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If you think that following a healthy lifestyle is difficult, it's not! Here are some tips to help you make family health and fitness a priority. Feel free to share some tips, too, or let us know what you think by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below. https://www.verywellfamily.com/make-healthy-living-fun-for-the-family-4102027 #childcare #parenting #childcaretips #parenting101 #preschool #preschooler #preschooleducation #kindergarten #daycare #parentingtips #parentingguide #earlychildhoodeducation

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Throwback to when I was my own inspiration for getting dressed and before my husband came to terms with having his hair cut every other weekend. We were such lovebirds as in!!!! If you knew us, you'd get tired. Our typical day then was being together most of the day which we really loved because we enjoyed each other's company so much especially with different beautiful activities. I hate boring moments so I was the queen of planning. Today, I'm glad that I had this in me because it's what keeps us going when life gets in the way. I'm so used to planning adventures for us no matter how small it's. Now, I plan multiple family moments and my signature moment is FAMILY PICNIC. I planned one for this weekend, I'd share how it went in the next post. What do you do to keep the family together and fun? . . . . #rodiyahtan #familylifestyle #familylife #lovebirds #kids #mrandmrs #Onelove #family #picnic

So for this weekend, I had in mind a family picnic at a tropical resort but somehow, hubby had to travel and I already placed order for this tray of life: I was buying for the first time after having her on my contact for so long. I don't regret any naira spent on this, this whole tray is less than #3000. So we (the kids, their cousins, my sister and I) had a great indoor time cos the rain didn't even allow us do outdoor and it was memorable. Spending time with family is always a hit for me and this was a big highlight and I'd do it again and again, I definitely have to with my main G in presence. @dina_donut_treats Thank you for coming thanks a lot. I (we) enjoyed every bite. If you're in Ibadan, Dina is your plug. . . . . #rodiyahtan #family #familylifestyle #food #foodie #weekendhighlight #familytime #smallchops #snack

At the end of today, I'm so tired and I want to nag at my husband on how I do more than he does, how my work is more stressful and demanding than his office duties, how caring for the kids is enough to drive me nuts than any client he could have ever attended to, how driving the long distance to work is way more nerve racking than his own short distance cruise to and from work and how life is just more unfair to me than it'd ever be to him BUT to be honest, he's also tired and for his level he might have reached his limit as well. The truth is, stress level is relative and he might not have done as much as I have but that's his own limit and if it could be measured, he might even overweight mine cos he that's his own highest level of stress tolerance. So, tonight, I'd just let it slide, nag for a while, smile at the kids, lounge cos papa did the bedtime routine already, tag him on this post so he knows why I'm moody cos he asked already and finally say thanks for the effort cos tomorrow is another day, another hustle. This is our marriage, our life. . . . . #rodiyahtan #familylife #family #marriage #kids #stress #makingitwork P.S: that's Malika. Couldn't find a decent picture of me. Time flies.

The way I'm laughing at this contraceptive like I see what you're doing. So little update because I promised to update you. Few months back, I had my contraceptive implanted and the first monthly guest I had was floody and then it's like it all went with the flood. Then when I did it I was under lots of stress and constantly losing weight which deceived me into thinking it was the implant. All of a sudden, I noticed I'm always very hungry and never satisfied, exactly like when I had my thyroid dysfunction. Immediately, I knew this thing is playing jokes on me. So now, no late dinner. It's a big struggle especially when hubby is having his and it looks really good but I can't have. Anyways, I'm holding up. What has your experience been like. Have you even tried it? Send tips please. . . . . #rodiyahtan #contraceptive #familyplanning #lifestyle

Rain's down, boots is out. Rocking this boot for the last days of the rainy weather cos next season, it might be out of size. Sincere fact: she loves the boot so much but would rather have it for keep sake than wear it. On other days she just wants to wear it around the house. Update: Malika is such a personality now with different attitude. My 2+ baby is growing to be an independent girl and she's a whole lot of work (I'm not complaining) . . . #rodiyahtan #update #babygirl #toodler #malika

