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Sunrise over the homeland of my ancestors. Olives, vineyards, and a ton of mosquitoes seemingly perfectly adapted to feasting on my delicious blood. #abruzzo #italia

An actual place looking over the valley my peeps are from.

Recently restored basilica collemagio in L'Aquila. They are still recovering from a 2009 earthquake but in 5-10 years it's going to be the spot.

Alvaaro Siza in Lisbon.

This corner.

OG skyspace.

Colosseum arch with a buncha custom bricks, brick detail of exposed herringbone texture, and a platter of olives thanks to @lassbros grazie mille! #urbansketchers #architexture #Brick #spqr

Thanks to #southchicagowheelmen for putting on such a great quasi-scenic bike race. #littleapple100 #littleapplegranfondo I crushed the 50k (for me) by hanging with the lead group (and @keeferdunn ) for 30+ minutes and sprinting through the lap marker with the second group. Took a few breaks and some pictures, and battled dead legs and lots of wind on the second lap, but finished strong.

Wouldn't it be nice if architecture criticism engaged with the techniques, thought, craftspeople, and constraints that make it all happen? This is the work of the amazing crew at Amici Terrazzo for the renovation of Standard Oil Building's lobby, originally by Edward Durell Stone. It was reviewed in a recent Chicago Tribune piece which totally missed the point... #edwarddurellstone #gensler #standardoilbuilding #Chicago #architecture

Designed by #franklloydwright apprentice #aarongreen , this medical center in #santacruz shows classic Taliesin West inspired solar and environmental techniques, with intimate courtyard spaces and breezeways throughout. The overall massing (not pictured) is reminiscent of a Pizza Hut and there's a funky little pavillion in the middle of the parking lot. #architecture #taliesinwest

Accidental skyspace. #skyspace

Lines on pixels.

The snow this morning. Well formed crystals.