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Omlouvám se fanouškům Barcelony🤣

US #4: NEPOSLUŠNÝ KEPA 😡 O Kepově aféře se toho napsalo už spoustu, ale pojďme se ještě naposledy vrátit do finále letošního Carabao Cupu! Po vcelku nezáživném finále mezi Chelsea a Manchesterem City přišli na řadu penalty! Trenér Sarri chtěl vystřídat mladého Kepu za zkušeného Caballera, který navíc hráče Citizens velmi dobře zná z jeho tamního působení!😏 Kepa se ale naštval a ze hřiště zkrátka neodešel!🤦‍♂️ Penaltu chytil pouze Sanému, zatímco na straně Chelsea nedali Jorginho a Luiz a Citizens mohli slavit!🔥 Kepa pak dostal trest v podobě 80 tisíc liber! Je to i podle vás největší aféra sezóny!👇 #udalostisezony

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Will Icardi Be red in the Transfer window for a straight swap deal Including Lukaku? Personally I think his is a great Player to get as at Inter he showed leadership and He was a absolute goal Machine! What are your thoughts 💭? ❤️👹 • • • • • • • Please follow @dreamunitedd for daily MUFC posts keeping you all Updated on the Latest around Old Trafford 👹🙌 #mufc #manchesterunited #manutd #ggmu

You are the best No1 ❤️ Kepp your head up @d_degeaofficial We are all behind you ❤️🇾🇪🙌 • • • • • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd For daily MUFC content and please Tag @d_degeaofficial To show Him that we all appreciate everything he has done for us throughout the years 🙏❤️ #ggmu #manutd #manchesterunited #mufc

Done Deal? ✍🏻 Transfer News | A Tier 1 Italian Journalist Has Said That Manchester United Have Closed In on a deal For Bruno Fernandes To Play At The Theatre Of Dreams Next season! ❤️ • • • Would You Like This to be true? 💭🔥 • • • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd For Daily MUFC Content 🇾🇪👇 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited #brunofernandes | Credit: @united.worlds 🔥🔥🤙🏼

I really really Like Rio As a player at united and he always talks sense on TV but I’m not down with this route that the club is going down when we are bringing in the old boys! I don’t think Rio Should be our Sporting DOF, However Edwin Van Der Sar Has worked wonders at Ajax Finding Great upcoming players And signing them for Low Money and Building then to a top class player and selling them on! Ajax Are In the Semi Finals of the CL so I think getting Edwin in would be great! Give me your thoughts on who we should get in 🤷‍♂️💭?! • • • • • • • • Please follow @dreamunitedd For Daily MUFC Posts! 🇾🇪 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited

Who Remebers That Absolute 🚀 Against Southampton Scored by this Man 👀❤️ Tiki Taka 🇧🇷😍 • • • Please Tag @andreaspereira 🔥🇾🇪 • • • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd for Daily MUFC Content 🇾🇪⚽️ #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited #andreaspereira

Sir Alex’s Last Game In Charge of MUFC! 06 Kagawa ❤️⚽️ 09 Olsson Own Goal ❤️⚽️ 30 Buttner ❤️⚽️ 40 Morrison 💙⚽️ 50 Lukaku 💙⚽️ 53 Van Persie ❤️⚽️ 63 Chicharito ❤️⚽️ 81 Lukaku 💙⚽️ 81 Mulumbu 💙⚽️ 86 Lukaku 💙 ⚽️ FT 5-5 🤩 Best Game In the EPL? 💭 • • • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd For Daily MUFC CONTENT 🤲👹 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited

Vote Your Player of the year in the Comments below 💭! It has been a rocky Start and finish to the season but we had a great start to Oles run and we have played some great Football within that period so Comment Below Who your stand out Player has been this season! 🇾🇪❤️ • • • • • • • Please follow @dreamunitedd For Daily MUFC Content! Vote Your player of the year On the Manchester United official App 👹🙏 Comment Who you Voted ✌🏻 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited

13x Premiere league Titles, 5x FA Cups, 10x Community Shields, 4x League Cups, 2x Champions Leagues, 1x World Club Cup! Sir Alex Ferguson At Manchester United! We will never forget you! Trust Ole to become as successful as the All time boss ❤️ • • • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd for Daily MUFC posts 🇾🇪 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited

@daniel_james97 At Liverpool Airport with the Wales Squad After Completing his Medical At Carrington Training Complex, Very Excited to See Him in the Red United Shirt Soon! ❤️👀 • • • • Are You Excited For Daniel James’ Move To United!? 🤩💭 • • • • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd for Daily MUFC Content 🇾🇪🔥 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited

OFFICIAL: @daniel_james97 Is Red ❤️ Welcome To United Dan 🇾🇪 • • • • Do You Think Daniel James is the correct Signing for United? 🔥💭 • • • • • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd for Daily MUFC Content 🙌🏼🇾🇪 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited #DanielJames

🖊 To 📝, The Deal Is Official ❤️ Welcome To United Dan! 🇾🇪✍🏻 • • Like For Our New Signing! 👇❤️ • • • • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd For Daily MUFC Content ❤️💭 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited #DanielJames

@paulpogba Has been named in the PFA Team of the season Award! • What do you think 💭! Was this deserved? 👹 Congratulations Paul For This ❤️ • • • • • • • • Please follow @dreamunitedd for daily MUFC posts Keeping you updated on most things united! 👹 Come On You Reds 🔥 Please Tag @paulpogba It is much appreciated Thank You 🙏 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited #Enough

Breaking | Manchester United Are Ready To offer a £87m Transfer Bid to Bring Napoli Centre Back Koulibaly To The Theatre Of Dreams Next Season, Source - The Metro 👀! I’m Sure you already know how I feel about this Signing as I have spoke about him many times in the past, He’s a Class Centre half and a perfect fit for United ❤️ • • • Do You Want To see him here next season? 💭🔥 • • • • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd for Daily MUFC Content 🇾🇪 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited

According to Various different Sources United and Ed Woodward Are close to Closing in On A Deal for Kalidou Koulibaly (Napoli) And Woodward has apparently been Eyeing up Lillie Star Nicolas Pepe,Would Be very Happy With both these signings To be honest ❤️🤷‍♂️ • • • • Thoughts On This Reds? 💭🤔 • • • • • Please Follow @dreamunitedd for Daily MUFC Content 🇾🇪🙌 @united.worlds Credit 👏❤️ #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited

BREAKING 🚨 | Manchester United And Crystal Palace Have Agreed A Fee of £55m To Bring The Palace Right Back To Old Trafford Next Season According To A Reliable Journalist {Duncan Castles} This Is Not Confirmed By @manchesterunited So Take It With A Pinch Of Salt! 🇾🇪 • • • • Double Tap For @a_bissaka ❤️ • • • • • • • Follow @manchesterunited for Daily MUFC Content 🇾🇪🙌🏼 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited #wanbissaka

It’s Looking Like Lukaku Is On his way out due to this do you think Martial Should Reclaim The Number 9 Shirt? Personally I’ve always Seen Anthony as a Striker, I’ve been to Old Trafford a few times this season and seeing him on the wing doesn’t look like his kind of position, He Doesn’t seem to make enough movement off the ball and down the Channels to whip a ball into the box whereas Rashford Does! Martial Seems like a player that runs off the shoulder of the defender and brings Immense Goal Threat Into the Manchester United Attack, Hes Good At heading, His first touch is great and he scores goals, This is Martials Natural Position We Bought Him From Monico To Play down the middle and that’s How he should play for us now! 🤷‍♂️❤️ • • • • What Do You Guys Think? 💭🔥 • • Credit: @mufclatest ❤️👏 • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd for Daily MUFC Content 🇾🇪 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited

“Paul Pogba and Alexis Sanchez will receive 25% Pay Cuts Next season due to missing out on the Champions League Qualification” Source - Metro 👀 • • • • Thoughts? 💭 • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd for daily MUFC Content ❤️🙌🇾🇪 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited

According to Reports Inter have agreed a €7.5m Yearly Wage Plus Bonuses With Romelu Lukaku And He will sign on a 5 Year Contract! ✍🏻❤️ • • • • Would You Give Lukaku Another Chance or Sell him in this window? 👀🇾🇪 • • • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd For Daily MUFC Content 🔥 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited

He Comes From Serbia 🇷🇸... He’ll Fkn Murder Ya.... Nemanja... 🐐❤️ • • • • • • • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd For Daily MUFC Content 🇾🇪🔥 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited

“You Don’t just walk into a shop and Buy A Title, You’ve got to earn it” - Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 🤩❤️ • • • • • Didn’t Really Know what to post so just took out a quote I liked from the MUFC Video ❤️ • • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd For Daily MUFC Content 🇾🇪💭 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited

BREAKING: A Very Reliable Source Suggests United are close to Signing De Ligt From Ajax for a great price! ❤️ What a Signing This would be He Ticks all the boxes for me Hes Young, A leader and He’s A quality Centre Half 😍🇾🇪 • • • • • What Do you guys think? ✍🏻👀 • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd For Daily MUFC Content! 🇾🇪 Rare I post twice But thought this is very exciting news 🔥 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited

On This day in 2016 United Signed @ericbailly24 ❤️ • • • • • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd for Daily MUFC Content 👀🇾🇪 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited #ericbailly

@skysports Suggests Sergio Ramos Will be a choice for Manchester United To Buy This summer 👀 Would You Like to see Ramos At the theatre of dreams Next Season? ❤️🤲 • • • • • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd for Daily MUFC Content 🇾🇪🤙🏼 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited

It has been a very weird season we played some awful football and at times great football, I saw a video of some united fans shouting at the players after the game yesterday whilst they were doing the lap of honour for Valencia And Herrera, As much as I think the performances have been disgraceful and the entities from the players is awful but this does not Give any fan the right to say the things I heard said to our players, At the end of the day as long as those players were That Shirt we have to get behind them and support them until the end Win, Loose Or draw! Let’s stay Positive and Hopefully we will get some exciting transfer news when the Window opens on Thursday the 16th ❤️ COME ON YOU REDS 👹 • • • Thoughts 💭🙌 • • • Follow @dreamunitedd for Daily MUFC Content 🇾🇪🤲 #ggmu #Enough #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited

@jesselingard posted his tweet on Twitter today, This post I respect a lot, it shows that him and the team have taken the time to reflect on they’re poor performances recently and the devestating loss to Everton 4-0, The response Jesse got on this post was disgusting! I saw racial abuse on this tweet and even our own fans spreading negetivity on our own players post! This is getting to a ridiculous point how does this make Jesse feel that he looks on Twitter after posting a Reflective Tweet to see people verbally abusing him! This needs to stop at the end of the day he still plays for United and still wears that red shirt and we together as fans have to get behind the players to spread positivity to put them in the mindset of wanting to fight and not stop Fighting until the end of the game. If we keep spreading this negetivity around the players we will see them perform worse and worse week in week out because we don’t know that what people are saying to them online might be hurting them and his may be the reason for the bad performances from Key players like Lingard, Rashford, Martial, Pogba! I understand on personal opinions on games but we cannot turn on our players! This is ridiculous now We need to respect the players in order for the manager to get the best out of them! Please be aware and we need to stop this immediately 😕❤️ @jesselingard

Multiple Sources say Ole Gunnar Solskjær will sell Anthony Martial in he summer Transfer window due to him not putting enough effort into training! Other Sources say Alexis will be a part of Ole’s Plans Next season! 😓 Would Personally be very annoyed if Anthony Left And Alexis Stayed as he’s Ruining our Wage structure and Martial is 10x better on his day and if he gets fitter than he already is he would be incredible next season! 👀 • • • Thoughts? 💭 • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd For Daily MUFC Content! ❤️🇾🇪 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited

Every top Quality Manager Starts from the bottom and Climbs To the Top ❤️ I believe in Solskjaer And I know he’s the right man for the job 🙌👹 • • • • • • • • • Please follow @dreamunitedd for daily MUFC Content ❤️ We are almost at 1k 😲🇾🇪 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited

Transfer News| According to Reports In Portugal Bruno Fernandes (Sporting Lisbon) Will Leave This summer, City have grown in interest Aswell as United in the past few months but united have Offered the Higher Offer! ❤️ • • • • Do You Want To See Fernandes In the red shirt next season? 💭🔥 • • • • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd for Daily MUFC Content 🇾🇪🙌🏼 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited

“The Announcement Of Swansea Winger Daniel James To Manchester United Will Be Released This Week” Source- The Mirror 👀 Would Like This Transfer to Happen as he in playing in the Championship and will be hungry to come and play for a Club As big as us, Very Talented Young Lad 🙌❤️ • • • • Would You Like To see James Playing at the Theatre Of Dreams Next Season? 💭 • • • • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd For Daily MUFC Content 👹🤲 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited

OGS “ We have young players with great talent knocking on the door to play for his club, We will see a change in this Squad” 🇾🇪 According to many Sources United have agreed a £15m Deal With Swansea to bring the youngster Daniel James to the Theatre Of Dreams! ❤️ Would Love this deal to happen because he’s Someone who would Want to come to this club to put everything into the badge and From what I’ve seen of him in the Championship he looks class 🤩 Thoughts 💭? • • • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd for daily MUFC Content 🇾🇪🙌 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited

United And City are Battling it Out for England International Harry Maguire, Sky Sports Understands United Believe They have won the race to the Leicester City Centre Back For £80m 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿👀 • • 31 Games 3 Goals 1 Tackle Per Game 1.2 Interceptions Per Game 4.9 Clearances Per Game 3.8 Aerial Duels Won Per Game 85.6% Pass Accuracy Do You think £80m Is the right amount for Maguire?! 🔥💭 • • • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd for Daily MUFC Content 🇾🇪 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited #maguire

Romelu Lukaku has ‘Agreed Terms’ With Inter Milan For a move to the Serie A This Transfer Window! Personally I Believe letting Lukaku Out the door Is Good For this Clubs Rebuild, Still many more players I would show the door to But This is hopefully the beginning! ❤️ • • • • Should we give Lukaku One More Chance Or Is it time for the 🥾 ! 👀 • • • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd for Daily MUFC Content 🇾🇪🔥 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited #romelulukaku

“I want to make my statement in the team and play as much as I can." — @DiogoDalot's target for 2019/20. #mufc • • • Tag @diogodalot Please ❤️👇 • • • • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd for Daily MUFC Content 🇾🇪🙌🏼 #ggmu #manutd #manchesterunited #diogodalot

Happy Birthday to an Absolute Legend! Enjoy your day @ericcantona ❤️🤲 • • • • • Comment Your Birthday Wishes to Eric 🇾🇪 • • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd for Daily MUFC Content 🤩 #ggmu #manutd #manchesterunited #mufc

This is my Predicted Lineup for tomorrow’s game against Cardiff! 🙌 Hope some of the kids start tomorrow, we saw Chong against Huddersfield and he looked hungry to score goals! Last game of the season I really would like to see a class performance to end the season on a high and then get into a massive summer! COME ON UNITED ❤️🙌 • • • • Thoughts? 💭 • • • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd For Daily MUFC Content ☺️❤️ #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited

This Is how I think we should Lineup Against Huddersfield Tomorrow 👀! • Last Time we Faced Huddersfield we were at Old Trafford, Pogba and Matic Were both on the scoresheet Beating the Terriers 3-1 Giving is 3 Points towards the Fight for Top 4. • Tomorrow We Go away to the Kirklees Stadium Both Teams have nothing to fight for this time around! Prime time to get some Youngsters some Gametime! ❤️ • • • • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd For Daily MUFC Content! 🇾🇪 COME ON YOU REDS ❤️🙌 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited

Pogba 6 x Martial 11 ❤️ • • • • Would You Keep Or Sell Pogba Or Martial? 🙌🏼 • • • • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd for Daily MUFC Content ❤️🤙🏼 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited

Matchday! We go away to Camp Nou to play Barcelona in the second leg! Barcelona do have a 1-0 advantage but I believe we can make history once Again because we’re Man United anything is possible ❤️ COME ON UNITED 👹 • • • • • • • Tag @manchesterunited thank you for your support recently it has been crazy ❤️🙌 #mufc #manutd #manchesterunited #ggmu

Sadly Daniel James’ Father Passed Away Last Night, Our Thoughts Go our to James And His Family Affected ❤️🙏 • • • • • • • • • Follow @dreamunitedd for Daily MUFC Content 🇾🇪🤙🏻 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited

We Have to Back Ole! What has happened in the Business end of our season Is Behind is now but I See Many People Say Ole Out And hes he Problem, Ok Ole May not be as experienced as some of the managers in the Premiere League and Previous Managers After Sir Alex But he knows something every other manager didn’t, And that’s that Ole Knows This Club inside out and he will do his very best to get us back to Manchester United Ways, I trust Him to be ruthless and To Get the right Players in, I Know he has a plan for this team and He aswell as Mike, Kieran and Michael Will Make It Work! The Only thing that worry’s me at the moment is Ed Woodward and that he is still Chief Executive At This Club, Im sorry for Woodward Fans but He’s. A Business man and what we see of him I really don’t think e understands what this Club Means! I dislike Van Gaal But he said it Himself, In Order to Progress He Needs to Go! 🤷‍♂️ InOleWeTrust • • • Do You Agree? 👀❤️ • • • Follow @dreamunitedd for Daily MUFC Content 🇾🇪🙌🏼 #ggmu #manutd #mufc #manchesterunited