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i like heavy metal, cute animals, writing songs, playing guitar, and lacrosse.

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Chord-melody phrases! (4) Well, chord-melody might not be the proper technical term for this but having a couple of open strings and runs between all these block chords certainly adds some flavor. ’Using open strings and harmonics instead of a fretted note creates a variety of intervallic textures and allows for longer sustained notes. It creates a similar effect as a sustain pedal does on a piano: e.g. smaller intervals like major and minor seconds resonating together. "I find this way of thinking interesting because it opens possibilities for dissonant or closely voiced chords not so commonly used on the guitar." - Bill Frisell [2] • from ‘Concepts for Solo Guitar Performance’ eBook - lessons, tunes and transcriptions in standard notation/tab format ➡️ links in description. • gear: Road Worn Tele, Silverface Champ, Marine Layer Reverb. • • • •

The Wind Cries Mary … continued. Finally remembering these beautiful changes 🎉 If you’d like to delve some more into dedicated Hendrix sounds check out pickupjazz ’s new licks drop: 12 Hendrix licks w / @jameyarent New in the Essential Licks Library - hip stuff. • ‘Concepts for Solo Guitar Performance’ eBook ➡️ links in description. • • • •

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grateful for the people who have made my last year the best year 🤠

hard to believe i've been doing this for a month now 🤙🏼 #slipknot #killpop





been jamming and not posting so here’s me playing a lil deftones before i go into deep slumber

‘twas picture day and i wasn’t ready for any of them 😅

they say lacrosse is the fastest sport, i’d say the seasons are even faster.

i have been working on my own music recently, i started this song and now i’m finding a sound that i dig.

are you feeling it now mr krabs