don’t know how to drive the ball down the court or field and score. Moreover, they're not open to learning or listening to others. And so they keep talking from the sidelines about what they know and what the players are doing right or wrong when they’ve never touched a ball or scored any points. And although the captain of the team may get lucky and score their attitude feeling they know it all and trying to be the star making all the shots is a problem for the team. Moreover, it puts the entire team at risk of many losses, bad decisions being made, impacts player morale, can divide the team, fail to qualify for the finals, lose supporters, and have other negative consequences. And even though the captain may think they really know the game it’s very obviously, they can’t play ball. #leadership #leaders #business #businessowners #usa #education #politics

It’s my birthday! 🎂🎊🎉🙏🏽

Finding Value and Opportunities In Unexpected or Undesired Outcomes. This is when you had a hairstyle or something important including a business that you love and now having trouble getting that same look again. I’ve learned over the years to not to get frustrated over little things or when the results are not what we anticipated. And learned how to embrace the new look, change, or unexpected outcomes. Moreover, often life and many things don’t always stay the same or come out as we would like and desired. And must learn to find or see the value and opportunities in the originally undesired or unexpected outcomes. 😊 #positivity #business #businesswoman #value #encouragement #growth #leadership #success #empowerment #consultant #empoweringwomen #powerfulwomen #beautifulwomen #goals #life #wisdom #motivation #education #usa #bestpostoftheday #postoftheday #indieartist #smallbusiness #instagreat #Mindset #blackwomenempowerment

Join me in wishing my amazing, beautiful , and talented daughter Chanelle-AKA the_real_nelle Happy Birthday! 🎁🎈🎉🎂 @the_real_nelle ❤️ Say Hello, Connect,Collabotate, Follow, and Download “All of Me “ E.P - DM for Performances #therealnelle #independentartist #celebration #leo

How can we help the farmers hurt by the tariff trade war?

”More Love” By: The_Real_Nelle from the All of Me-EP In honour of brother Clarence II. The World Needs More Love ❤️💯 View on You-Tube and Click ”Like” on the Full video if you enjoy! Thank you for the love and your support! Instagram -DM For Performances @the_real_nelle Download EP #indieartist #reshare

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It’s important to stay focused on your business goals and objectives instead of comparing to others. What may work or be the best product, service, strategy... for other’s could potentially destroy another business dreams, goals, and future.” #business

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Hello Have a wonderful and safe weekend! I’m It’s beautiful today here in the DC/Maryland area. 🌺 #greetings #consultant #usa #world

I train entrepreneurs and leaders and will us the event as ‘Lesson learned’ for business, court, hearings or any situation as an example of how not to act. And stress the importance of always remaining calm and in control . Moreover, sticking to the facts and supported with experts and the valid evidence. How critical in business and other environments to never allow others or situations to break you down, show you in a negative light, or steal your joy. And that they don’t have to like or agree with what’s being stated but give the other parties the same respect you deserved and listen. Emphasis on that they can get their point or view across without negatively acting out. And always being conscious that these actions are recorded and documented on social media to be with them forever. Therefore, potentially leading to people not wanting to do business or deal with them afraid that they can’t control themselves. And represent them in a negative manner or ruin their business reputation. These outbursts and uncontrolled incidents have implications that go far beyond the current event. #arguments #leadership #debates #education #LessonsLearned #behaviors #conduct #professionalism #politics #government #reputation #business #usa

in my small business planning course, "the bottom line" was emphasized My Response: Hello Max, thank you for sharing and your support on posts. And you’re correct that ”A single sentence spoken at the right time could change someone’s life forever. “And that's why it’s critical to share important information and posts with others in networks. Moreover, a post that means little to one person could change or save another business or life. And learning to find value even in information that appears unrelated or applicable. In addition, recognizing that the definition for ”bottom line” differs for each individual or business. And be open to see that some view the ”bottom line” as profits, net income, sales, and to others its the end results from a goal, project, or benchmarks, increased market share, improved processes, employee training and development, sustainable growth, helping others to succeed, positively changing lives.. Therefore, providing the outcomes, results, and view of where they are at and working with. And the end point that has been maximized which helps make decisions and be used as the foundation and beginning for a business or life to plan and establish new goals. And to pursue opportunities and ventures. #smallbusiness #education #globalbusiness #business #entrepreneur #leadership Sandra D King

Have a Wonderful Friday! Tomorrow is a new day and an opportunity to achieve success and greatness in all that you do. Let today’s events and experiences be lessons learned and no problems or mistakes. And the foundation to making better qualitative and quantitative goals and decisions tomorrow. Make decisions and take steps that you can evaluate and measure your performance and success. Thank you for following and your continued support. I appreciate all of you. 🌺

Happy Memorial Day! Today, we honor and say thank you to the extraordinary men and women who paid the ultimate price and their families. And to all of the veterans, active duty, and future military. May God Bless and Protect all you. ❤️🙏🏽 #HappyMemorialDay #military

‪”Emerging technology and new #innovative ideas can potentially help to improve the business critical P’s. ‬ There’s one P and the most important one not on the list. It’s often missed and the last to get the required attention and that’s the ‘people’ employees that help to operate the business, customers, and other key stakeholders.” - -People (Most important) ‪-Performance ‬ ‪-Priorities‬ ‪-Policies‬ ‪-Procedures‬ ‪-Products‬ ‪-Profits‬ ‪-Public Perception. ‬ ‪Sandra D. King , Global Consultant ‬ ‪ #business #businessowners #entrepreneurs #corporateadvice #technology #emergingtechnology #government #education #indieartist #MusicBusiness #fashionbusiness #gospelartist #sportsindustry #beautybusiness #womeninbusiness #blackownedbusiness #bestpostoftheday #atlanta #dc #maryland #Baltimore #roc #leadership #smallbusiness #usa‬ ‪ ‬ #CEO #cio #coo

Running a company with no business plan you risk missing important steps and spend costly time and money and being all over the place with no clear destination or goal in sight.

Entrepreneurs should always identify new ways to be innovative and enhance or improve the business operations, products , and/or services?