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“The best camera is the one that’s on you!” I take photos haha! 📸 amateur 📸 photography enthusiast #nikon #d3400 #iphone #7plus

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I missed the country

Bokehlicious haha new lens, finally

Last time going up to the peak. It was fun living in Albuquerque, but time to head back home.

The iconic red chilis from New Mexico. Love the flavor.

My favorite edc knife, the CRKT Fossil @crkt_knives #EDC #crkt #knife

CRKT Fossil

Lost in thought.

A little edit I’ve been wanting to do for a long time hahaha. Composite done in photoshop then converted to painting in Corel.

Family portrait hahaha

Haha makes sense to me

One of my first photo shoots.

One of my favorite form that shoot.

Trying something out

One of my favorite shots from Sunday’s trip to the zoo. Love the mean look the mountain lion had.

Livin on the edge.

Sacrifices is inevitable. They are little scars in life that heal and make you stronger. When you sacrifice even just a little bit, your limitation is as far as the eyes can see.

-Polar bear 1: “aaaahhhhhhhhh”. -Polar bear 2: “aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh”

Polar bear didn’t like the camera

I’ll never get over this view.

New knife who dis? Haha found this gem at Walmart. Ruger knife by CRKT Hollow-Point +P. Really nice knife. Smooth open and great fit in the hand.

Even within the darkness, you’ll find a beautiful rainbow.

Didn’t get to take a pic of the blood wolf moon but took this one instead. The red is from a fire we had going on. Made it look interesting.

“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.” Og Mandino

A little fun in the park with my son

Just cause, TACOS!!!! haha

“Because somehow, the sun rises each day. Emerging from the horizon, brighter and more beautiful than the previous day. You'll rise from the horizon too, learning to trust again. Learning to love again. Learning to heal. You'll emerge so bright that the haters will be blinded. And darling, you'll be the sun then, bright and beautiful, but they won't be your sunflowers.” Minahil

I was finally able to come visit this amazing place. The white sands national monument.

Haven’t done a composite in a while. Got a little bored and found this old picture I took when I was working away from home, bored in my hotel room haha. (The photo I found of the bottle still had the bottle sealed haha)

Shout out to my wife @cristalluna24 for taking this pic.

“I don’t like yo kind” hahaha Emu staring at me with his judging eyes.

Valley of Fires 🔥

“Sunsets are proof that endings can often be beautiful too.” -Beau Taplin

Sharp like a hawks eye.

The Eagle is by far my favorite animal. I can watch them all day. Wish I could photograph one out in its natural habitat.

Nothing like home made tacos

Do you know a few haha.

Taco time

Just messing around with photoshop haha. Should this be my new watermark instead of the signature?