So I decided that it's time to add current affairs to my lovely 2yr old studies. So we started with name of her country, her state, name of the president and the governor of where we reside. She got it fast enough and the name of the governor: maybe too fast. The governor of oyo state is "baby shakmide" 😂. She later got it right and I'd definitely share that video as well. Guys, it's funny o but my mum hasn't fully recovered from the laughter and my sister has this video on repeat cos it helps relieve her stress. I'm just enjoying her childhood and she's learning quite fast. Try this (governor of the state you reside) with your toddler let's see how they call theirs. . . . . #rodiyahtan #parenting #family #toddler #homeschooling

Never limit a child's learners. Some weeks back I was driving through the secretariat and we saw the governor's billboard and she pointed to it excited saying "mummy see Nigeria" I figured she says that when she sees an official emblem like the coat of arms, the university of Ibadan emblem, oyo state emblem and the likes so I thought to myself if she can identify and associate these things to be related to themselves then it's time to teach her about it and tell her what it's. So, I downloaded the picture of the president, the oyo state governor, and map Nigeria (we have the flag so no need of a picture) cos what is learning without practically, seeing, touching and feeling. She finally got this and I asked her again this morning and I can say we're on the right track. Next is coat of arms which we'd make in a 3D form cos she has to see and touch it. What I do for her is what I do for my students in school as well. Learning is a practical process and I never joke with instructional materials. Wish government schools can do better in this area to ease learning for kids. It makes the work of the teacher easier and the students learn better this way. Wish there's a museum we could go to emphasize all these lessons but till then, we put the effort. How are you teaching your students/children? Is it practical, hands-on and activity based? . . . #rodiyahtan #parenting #homeschooling #SeyiMakinde #practical #learningaids

Part of the things I needed to come to terms with in embracing the new was telling myself my favorite clothes might not fit anymore, if they do, they might not suite this new lifestyle. I can't carry small purses as much anymore, big (mama's) bag are the new thing now. Takes (almost) everything I need to carry around. My overall style has changed and it's not a terrible thing I just need to fit into it and make the most of the new lifestyle and that's what I'm doing now. It has helped me make the most out of it. That being said, this was a planned picture, life isn't always so organized anymore but it's the new life now, I just have to find a balance? What did motherhood change for you cos for me it has changed my whole life and even me. #rodiyahtan #lifestyle #motherhood #parenting #thenewme #newphase #positivegrowth #growth #lifeofamom #lifeofamomoftwo

As a mum, it's a lot of work and effort to maintain the house, the marriage, the kids, work, health (mental, physical and biological) as well as be so many things at the same time (daughter, sis, wife, mum, friend, staff etc) and still be SANE! For all that reason, I'll take time off often, relax, recharge and restrategize. Hopefully I'd have a decent life. I'm going to make memories in our adventure because I have kids that depend on my perception of things in order to make something of this life and I owe it to them to make positive perception. #rodiyahtan #mom #mumblogger #familylifestyle #family #nigerianmum #nigerianmumblogger #lifestyle #kids #motherhood #parenting #homeschooling #lagosmum #lekkimum #toddler

I took a bold step on behalf of my family yesterday. I'd share it in due time. Meanwhile, we visited the beach earlier this week and Malika wasn't having it 😁 but the camera has a way of hiding away your worries. With my help, love and cuddles she eased into it, same way she did with her swimming classes. Been to the beach with your toddler? How do you manage their fears? #familylifestyle #rodiyahtan #toddler #parenting #motherhood #momlife #family

Parenting. Motherhood. Homeschooling. Family. Lifestyle. This is what I'm mostly about these days hence what I'd be talking about mostly. I'm Rodiyah, a mum, teacher, writer, business owner/manager, positive parenting enthusiast and this is my daughter. I don't have it all figured out but I intend to wing it all. I have a page dedicated to other mums but life lately has been difficult so I'm not sure I can maintain it for now, I'm not going to close it down but most related posts will be up here for now. Thank you for staying with me. . . . #rodiyahtan #motherhood #parenting #MSM #family #familylifestyle #lifestyle

