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Palace have confirmed that they will not sell zaha for less than 80 mil 🔵🔴 . They are eyeing up grealish as a replacement ⚽️ @the_footy_hub_ #astonvilla #cpfc #futbol

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Var comes to Spurs aid against City again (Better late than never)

Um I’d like to report an inappropriate video please....

(@footyupdateshq )

Steady now

Love this


Wtf 🤯

Mrs Obama I’ve done it. I’ve stopped racism. #fuckracism

This took too long to edit 😅 If you did them how’d you guys get on with GCSEs

(@mustafimemes )

Did you know I had a twitter? I didn’t but now I do

Seriously tho are they even gonna sell him?

Mustafi and Everton is also a mad one

This has to be the best bit of banter on the platform for a while. Good on you @patrice.evra and @rioferdy5 ( some context Evra and Rio have been having a bit of fun roasting each other on their insta accounts)

That £8 mill starting to look like a bargain for Chelsea

United have had a rough time to put it lightly since Fergy left

Bit late on this one but lacking ideas for memes so here you go 🤷‍♂️

Seriously tho

Smalldini and Phil Jonesta 😤

The hour or so after Trippier scored until Perešić scored has to be one of the best moments of my life. Just a gentle reminder that it’s coming home next time.

Seriously tho it’s actually crazy how money has taken over the passion of football. The fact that the owner said that he didn’t care shows how separated club owners are now from the fans. Gutted for Bury fans and hope that they can form a new club out of the ashes just like Wimbledon fans did with AFC Wimbledon when they moved.

Wow they got an easy draw nothing special don’t see why people r making a big deal about it

What else did Messi say to Ronaldo?

Ed Woodward is the real gangsta

Seriously tho I swear his unveiling is the only thing people will remember about his time at United (and how underwhelming he was of course)

I guess a big money move counts as some points eh @uefa_official ?

This is according to TalkSport so it could be wrong

Good to see a good relegation scrap between United and Southampton today

Fun season for United and Chelsea fans incoming

Bottle job FC

Xhaka and Luiz are the best thing to happen to Tottenham since VAR

You have to feel for United fans. They have to travel further for home games than away games and now Manchester ain’t even red 😢

Seriously tho you probably thought this as well when you saw this

made this cause I think the original version of the meme is crap

Just a little back to school meme for you all

@_corner_flag_ let me do this so you have to follow him now 🙏

I’m Phil Jones 🥴

When’s Solskjær getting sacked then