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Writer. Pirate. Greenwood outlaw. Tree hugger. Single. 'De piraten van hiernaast' ('The pirates down the street') in cinemas January 2020!

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Different generations of robbers. Met this bokkenrijder last week. Bokkenrijders were 18th century bandits and the subject of my book 'Broederschap van de bok' ('Brotherhood of the goat'). It's my own personal favourite of my books. I have a thing for social bandits. #robinhood #bokkerijders #bokkerijder #bokkenrijder #bokkenrijders #dezwartekapitein #zwartekapitein #livingstatue #socialbandit #history #folklore #elfia #elfiaarcen #elfiaarcen2019 #broederschapvandebok

But loke ye do no husbonde harme, That tilleth with his plow No more ye shall no gode yeman That walketh by grenwode shawe; Ne no knyght ne no squyer That wol be a gode felawe. These bisshoppes and these archebishoppes, Ye shall them bete and bynde; The hy sherif of Notyingham, Hym holde ye in your mynde. ('A gest of Robyn Hode', printed in the 15th century, but likely older than that). #robinhood #outlaw #outlawlife #agestofrobynhode #medieval #archer #history #folklore

I don't know if it's an age thing or a side effect of my antidepressants, but my body temperature has become much higher in recent years. The first thing I do when I come home is throw off all my clothes and it takes me 30 minutes to cool down. Even now that autumn has started and outside temperatures are dropping I'm still continually longing to disrobe and jump in a cold lake. I even get pretty bad heat rash when I spend a couple of days fully dressed, like at the recent festivals. It's a bit weird. #heat #heatrash #bodytemperature #chilldown #hesbehindmeisnthe #weirdness

This is me, ages ago, outside 'The tales of Robin Hood' in Nottingham, a wonderful tourist attraction that I loved deeply and visited often. It was a dark ride and museum. Unfortunately the place became rather run-down and neglected, or so I heard, and it is gone now. I wonder what happened to all the wonderful figures that were in it. I'd pay a lot to buy some! some day I'd love to have a replica of the costume of this Robin Hood outside the attraction. #thetalesofrobinhood #talesofrobinhood #nottingham #robinhood #outlaw #medieval #themepark #flashback

People have been pissing me off all day. I'm just trying to help people, be a good person, but it's certainly true that nice guys finish last. And complete strangers have been treating me like garbage all day. I really need to get away for a few days, before I punch somebody. A writer's retreat. Although punching somebody would be cheaper. #iseestupidpeople #iseefakepeople #iseedumbpeople #stopit #needsomepeaceandquiet #writersretreat #stressoverload #nervousbreakdown #irritatingpeople #anxietydisorder

You don't know this, but I'm a big Billy the kid fan. He's one of my favourite historical characters. That's why I thoroughly enjoyed the new movie 'The Kid'. Apart from a few inaccuracies (Dave Rudabaugh wasn't hanged in Santa Fe, but decapitated in Mexico), it was actually a very good representation of Billy. Dane Dehaan portrayed him pretty close to what is known of the real Billy, apart from a scene at the end that seemed a bit out of character. All in all, I consider it the most accurate portrayal of Billy the kid in any movie. I loved the first shot of him, recreating the famous photograph of Billy. #billythekid #TheKid #DaneDehaan #WilliamHBonney #film

Doing awful. We had an ambulance over and various emergency people. I was already doing extremely badly from the hell I've been living in for years (plus I'm a generalized anxiety disorder and chronic depression patient), but this broke me even further. Didn't think that was possible. And there was actually a chance that a week from now I'd be getting my own life back. Now everything is unsure again. I have lost all confidence. I have lost my own personality. Myself. I am a mere shadow of a man. I can't live on like this. I haven't worked in almost two years. People are complaining about that. That's why I'm open about this. This is not of my own choosing. Pic: making friends with random animals. LOVE. #depression #chronicdepression #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #suicide #anxietydisorder

OPENING UP: People tell me I shouldn't talk about my mental health problems in public/online, because it would damage sales of my books/hurt my reputation. And I HATE that. I'm very much for more openness about mental health and feel strongly about breaking the taboo and silence. In fact, I think I should write a book about it. Mental health problems don't make you crazy or less intelligent. In fact, writers and poets have the highest percentage of these problems. It has even been suggested that creative writing skills are linked to a certain mental imbalance. This I find fascinating. Openness then: I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and chronic depression. This means I worry easily, especially about health issues and people I care about. I get a general anxious feeling when I don't give myself enough solo 'me' time; relaxing, reading, etc. Also, I have a hard time loosening up and being happy. I tend to get somewhat gloomy and withdrawn. Like Batman, that poster boy for mental health problems. I'm also prone to complete nervous breakdowns when life is really hard for too long. Like right now. But being around cheerful people helps enormously. That's why I love hanging out with my crew. And there's so much about life that I love. Nature. Animals. Books. History. Potentially I can be quite a happy camper. #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #openness #careersuicide #writerslife #depression #chronicdepression #anxietydisorder #generalizedanxietydisorder

Booked an apartment in a holiday park for the next 4 days, to escape for a while and try to do some writing, reading, relaxing, a day at a nearby wellness centre/sauna, and windswept autumn walks. #selfprotection #break #writersretreat

Nature at its roughest today. Went for a walk and first saw a dog with a huge dead hare in its slavering jaws. Then I couldn't resist going for a nude swim in the ice cold autumn sea water which turned into a complete bloodbath when I cut my feet on the sharp stones in the water. Stumbling back to the apartment now to see if I need stitches. Having a wonderful time, wish you were here. This is Reggie Naus, reporting live from the edible molluscs capital of the world. #writersretreat #hiking #nature #naturelover #bloodbath #carnage #naturistlife #naturism #wildswimming #sea #ocean #funtimes

I've been having a major crush on you for quite a while now, you know. From afar, because that's as close as I dare approach. I think you're in a new relationship now. I wish you all the luck in the world. I will never say your name. #lovelife #singlelife #singleforever #crushes #crush #crushing #sadgit