Hmm... So today, I felt like having pizza and we walked into domino's and I saw the price of the medium sized pizza. I decided to go home get ingredients for shawarma and make my own sandwich. I didn't spend up-to 3k and I made 6 of this also saved some money. Check my story and highlight for a how to . . . #rodiyahtan #familylifestyle #family #food #sandwich #bread #pizza #recipe #dinner

The struggle is real, the past few months have been a very twisted rollercoaster but what doesn't kill you makes you better (might be in a stronger way). When the year started I thought I was done with mental health issues but anxiety doesn't work like that, all it needs is triggers and mine got triggered. It was tough, difficult, draining and all sort but I'm in a better place now which I'm thankful for. What helped: I acknowledged my situation, talked about it, got help and prayed. Evening walks and tahajud have been super helpful. I'm hopeful for a even better recovery. Mapping out action plan for my ideas that will be coming to life soon. How is everyone doing? I hope we're at peace with ourselves. Love, light and peace. . . . #rodiyahtan #lifestyle #positiveVibe #anxiety #Recovery

If you've been following for some time now, you'd know I'm a partner in this @rumayrefresh and I'm in Lagos for the product launch tomorrow. We try every day and every post to let you know what we do but time isn't just enough. All seats are taken but follow the page to get an insight. If you reserved your seat, see you tomorrow. Partnered with amazing brands and got amazing influencers to make it fun. See ya. Can you tell this caption wasn't well planned? I'm rushing bye.

It's today guys in case you missed it. Head over to @msm.club You can still send in your questions or if you any concerns, ask how to go about it. The takeover starts soon and will run all through today. . . . #MSM #rodiyahtan #familyplanning #contraceptive #msmtakeover

Anxiety is BAD! Very BAD. It makes you sad, bored, uninterested and all sort of negative. I don't know what to say to you if you're battling with it but many of us do at a point in life and it doesn't mean we won't do well, be fine, succeed and thrive. We will and we do. Meanwhile, @rumayrefresh Launch was yesterday and it was worth it. Thank you all for the support Swipe the See Me wearing 'seki' from @theesobrand #rodiyahtan #stayingpositive #anxiety #fightinganxiety #anxiety #positiveVibe #lagosliving #RumayRefreshLaunch

Eid Mubarak to everyone! I hope you have many reasons to celebrate, MANY and I hope you're genuinely happy. Love, happiness, light. #eid #rodiyahtan #eidmubarak

#Repost @thegiftsource (@get_repost) ・・・ Your beliefs are yours, and mine are mine, that’s not the purpose of this post. BUT when you decide to put up something like this during a MAJOR Muslim festival, and know that you have many Muslim followers, it is not only STUPID and unnecessary, it is also VERY VERY rude, insensitive and in my opinion NOT Christlike. @maraji_ you need to go back to church and ask to be taught how to preach the gospel properly. You are trying to stir up trouble and controversy and from my experience with MANY Christians, that’s not right at all! Can we all just at the very least RESPECT others? My goodness 😡😡😡. You see all sorts on social media and ignore, but this time, I shall comment!

I decided to add soft skills to the student's vocational skills in the coming session for so many reasons. Many of which are: I don't want these children to grow up and say they didn't get the job because they're Muslims meanwhile, they lack courtesy and decorum. I don't want them to say they didn't get the job because they wore an hijab meanwhile they don't understand that appearance says a lot about you and what you have to offer. I don't want them to say you need connection to get a job meanwhile, they can't even communicate and express themselves. I don't want them to say their the boss likes their other colleagues more meanwhile, they lack the skills of teamwork. I don't want them to blame the system when their morals and attitudes are very questionable. I understand that we need hard skills, talent, certificate but how about the soft skills of good character, morals, communication, emotional and social intelligence, team work, adaptability, tolerance, patience, work ethics and many more. Believe me, many youths, teenagers and children are going to be unemployable not because they're not qualified but because they lack soft skills which is a major in the corporate world and for a business to thrive. As parents, caregivers, guardians, adults, we all have a role to play in this. Stop saying it's his/her personality and let the child mare his/her future before even getting there. Fix yourself (because you're also guilty of ill manners) Fix them, fix it. . . . . #rodiyahtan #SoftSkills #skills #characterdevelopment #morals #attitude #fixit

