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Box 'N Burn Certified Boxing Trainer American Heart Association BLS (CPR/AED/First Aid) Instructor New York City

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Today was weird. Glad it's over. Lol

Subway reading material. Supporting my local library. Only $8.

This goes out to that special someone. You know who you are! :-)

I know this guy! @faisalh.ahmed

Depressing how even my Cheerios are getting it on this morning.

They will make a monopoly game out of almost anything.

Great weekend filled with amazing energy, intense yet fun workouts, invaluable information and an awesome group! These two guys are the best!! I'm still on a high! If you haven't taken this course, what are you waiting for? Look out for the next class and location and just do it! #boxnburncertified

This cat is a liar, a troublemaker and an unnecessary irritation. Do not follow.

Hope everyone is enjoying the day

This morning. Was not in the mood to workout but needed to release some negative energy. Glad I did! A few rounds on the bag helped! #boxing #quietpunch #feltbetter #sweaty

Reason I unfriend or ghost people. And I'm no one's second. #lol

Progress in life. Do something you love. Be proud of your accomplishments. #boxnburncertified

Sometimes we all need a reminder. If haters are shitting on us, means we're doing things right and it says alot about them. #headheldhigh

I love New York but here is one of the downsides of living here. My father had three jobs when he was alive. It's not getting any easier.

Whether you're going through a heatwave, an intense workout or shoveling snow, make sure you're staying hydrated. Drink your electrolytes! #nuun #gatorade #powerade #pedialyte