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farmers wife | raising three little souls • with dry shampoo in my hair + coffee in my hand + capturing moments @brittanyprescottphotography🌿

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Dagen før dagen!!!! Føj hvor har jeg løbet stærkt de sidste 2 dage.... 😳 Jeg har fået tryllet noget stort set umuligt frem på et par timer, kun 2 dage før den største konfirmationsweekend😁 Jeg aner ik hvordan jeg overhovedet for det til at lykkes, men ofte (vil sige 9 ud af 10 gange) 😁 får jeg det som jeg vil have det😊 Nu skal de sidste småting lige ordnes og så kan jeg læne mig tilbage og bare nyde mit hårde arbejde😊 Og se en glad og spændt konfirmand😁 #fredag #friday #storbededag #konfirmation #dagenførdagen #mindreng #momlife #morlivet #livetsommor #mommylife #motherhood #momsofinstagram #motherhoodunplugged #momblogger #parenting #mortil4 #totaluperfekt

20 år og 10 kg til forskel! Det er vel egentlig rimelig når man tænker på jeg har været igennem 4 tunge graviditeter😁 Jeg har ved alle 4 taget 20+ kg på hver gang, har dog smidt dem igen imellem hvert barn😂 Jeg har luftet lidt tanker på bloggen omkring min rejse tilbage til udgangspunktet, her 20 år efter😊 Jeg er ikke endeligt i mål, men første etape er overvundet😊Link i bio☝️ #fredag #friday #vægttab #vægttabsrejse #fitness #fitmom #nytblogpost #momlife #morlivet #livetsommor #mommylife #motherhood #momsofinstagram #motherhoodunplugged #momblogger #parenting #mortil4 #totaluperfekt

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Dress up like your dream job for school today! 👨🏻‍🚒🔥♥️

such a little ham 🥰

this is us 🌿

morning views 🍂

needed this ♥️ a little calm before returning back home to a busy harvest + photo season.

Hayes Marshall, our little one with so much personality 🥰

my three babies | the days may be long but the years sure are short. I’ll admit most days I dream of bedtime but trust me when i say I’ll never take for granted being their mama ♥️ #theprescottthree

just sobbing as I take a stroll down memory lane over here...♥️ 6 (very quick) years ago. @ashleydunlavyphoto

quick PSA: Starbucks BOGO just started at 2pm ♥️ a nice little unexpected surprise perk for this mama! Two Iced Carmel Cloud Macchiato’s please💁🏻‍♀️ & a birthday cake pop for the babe, of course!

behind the scenes ✨ thanks @bryn.notbryan for surprising me with these ♥️

someone woke up feeling a little more like himself😍

hello, soup season🍂 my favorite time of year. and in all honesty the kids refused to eat said soup.

☕️ • • a trip to the coffee shop is always a good idea

Apple Cider Slushes, Hayrides, Donuts and More were enjoyed by us at the pumpkin patch this afternoon 🍂

my light through any darkness 🌾 photog: Kayleigh Quinn

farming with dad ♥️


this breezy day called for a trip to the coffee shop ☕️🍂

Harry Potter 🖤⚡️ • (the only one of my kids who still lets me take lots of pictures of them)

“When I look at what it took to bring my baby into my arms I remember that I am an infinite well of strength and I can do it, even when it’s hard.”

for everyone who has stayed in touch with me about Hayes, just wanted to update and say that after 2.5 days of off and on big rashes we have finally made it an entire day with none! As far as answers to what caused it we are unsure at this time if it may have possibly been an allergic reaction to drinking cows milk (something we just recently started him on this week) or if it was something viral. Just happy to update that at this time we are rash free ♥️ we appreciate everyone who has asked about him and showed him love!

going through photos to print and stumbled across these that i took of Hayes at the hospital 🥰 giving this mama all the feels.

forever soaking up these moments ✨

A quick PSA : if you don’t have a deep waver, i definitely recommend getting one! Plus, it was on sale 💁🏻‍♀️ #likingthisvolume #firsttimer

a beautiful and yet pretty much rare sighting of these two getting along🥰

in the end they remember the time you spent with them ♥️ #travelingprescotts

Okay Starbucks, you can chalk this one up as a win! 🍂

a few touches of fall added + a gallery wall that still needs finished! 🌿

i felt like me today, that is all 🖤

love this simple little space, where you can find me reading and enjoying my coffee in the morning 🌿

Happy 3rd Birthday to our Eleanor 🎉 we couldn’t have asked for a better doggy! We will make sure your day is filled with lots of treats and peanut butter ♥️🥰 #goldeneleanor