In May, I got a new job as a college administrator and my homeschool added its elementary section based on request. Since then, my Montessori game has been on fleek. The preschool section is now a full Montessori homeschool which I can't scream enough about, it's a very big deal. If you know, you know. My secondary School where I'm a college administrator is doing so much better than it was. There, I do teaching, speaking, counseling, managing and administering, things that get me excited. In the last months, I've attended trainings to help brush up my skills, done research and still doing to develop myself, I've been writing more, I've become partners in businesses that I believe in their objectives, I've added to my line up of personal projects and I'm growing it and most proudly, I've helped people start their business, keep believing in it as well as continue. Now, there's a need for reintroduction. Hello, I'm Rodiyah A.A, a mum, writer, speaker, educator, counselor, business owner, entrepreneur, believer, dreamer, positive change agent. I parent @msm.club I care and teach @thevillageplace I partner @rumayrefresh Get to know me @rodiyahtan Let's work together, lots of things are about to happen. #rodiyahtan #MSM #rumayrefresh #writer #educator #entrepreneur #speaker

So I tried this @indomie_nigeria relish when I was in Lagos and it was a big NO for me. The idea is seafood flavor,it has dried fish inside and powder fish (like powder crayfish) with lots of seasoning (too much actually). Overall, the pack really got me, I almost bought two packs but I decided to try one first (it's about #420 for 1) but no seafood flavor at all just dried fish. Snail, crab, you know...would have added a little magic. Have you seen, bought and or tasted this flavour before? . . . . #rodiyahtan #noodles #indomie #seafood #food #chinese #foodreview

Looks like my Lagos game just started and I don't mind anymore. I'm coming to Lagos. Let's meet up at this party. . . . If you can make it please comment below. #Repost @rumayrefresh (@get_repost) ・・・ We're having a launch party/hangout and we hope you'd join us to be part of the fun. Here's what will be happening that day: we'd tell you what Rumay refresh is about, you might think you know but we're into more than drinks, get ready for our products launch. We'd be having oratory creatives exhibit their talents of spoken works. Your goosebumps meter will go off the roof. We're having special appearances. Our line up of influencers is dope come and network for your own gain. To crown it all, lots of refreshments will be going down on that day. Hmm so much to eat, don't worry, they'd be take-home package. There'd be lots of games too, let's put our spirit of sportsmanship to test. Bring your A game on. All these goodness for free, just register via the link in bio so we can cater and make provisions for you. Now, invite a friend. Are you coming? #RumayRefreshLaunch . . . . . #rumayrefresh #drinks #healthydrinks #lemonade #mixedfruits #roselletea #naturaldrink #juice #naijadrinks #syrup #Rumay

I'm super excited and I hope this picture depicts it. I'm excited for the journey I'm on right now, this stage of my life and the achievements I'm recording. Also, I'm excited for my sister @ummulibtisam Who just took her love for liquids to a whole new level. I'll talk about it later. So remember I talked about starting a new job? I now manage a secondary school while running my own early years learning center. It's not always fun but I promise you I love it. Yesterday I hit a milestone: my college (that I manage) successfully passed the third and most difficult stage of the WAEC accreditation inspection exercise that means the SS3 students will be writing their external exams in the school not in another school. I'm elated. I can't begin to talk about the work, energy and resources that went into this. I'd be revealing all soon so you can know more about these new businesses and institutions that I work for. Meanwhile, I'm still in the business of being a mum and as always it's not been easy but it's a big blessing. My 7months old eats like an adult now, It's demanding but I can't complain. He's sitting and trying to stand. No tooth yet but bites like a pro. He's a happy, playful and healthy baby, a blessing I can't be too thankful for. Who missed me, my page or my content? Any questions? . . . . #rodiyahtan #mumlife #writer #educator #businessowner #entrepreneur #blogger

