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Taking a picture using ASCII format, hahahaha.

#bapakarr why do people not queueing up? How hard is it dang it....

Lecturers hahaha

Joining @mynicberhad ecommerce programme as one of their facillitator.

Doing last checking for the modules that was created by @karlosizdead Bro, just wanna say I truly appreciate your help in helping me with my project. # # # # # LINUX PORN # # # # # Please Ignore the 3Gb of RAM -> I am running XAMPP in the background. -> Opening Vivaldi with several tabs. -> Firefox with several tabs too. -> Not to mention playing music using MOCP (Music On Console Player). The codes (and directories) in Sublime are for my File Sharing System like Moodle but simpler. Am troubled with frontEnd coz It is just hard for me to create front End. LULS #linux #archlinux #programmerslife

fuh fuh fuh, how I missed about Arch based Distros with i3wm. Went to ElementoryOS, had fun but the Arch ecosystem is the way I needed. #archlinux #linuxporn #arch

#termux no Captions besides this is what I'll do when I'm Bored....

A soon to be Open Sourced File Sharing Web Application that enables file sharing between Lecturers with Students. Copyrighted to Pyke Kaisora and Karlos D Cracker. Will be public as soon as version 0.0.1 is finish and will be maintaining it for as long as possible. Est. Completion for my Final Year Project: 28th March 2019 Will be Publicly Available as soon as I finish brushing it up around Q4 2019 to Q1 2020.

Just wanna share some funfact. You could actually post pictures using your computer NOW using mobile view on any Desktop Browser. This is because Instagram created a Progressive Web App for Mobile which is actually a webapp but only for "mobile".

With Atom and firefox and another terminal is 1.3Gb of RAM :3 Feeling very light, well not as light as I want it to be but still lighter than the popular counterpart 8-}

Legit, this is surprising! It is a good thing that I have a lot of RAM, but still wth? When I cleared everything it ran for 2.5gb of RAM, so I just rebooted KaiTro.

Somebody help them! hahahaha xD I thought Stackoverflow help us not the other way around! P.S: I know that we can change to the classic theme, but this is just to fabulous! #stackoverflow #stackoverjoke

Alhamdulillah, this is my new setup. Why am I using Manjaro as opposed to pure Arch? Well I had no time to configure Arch within 2 days on this baby. Anyway, these are her specifications. KaiTro * i5-8300H * NVIDIA GTX 1050 4GB * 15881MiB * 1TB HDD + 24GB SSD She is Replacing RaTu just because KaiTro has a good gaming GPU, a bit better CPU and lighter than RaTu. Not to mention, the open source drivers are better in KaiTro than RaTu. KAIsora (my name) + acer niTRO 5 (my Laptop). kaisoRA + dell latiTUde e6530. #archlinux #manjaro #linux