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Rudy Ocasion Jr.

Life is about what I love like Motos, photos, and fly fishing. Check out my photography page -

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stopped off at the Nyack general store. feels like winter is coming!

to cold out and rain so spending time in the casino.

cool won this with $5 at the black jack table! pays for my trip!!

playing with black & white.

casino hopping today then some off-road adventures in the mountains

found the trail i have been searching for lots of photos and great riding! Part 1

oh my playing black jack and 3 card poker having shots of casadoras silver tequila! 12 shots and 2 margaritas on the rock equals giddy talkative making people laugh and helping the people on my table to win and the dealer bust! walk away ahead of the game! enough to play tomorrow!!_

out on the road for 30 days!

ha first catch and release!

nothing but baby catfish...

the look when i realized i lost $600 on the tables

#flyfishing the seam water level has dropped after the rains.

fire good!

warm fire and good wine...

yup a great day of riding

happy monday working the river this morning to catch dinner!