Hmm... Let me start with this. This summer, my plan is to do things I enjoy so I'm bringing kids together to learn something creative, have fun and party and I'd be doing that at "the ultimate summer experience" and because I know the power of collaboration, I'm doing this with a like mind. Therefore, if you have kids around you, tell them about this ultimate experience or their parent. I didn't forget I was going to mention things I'd be doing this summer. I'd be swimming, I'd be traveling and I'd be teaching. Has to be my most adventurous summer yet. What are you doing this summer? Any plans? You can join me. Hit me up . . . . #rodiyahtan #summer #kids #summercamp #ibadan #blogger #adventure

When my sister was still in Ibadan, she'd want me to come to her house every weekend but out of laziness to either drive or just go out, I'd say no. She wouldn't beg me of disturb, she'd just say I'm making zobo and guess what? I'd go and my husband will even join me. Later, we added more drinks and they became her signature and then a family brand. But you know, not everybody could come to her house so she decided to make it available to order and I said you make drinks so well why don't you make this public? So here it's Follow @rumayrefresh For fresh, natural, affordable and fruity drinks. You can indulge in this without guilt or fear having too much

You know I wouldn't post without a caption right? But I did cos God is taking over my anxiety and in the past three days I've slept better so yesterday, I had my phone in my hand, was going to post and I slept off and somehow my hand clicked share. Anxiety is bad, if you've experienced it you'd understand so here's how I've been managing it: 1. I talk about what is causing it to people that can help. 2. I have good people around me who help a lot 3. I pray a whole lot about it 4. I meditate, very helpful 5. I take breaks. Take time off the stress. How do you manage your anxiety? How do you cope with stress? Meanwhile, I have some things to share in upcoming and I'm excited: "it's tickling me"😊. My brother in-law took this picture and he's threatning to sue me of I don't give him photo credit so Papa May @idris_oladipo Thanks for capturing the sunshine. . . . #rodiyahtan #lifestyle #anxiety #stressmanagement

To new beginning.....

....fresh start

My neighbour's burial rites begins today. It's two weeks tomorrow and I know and I said time will ease it all with the help of God but it's harder than I thought it'll. Now, I can't imagine what his family might be going through and how difficult it might be. Prayer is the only thing that's working right now, so please send some up for us all. Thank you all so much and may no evil befall any of us and our loved ones. PEACE.

Amidst everything there's always reason to be grateful. Recent happenings in life might not be so rosy but there are joyful moments beneath it all and my love, your new treasure is a major one. I'm so happy, joyful, satisfied and genuinely pleased that my God, our God blessed you on this day with such blessing. Mueynah, I love you and I love our precious girl and just like you're always there for me with all that you have, I want to be there for you so let's make a US trip come alive, shall we? Meanwhile, I'm asking now that can I be made an official godmother? I'm ready to learn what it takes to be one because I want to be part of her life the way you're part of mine. I love you so dearly and I will put you all in my Ramadan duas knowing Allah will answer it all. Be the best mum cos I know you'll. Now, let's talk about how I will be part of her everyday life without being a pest. Just love you M and thank you for my adult life you made so much fun. I love you again and again. See you soon? . . . #myfriendisamum #myfriend #truestfriend #genuinefriend #bestgirl #newmum #newbaby #love

After hearing about a few incidents of armed robbery attack in the neighborhood I couldn't sleep straight at night anymore, it was like I knew they were coming for us some day and they did. I couldn't tell what the time was but I was conscious when I saw the flash of touch waving around so I listened closely and immediately I heard the conversation I knew it wasn't the community guards I immediately woke my husband and said "won ti de" meaning they're around. I hurriedly carried Malika and told my husband to carry Abdullah and asked him what we should do. The next thing that followed was the heavy smashing sound of glass scattering and bricks breaking followed by my neighbour's shouts of "ole". At that time, I had said all the prayers I could remember and Alhamdulilah God listened. They gained entrance and we heard them jump in cursing and swearing, my husband said we should hide inside the toilet, we did and locked the door. They spent few minutes in the sitting room and came to our room, thinking we had run away, they raided the room and were about to leave when my baby cried, they hit the door hard and we begged them to hold on so we could open the door as we have kids. We opened the door, they requested for wedding rings (all these while, they were shooting sporadically and my neighbour was still shouting) they requested for money and my husband gave them the kids' piggy bank which they broke and took all the content then they requested for our ATM card and pin number ( they confirmed the pin on the pos machine they brought while saying if it was wrong they'd waste us). Unknown to us, they had removed the TV, took our laptops and phones before they came to meet us in the room. After they finished with us, they went to my neighbour's who had a gun (he's a retired soldier) and was on alert in the sitting room aiming to shoot whoever approached. The gunmen however shot him from behind through the side window. He died immediately. My neighbour was a very kind human, Malika used to call him daddy and he had a child about Malika's age as well. He was the life of the neighborhood as he used to put on the gen very often and put on security lights. He had

