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Palace have confirmed that they will not sell zaha for less than 80 mil 🔵🔴 . They are eyeing up grealish as a replacement ⚽️ @the_footy_hub_ #astonvilla #cpfc #futbol

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Vardy has scored 55 league goals since this video was posted two years ago

That Rooney Ronaldinho combo always meant a banging FIFA

Urban Dictionary is never wrong 😂

Should the goal have stood?

Should have posted this yesterday but I forgot to

It was never a red, should have just been a yellow. What are your thoughts on VAR?

I’m just gonna pretend that this isn’t my first post in a week....

Which other players does this make you think of?

Before you United fans cry in the comments please consider the possibility that this is a joke.


What do you think of VAR?

Another 8-0 battering like when they last lost?

Top four finish from Leicester?

Best Midfielder in the league.

Who did it better?

Ffs spurs fans be crying 😂

Excuse me wtf

The real Fifa 20 covers... . . . . I spent too long making these so you must like it (plus if you use it you better give me credit)


Who’s winning the league?


Imagine moving to a side that can’t even beat a team that got battered 5-0 by your old team

David Luiz scored? I spose Auba had to have a day off cause his back has to hurt after carrying Arsenal for so long

Which player?

They’ve gone from top team to yo-yo team very bloody quickly

The P in PL stands for Pukki. The L stands for what he’ll give your team. It’s Pukki’s world and we’re living in it (@christianfarese )

Seriously tho they need to practise those set pieces, especially pens

Do I even need to say why they’re both in shambles atm?

Brendan Rodgers is a top tier manager

He’s been on the cover more times than Messi, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. Prime Rooney was scary af 🔥 (if you look closely you can see his hairline decrease over the years on the covers as well)

Alexa, play Pumped Up Kicks

At this point we should all just worship Arsene

Fernandinho is being played out of position but Otamendi is just complete shit

Sorry about posting ones on Arsenal two days in a row. Posts will be better tomorrow as I’ll have more time and there’s football on

Imagine the prem without Mustafi 😫

What a way to come back after that defeat to Norwich

Seriously tho

He’s only played 5 minutes in the league

The International break is dry so here’s a meme that should’ve been posted yesterday

Is Wan Bissaka a good fit for United?