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ceteris paribus. ExpectoPetronum💫 ⚽️ #fcbarcelona #LeoMessi 🏀 #15 ☕️ #Salvatores LAU ‎عكار- @_10dailythoughts_ —>🍃 8519🗝

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I’m sorry if I act like I don’t care, I really don’t.

Alluchi ya alluchi! I don’t really know what to say! You are so important to me, The memories we made are everything, The silly stuff that we did are amazing, Im so grateful for meeting you tbh..! You have seen all my ups and downs eventhough you still there.. Im happy that you are going to build your future, to have a better life; but yeah My heart hurts...💔 Whatever.. meh I love you Have a safe flight love 🇨🇦 Good luck in everything ! Until we meet again! I love you loads❤️💙 (Special Thanks to @fcbarcelona) Take Care.


Night Owl 🦉 #black

My main person, and favorite human alive👑


عشقت اللون الاسود حتى تلونت حياتي به•

I was 10, I used to hear his name daily, since I grew up in a family full of boys. They used to sit all together to watch a game. The minute I saw him, I fell in love with that shorty guy, that messy long hair. I loved the game more, I understood the rules in a short period. My facebook account transformed to a page of a die hard fan of FC.Barcelona. The year I started watching, Leo won his second Ballon d’or; ( I still remember my dad shouting “JANA ARE YOU CRYING BECAUSE HE WON?” 😂). He won that title for 2 more consecutive years. Anyway, the most important, he won my heart🥰. Ten years of support. Ive always been loyal to him. I thought, its just a part of my childhood, but look at me now Im 20 years old and still having the passion I had the first time I watched football. Im falling in love with the game everytime I see him on the playground. Ive never been a fan of Argentina, but in the last few years, Ive became more attached to him, I really want him to win All the cups in the world, he even deserves more than that. I don’t want him to retire, Can we stop the time please to discuss few things? I don’t know what’s going to happen after him, whenever I think about his retirement I start crying forreal. I’m addicted to that guy... Ohh he is 32 now; oh my god, he is growing up so fast... Leo, thank you for everything you have done, thank you for your existence, thank you for making my life better, you have always been my escape from this ugly reality. Imma meet you asap AND IM SURE ABOUT IT! I love you Lionneeeel Good luck habibiii Happiest Birthday mi corazon ❤️ 1000-32 reasons To Adore Messi🌝 Ok now lemme go to my room and cry all alone... I literally can write a book about you tbh tbh tbh😊😇 -Jana Ps: dont swipe #leomessi #fcbarcelona

Im a huge fan of Flowers 💐

النور نور🤷‍♀️


The limit of my love when x approaches Mathematics is plus infinity. #mathmetics #algebra


🦉 #smile