Malika did two colors: blue and orange and I'm not ashamed to say I joined in the fun so I did the purple. Introducing a new color learning/play approach soon, I won't be selfish with it, will share the tips. BTW, my legs are sore from walking and standing half of the day. Went for a taster training organized by @tutelage4all and sincerely, I just want to return to work knowing fully well I need all the rest I can get. Meanwhile, upon all these, we're still having an outdoor play date on Sunday and as tired as I'm, I want more kids to join cos the more, the merrier. Who's coming? It gets bigger so be prepared. It takes a village. . . . #rodiyahtan #rodiyahtanvillage #homeschool #colors #parenting #motherhood #toddler #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #colors #Playdate #play

Yesterday, I was feeling so lazy, I thought we wouldn't do anything homeschool but we did cos consistency is key. After learning how to ride a bicycle for almost one hour ( I was bending and gasping for breath most of the time) It wasn't fun for me but she loved every second of it and kept shouting "mummy push me" we settled for some painting. Initially she wasn't excited cos I was just painting without talking ( I was tired) but she later came alive after I did (you have to make learning fun) so we did two colors but she's been shouting blue since morning, I was surprised and amazed at how she remembered it when she said it this morning. BTW guys, she now knows letter A so well, we're moving on to B. I hope I can keep up with the new work starting on Monday. Who knows I have a homeschool? I do o. How do you teach toddlers color? What do you use and how do you know when to move to the next stage? . . . #rodiyahtan #rodiyahtanvillage #mumlife #Mum #family #motherhood #parenting #toddler #homeschooling #homeschool #colors #blue #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger

Did you know you know I was off soda for 3yrs? ............................ Did you know I was actively in the gym to lose tummy fat in 2015 and I was in my best shape then? .............................. Do you know, my current weight (75kg) is the biggest I've been outside of pregnancy? ..................................... Do you know that's about to change? . . . I decided to start exercising again. I concluded I can't go on a strict diet, as I've graduated on the foodie level to professional. And due to over consumption of soda and sugar when I was pregnant up till two weeks ago, my tummy is paying for it, so I'm starting my exercise and soda diet again. I figured it'd be fun if I have buddies in the game but I might not get people to be physically present so how about we do it here on IG, live video or story update, we decide on what time to start and what exercises to carry out. Who's in on this? What has been your biggest weight, how do you lose weight and how do you stay in shape asides stopping food? Thank you. . . . #rodiyahtan #rodiyahtanvillage #weightloss #postpregnancybody #diet #lifestyle #family

Just like Teni, I'm minding my business and sipping jwuiz. There's wisdom and peace in leaving what doesn't concern you On a more serious note, the heat wave going on is no joke so please if not to mind your business, drink water to stay hydrated. For the kids, this is the time to spoil them with ice-cream and iced yoghurt how about some iced lolly popsicles. . . . #rodiyahtan #rodiyahtanvillage #water #heat #hydration #mindyourbusiness

This is what motherhood has turned me to o. It's almost impossible to pick calls after 6pm now. So unlike Malika whom as a baby would sleep almost all through the day and even at night, My 15wks old baby sleeps mostly later in the afternoon and sleeps into the night and when he does, my phone goes on silent. Gets what needs to be done, done and then 9 becomes the new midnight. Who's in this club. Has your sleep pattern changed? Please mark register. . . . #rodiyahtan #rodiyahtanvillage #lifestyle #family #familyblogger #lifestyleblogger