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Philip Brubaker

Multi-Disciplinary Video Artist / Writer/Traveler🌴🌵☀️🌊 🎥

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단무지, 병아리🐥겨자 추가

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We bought a rack to carry our bicycles on the cross country trip. Gotta make sure it’s secure!

Garbage Day!!!

The Snail’s Death March


No phone camera can capture the beauty or grandeur of the park. But still, we keep trying.

We found a little-known National Park on our way back east...

Meow Wolf is the coolest. I haven’t felt that much like a kid in 30 years.

From the moment I entered the realistic kitchen at Meow Wolf, I went straight to the refrigerator and opened it. Never has a museum or art exhibit rewarded my curiosity so generously. I climbed inside, and the adventure began.

Amarillo by morning

Ok, Texas.

This bike rack served us well on our cross country road trip. It didn’t fall apart, although this warping made us nervous.

What a world.

First coffee experience in Gainesville! Wyatt’s Coffee downtown.

It’s like I’m back in Poland! But no, I am on Milwaukee Ave in Chicago...

Now dis izza real Polish sausage

Drip coffee, 12oz. Room.

I received an award for realism... great for a documentary? Delighted to be recognized at Mental Filmness for my contribution to their festival. They told me at the Q&A that my film was exactly what they were looking for 🤗

Love the historic movie theaters.

Cured trout on seared loaf with pimento spread, pickled onions and dill.

I just GrubHubbed for the first time 🧺💸⏳

Oh, Happy Cleaners. Why do I fear that gentrification will claim you and your pure, happy business model?

Awesome Cuban sandwich with plantain chips and a pineapple soda.

Tomorrow, it’s back to the Spanish moss and scurrying lizards of north central Florida. Thanks, Chicago for the good times.

“Do you know what necrophilia is...?”